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The Void.

There are many ways to describe it.

Some say it's endless, others say it's pitch black darkness, others say it's silent - but not the peaceful silence one may enjoy. No, it's the cold, eerie silence one may hear when they're lost and alone, dreading what may happen next.

All of these are correct. The Void is endless, eerily silent, and nothing but bleak deaspair with an icy grip that grows all the colder the longer you linger.

But they all forgot one thing.

If one were to travel enough, they may encounter something rather odd in the midst of it all.

A bulding? No. More like a group of buildings.

But that's not all.

Looming above those buildings...Is a castle. A castle that shimmers like obsidian, but beholds a creepy and menacing appearance. A castle that contains a most dangerous being, a being whose name no one knows but itself and its followers.

And that being?

Is BlasterZERO.

BlasterZERO was a weapon created in order to crush enemy planets. It was reliable with most tests and settings, but others needed improvement.

After alterations and multiple tests, it was ready to be given its first mission: To obliviate the Light Kingdom, sworn enemy of the Dark Kingdom.

BlasterZERO went out into space and prepared to do its job. However, it was caught off guard by a weapon of their own, and was sent flying backwards for what seemed like years.

Due to the lack of return or reports, the Dark Kingdom assumed the weapon failed, and marked it off as not only a failure in the mission, but a failure in design.

BlasterZERO continued to float in space, before a sudden darkness began to suck it in from behind. This caused all of its heavy armor to be ripped off its body, and deep scars began to emerge on its arms and body. However, due to being a being of darkness and not a mortal, these scars didn't hurt or otherwise effect it in any way except by being unable to be filled back up.

Before long, BlasterZERO emerged in a thick, empty darkness that seemed to last forever. It realized that it could finally regain control of itself and began to fly forward -- to which the darkness of the area began to combine with its shadows, not only increasing the size of its body, but giving it incredible speed as well.

In mere moments, BlasterZERO ended in what appeared to be a small kingdom with a giant, obsidian-like castle looming above everything. Recalling what it learned from its training, it then realized where it was at...

The Void.

From that moment on, BlasterZERO ruled the kingdom, proclaiming itself the Ruler of the Void, and despite having no grudge against the Dark Kingdom for not looking for it after its mission, plans out ways to make a sudden return...Just for the sheer pleasure of it.


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Name: SUPERWEAPON: BlasterZERO (former) / current name unknown (but said to simply refer to as "Void" or "Zero")
Rank: Weapon (military) / Ruler of the Void (current)
Alias: The Void Itself, Destroyer of Worlds, The Apocalypse, One Who can Rip Through Space and Time, Voidlord, "Your Voidness" (by followers), Lord/Master Void (by followers)
Gender: None (it/its pronouns or Void/Voidself)
Race: Superweapon (former) / unknown/Dark Entity (current)
Weapons: Claws, the Void, darkness, destructive power, black holes
Abilities: Can literally rip through space itself, uses the Void to consume and otherwise obliterate foes, can create black holes with the "eye" in its chest, immortality
Likes: The Void, its freedom, travelling through space and time, ruling it's kingdom
Dislikes: Its past, anyone associated with the God of Darkness (former or current), its former role as a weapon, light










A lone creature floated in the center of a large platform. It had four arms and its upper hands rubbed against each other as it chuckled, a distorted sound that echoed throught the darkness.

No one's ever seen it up close, not after its supposed downfall. But it's been said that once someone has seen it, it comes after them in hot persuit, and they vanish soon after...

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BlasterZERO raises three of its arms, and a few dark clouds emerge in their palms. Two hands' palms contained an eye in each, and they opened so it could gaze at these visions that soon began to unfold.

They shall all soon bow to me. BlasterZERO suddenly spoke, running its loose hand's fingers against the clouds lightly, All of them...Shall bow to me.

DARK LORD...Soon, I shall bring your reign to an end!


SOLDIER who knows naught of my power...Yet, I've heard about him from my past visions.

PATHETIC, SORRY EXCUSE OF A SUPERWEAPON. You don't want to fight, yet your purpose is destruction! You can't cower behind HIM forever!

VIZE, MY GUARDIAN...Let me see what you've been studying this time.

DEVOURER OF PLANETS...I shall stop your rampage here and now. My claws can do the job just fine without your gluttonous needs.

YOU WHO SEEKS REDEMPTION...You'll never redeem yourself against ME! I shall use every once of my power to crush you!

Rare Sightings:

BlasterZERO remained on its platform as it swung its top arms to the side, revealing what appeared to be various creations in its honor. Despite it not knowing of who all could've seen it, BlasterZERO chuckled and crossed its lower arms proudly.

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BlasterZERO laid one of its lower hands in front of it, and somehow, something shone before it. A glow also shone from the center of its chest, and other visions could be seen, showcasing what it's done since finding its new home.

Some of them showcased the most wonderful days of its life, others...Showcased great horror. Whether or not it was feeling joy toward something was best to leave alone, lest it strike the one who dares bring it up...




Suggested songs: "Mako Reactor" - Final Fantasy VII and "Neo Exdeath" - Final Fantasy V

A strange find...

It seemed like forever since that blast, yet in reality, it was just mere moments ago.

The emptiness of space held me in its cold grip and continued to pull me further away from the world I was meant to destroy...As well as my own home, to which I wanted to return.

I wonder if they're...Looking for me.

Despite being knocked out, my thoughts continued to wander. Was I going to remain aimlessly floating in space forever? Would my king send out a search party? Would I return home as a hero, despite my failure?

Would I return home at all?

All these thoughts, and no answers to the ongoing questions that echoed in my head.

I also had no one to help me, no one to save me...

I was alone, and I knew I would be for a while...

...But for how much longer?

Suddenly, I felt something pulling on me, a vacuum of some sort. I felt it slowly peeling off my armor, and felt the heavy wires ripping off what remained covering my arms. Loud scraping of metal sounded as every piece of weaponry I contained was torn apart, and I slowly began to awaken.

Another harsh pull on my back, and I felt the last piece of armor being ripped free before shards of material could barely be seen circling me like insects.

A final harsh tug, and I noticed that the starry skies of space were suddenly replaced with...Nothing.

The surrounding area was nothing but bleak darkness, and there was no sight of even a ground to walk on. The "place" seemed endless, almost like I was consumed by an empty void...

That's it.

I remembered my teachings from what could be seen beyond time and space, and about an area so bleak, so endless, it was like you weren't moving a single step.

I was in the Void.

I fully awaken and noticed that I can move in this empty space. I turn so I'm facing ahead and begin to move forward, then am suddenly infused with the darkness and race ahead with great speed.

It didn't take long until I noticed a light gleam further ahead. I zoomed toward it, then grew close enough to notice a castle made of what appeared to be obsidian looming over a tiny kingdom, also made of dark material. The ground also seemed to appear, camouflaging with the surrounding darkness, and I could sense many others below.

I stop in the center of the kingdom and the shadows retracted, to which I then realized that during the process of entering, my armor left giant gashes from where it was torn off. However, these didn't hurt, and I checked the rest of my body to see if I was still in one piece.

I was not.

My arms were separated from my body, and the same was true for my upper body and lower half. In fact, my legs were practically missing and the Void took their place.

Yet, as soon as I thought this, the darkness shifted and created a pair of thick legs and large, heavy boots, of which were covered in the same markings as the rest of my body. They were still mostly detached, but I didn't mind this.

In fact, I didn't mind this new appearance at all. Having my limbs like this was less restricting than having that bulky armor covering them. I could move more than I ever could as a weapon, and that giant cannon on my back was no longer slowing me down. I could do so much more, even...

...Levitating my head from my body.

For some reason, just being able to do that was amusing. The fact I could turn my body in every direction without the fear of knocking into someone with my armor was wonderful.

I wish this could've been me before.

"If only they could see me now."

I flexed my fingers, noticing how easy they were to move due to the lack of armor on them, before raising one hand and extending its claws.

"It's so simple."

I glanced down at my lower arms and saw how massive their hands were, something I never realized underneath the armor. I tapped one hands fingers together, causing its claws to also tap into each other lightly, then lowered it toward the ground.

As I did this, I felt the shadows transforming my legs into a thick cloud of darkness, allowing me to draw near the ground without using anything but it. I could sink into the ground if I so desired, and perhaps sneak up on enemies...

I wanted to show this power to my kingdom...To my king.

My claws touch the ground and dig into it, piercing deep into what seemed like an endless amount of obsidian, stone, and even what could've been the darkness itself. I rolled my fingers into a light fist, scraping my claws through the ground, and an earsplitting screech pierced through the air.

The sound must've had a sudden effect on the realm, because not only did it echo through the air with an insanely higher frequency than I could've imagined in this place, it shook the entire kingdom and I could've sworn some of the buildings crumbled from the pitch.

Suddenly, multiple beings swarmed from within the area around me, and I had no idea if they were friend or foe, joyful or scared to see me...Or if I angered them when my claws created that shockwave.

One of them comes forward slowly, and I noticed that it had what appeared to be shards of some sort of material on its shoulders and a long pole on its back. It appeared to be staring at me, but then it turns toward the left over scratches. At the sight of them, it jumps back with a sound I could only assume was made of shock or fear.

Another one follows behind, and examines the marks as well, before taking the first back and speaking to it. At first, they appeared to be speaking another language, but then I heard them say some interesting words:

"Void King. Is here. We found Void King."

I removed my claws from the ground and straightened up, allowing any pieces from the ground to fall from my hand as I released them.

Another of the creatures noticed my movement and squeaked in reply, pointing at me. The other two turned as well and cowered fearfully, their heads bowed low.

I stared down at them, not wanting to ask what they were talking about, just in case they were keeping it a secret, and waited for them to speak.

After a moment of silence and nothing but the two creatures cowering, I finally decided to break the tension.

"What's this about a...Void King?"

They shot up sharply at this and one of them stammered, "U-Understand..? Y-You...Understand...Voidlings?"

I didn't know how to reply, as I've never heard of them before, and was uncertain if I truly understood them. I just knew I heard them mention something about a Void King being found.

"I only understood what's been said so far." I answered, still not sure about the continuing silence from the others, "Tell me...What are you? Who are you?"

My questions seemed to had passed by without notice, as the Voidling - or so I assumed it was - turned back toward the other and began speaking again, its voice becoming higher pitched as it appeared to be growing more and more excited.

."Understood! Understood us!" It gestured at me multiple times as it continued, "This is Void King! We have Void King!"

The other one seemed hesitant as it looked at me, before turning back toward its comrade, laying a hand under its chin.

"New Void King." It spoke, its voice soft and filled with nervousness, "Careful...Old Void King..."

I began to wonder what this could mean, but another being shoved its way through the crowd and I already knew who this was from sheer appearance alone.

"Void King!"

The two conversing Voidlings halted immediately at the announcement and were pushed apart before they could react, then one was grabbed by the head.

A larger, spikier being held onto the Voidling with thin, yet sharply-edged fingers and took it up to a nearby house before slamming it against the wall, a low growl escaping it.

"Trying to dethrone me, are you?" His voice was sharp and cold as he said this and I could hear soft whimpering from the one in his grip, "After what I've done for you?"

The Voidling struggled to speak as its face was pressed against the wall, but I could hear it uttering a few words.

"Nothing. You...Did...Nothing!" It turned its head to avoid having its face crushed further into the house, "Bad! Vile! Monster!"

The king tightened his grip and raised the Voidling to his face, then raised his other hand, flashing what appeared to be eight sharp obsidian claws on his fingers, and held them up to its face.

"I am the one who saved you from those wretched space monsters. If it weren't for me, you'd be mere dust floating in the darkness." He touched one claw to its face and slid it down, leaving a long mark in its stony surface, "You owed me for this act of kindness, and you pledged yourself to me in return. Don't forget: You sealed the deal. However...If you want to back out, then so shall I!"

The Voidling squirmed in the king's grip and I watched as it was thrown toward the crowd, landing mere inches from the marks left from my claws on the ground. A sudden force shoved it into one of the marks and I could only see its hand gripping what it could of the ground as it tried to hold itself up.

The king went back up to it, and I noticed a trail of shadows forming from behind like a cape, growing longer the further he walked. Without thinking, I reached toward the trail and used my dark energy from my own world to not only catch it, but to control it.

The king was barely able to contain his own movements as he stood a foot away from his target, of whom was still struggling to escape the danger it was in. He stumbled and fell as I gave the darkness a light flick of my fingers, causing it to trip him.

"Wha--" he began to mutter, then noticed me with the shadows slowly being absorbed into my hands, "YOU!"

He stood up and came toward me as swiftly as he could, but I was able to manipulate every move he made, simply by using the darkness as my own.

He glared at me and began to shout threats and vile, but before he knew it, he was face to face with my upper body, of which had formed jagged edges during its separation from my legs that appeared like a mouth.

I took a hold of him, my fingers wrapped around him with such power that he was no longer able to say a word. His anger turned into terror as I spoke.

"No one should ever have to pledge themselves...Not to someone as cruel as you."

When I said this, I remembered how this ruler was similar to the one who I had served...The God of Darkness, Da-Mega.

He was vicious and cruel, but still cared about those who were loyal to him...To an extent.

Even when I was in the process of testing my power, he would still remark on how I was excellent with most things, but failed at others.

I then realized that I still received no messages from them asking about my progress and if I'd succeeded...Even he didn't try communicating with me after all this time. And he claimed he would...Because he cared.

Everything he said...Everything he did...

...Was it...A lie?

The more I thought about this, the harder my grip on the king became, until he started to gasp and crumble under the pressure.

I glared down at him and rose from the ground, the darkness once again becoming one with my body, and growled, "Just like my king let me down, you let them down. There is no greater dishonor! And for that..."

I threw him onto the ground and hovered over him with the sharp upper jaw of my body hovering mere inches from him, then finished,

"You shall crumble!"

He barely had the chance to cry out "No!" before he was crushed between the ground and my body, before I lifted myself from the ground, allowing the crowd to examine the remaining pieces of rubble left over.

The Voidling who was just attacked was helped out by others and also examined the remains. It then ran up to me and bowed before me quickly.

"You...You saved me!" It cried, "Th-Thank you..!"

The one who was talking to it before came up to me and knelt down before adding, "You saved us all. Old Void King was a monster. In fact, he sent out those creatures as a form of punishment. Those who failed or doubted him...Were sent out to try escaping them. Only by swearing full loyalty and begging for forgiveness would result in the monsters' retreat. Or...You'd get eaten."

I looked up at the sky, wondering if they're around somewhere, but the Voidling spoke again.

"They're in space, patrolling the nearby worlds. One eats planets, the other protects our kingdom."

I look back down at them, noticing that they were still bowed before me, and finally said, "Rise, both of you. I do not require such honor. I am not a hero...Not by a long shot."

Again, I remembered what I wanted to prove to Da-Mega. I wanted to destroy the enemy and return to a glorious celebration. I wanted to be given this supposed "hero's welcome".

But everything fell apart from the start.

Li-Kah had his own defense mechanism, a guardian named ANG-L. This one being was a seraph who could not only sense enemy forces, but counter them with ease. They were said to have incredible powers of light, and could even read thoughts from miles away...And if one was some sort of plot to overthrow or crush the kingdom, they were there to bring judgement upon the offenders.

I was built to perfectly counter this being, simply by camoflauging in the dark depths of space and firing a devastating blast that would annihilate the kingdom and everything in it - Li-Kah included.

But no. That annoying seraph knew of our plans, and was ready for me before I even got there. I didn't stand a chance, and a single blow sent me flying into space, knocked me out cold...

...And landed me here, in the perfect place to plan out my revenge.

"Heh, heh...Perfect."

I looked up at the sky again, then unleashed a few clouds of darkness, soon becoming taller than even the castle that stood above everything, and raised my hands into the air.

"Kingdom of the Void, I am here to remain with you and protect you! I shall be the one who guides you, and lead you to whatever you may wish! If you want a king, then so shall it be! I, Zero, shall be your king, as long as we shall live!"

Loud cheers and applause filled the air and I grinned, then turned and headed toward the castle.

You abandoned all hope when I didn't return. Now, I abandon everything I had in you. But perhaps we'll meet again...When I show you my true power!


Suggested Songs: "Awakening" - Final Fantasy XI and "The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)" - Star Wars OST

This kingdom needs a ruler...

I've been given tours around the kingdom, enjoying the sights and sounds of everything nearby. The citizens stop in place and bow before me as I pass by, acknowledging my new position.

I approach the castle and two guards step aside, saluting me as I enter through two heavy doors and head toward a staircase made of black shards, running one hand against the railing.

Another guard awaits me at the top and lets me into another room, in which sat a heavy, obsidian throne and a huge screen in front of it. The throne could also shift into many shapes, one of my favorites being a long platform that I could hover over and restore energy if I so pleased.

Someone was just finishing cleaning the throne and stopped as I approached him. He bowed his head and spoke, his voice soft, yet confident in his work.

"My king, I just finished the final touches in cleaning your glorious throne." He gestured toward the throne with one arm as he continued, "Please, feel free to see if it's to your liking. If it's not, I can do whatever is required to make it so."

I sat in the throne, the darkness shifting into my legs, and felt the smooth seat I always relished. I glanced down at its arms and ran my hands across them, stroking them lightly with my fingers before extending a claw and scraping it across.

"It's perfect." I replied, looking back up at him, "You do your job well. I have a little reward for you."

His head shot up quickly at this and I reached out with one hand before tapping a claw to his shoulder, allowing a small amount of energy to sink into his body. Seconds later, his hands had armored gloves on them, and they shimmered as he moved his hands around, grinning with joy.

"Thank you, my lord!" He bowed again and held his hands in front of himself, "I shall not forget this generous reward!"

I nodded and he rose in response, then left the room, allowing me to enjoy the silence.

I remained in place for a moment, then stood up, allowing my legs to vanish, and went to a window, gazing at the kingdom below.

The Voidlings from my first encounter were busy talking to a group of others, and I learned that they were all a part of different groups in the kingdom. Some were soldiers, others were chefs and in charge of meals, and others were a part of general services.

They've been preparing a ceremony for my initiation as king, and while they've tried to keep it a secret, my past as a weapon had honed my senses and I could hear from afar. The fact that the kingdom is usually silent as it is didn't help, and I could hear them from way up in the castle while they were down below and outside.

They only refer to me as their king due to the fact I will soon be just that. While the official ceremony hasn't happened yet, they and I already confirmed that I will indeed rule the Void, and in a much better way than the old king ever did.

During this time, however, I couldn't pass any new laws, and anything that honored the old king had to remain in tact until my reign became a known fact amongst everyone - Not just myself and the select few who talked about this being possible.

I was ready for my reign to begin. I was ready to crush everything that even resembled the old king in the slightest. I was going to smash his statues, rip out his pictures, and shred every ounce of evidence of his existence so no one had to remember his reign of terror.

And those beasts he summoned?

I was going to make them work for me.

Sadly, both monsters were immortal, and could not be taken out unless one were a god or had such incredible power that they'd simply disintegrate from the pressure. While I could potentially gain such power, I didn't want to just end these creatures without seeing their might myself.

And according to the Voidlings, I had to do just that.

I had to fight them. Both of them. At the same time.

They gave me what they could to read off of, but according to some, the old king wanted these creatures to be unheard of, simply myths and legends for mortals and others alike to imagine. He didn't want their true powers known, nor did he want outside worlds to try hunting or otherwise engaging with them for any reason.

Whether it was to avoid mindless violence or simply being found out about, I didn't know. But to me, he was a sick fiend, no matter what "good" things may had been done.

So he built the kingdom and gave his kind a place to live and grow. So what?

Everything else was for himself and his own personal gain. He seemed like a caring, compassionate ruler, but in reality, he was a tyrant and just wanted to run things his way, even if it meant harming those who trusted him.

My claws dig into the window as I remember some of the stories I read about him, and soon flashed back to my life with Da-Mega. Their lives were similar to mine...But they definitely had it worse.

I even tried to communicate with the Dark Kingdom, but to no avail. Either my signal was cut off...Or they deemed me destroyed and cut me off as a failure.

A loud screech fills the air as my claws run down the window, and I remember what I was told before my mission, along with the encouraging words from some, while others doubted my ability.

It was the ones who doubted me I wanted to return home to, so I could show them that I am indeed what they wanted, what they needed.

I wanted to be given that chance: To boast how they doubted me and were proven wrong. To let them grovel as they begged for forgiveness...To mock their ignorance as they admitted they were wrong.

"It'll never happen now."

My hand reaches the bottom of the window and I noticed the marks left on it before lowering it toward my side.

."They'll always see me as a failure."

I noticed that the group had suddenly vanished and turned away, heading back toward my throne.

"However, I didn't fail them. They failed me."

The throne shifted into its platform and I centered myself on top of it, crossing my lower arms while tapping my upper hands' fingers together.

"They didn't know...About their defenses. They didn't have their strategy completely planned. They depended on me to know everything. Hmph, what a waste."

I glanced up at the screen and it flashed on, controlled by my thoughts alone. It showcased the world in which I lived before, and I noticed that they were living their lives like normal...Like I was never there.

This sight disgusted me. They knew I was missing, but they didn't know of my condition.

They didn't know if I was destroyed or floating in space...They didn't know if I was captured!

I could've been alive, still trying to accomplish my mission, but no. To them, I was dead simply because I didn't return in their expected five minutes or less.


The more I thought about this, the angrier I became, and I felt an energy I never felt before surging throughout my entire body.


The floor beneath me began to quake and I noticed the walls crumbling a little. Yet, this didn't stop my anger from increasing with every passing second.

"Just because I failed to return in the time limit you assumed it would take, you abandon me?! How do you know if I'm truly gone? How do you know I'm not trying to return?! For all you know, I'm heading back at this very moment! But no, you act like nothing happened, like I was never even there, and live your little lives as if I never existed! I WILL return, and this time, it won't be for you -- It'll be for MYSELF!"

A stream of darkness shot throughout the room before I finally began to calm down. The screen had multiple streaks across it from the previous quake and I couldn't help but admire the sight, imagining if it had hit them rather than a mere vision.

The room grew quiet again and I crossed my arms, soon relaxing in the silence. I felt the soothing sensations of energy being restored and began to drift off to sleep.


"My lord?"

A soft voice sounds and I slowly lift one arm, of which had fallen toward the platform. My claws slide against it lightly and I hear a tiny squeak at the sounds coming from them.

"F-Forgive me for disturbing your slumber. I-I just..."

I held up another hand, stopping them short, and reply, "There's no need to fret. Just tell me what you need."

They watch as I stretched my other arms out, flexing my fingers, before slowly saying the words I least expected to hear:

"It's time. Your ceremony begins momentarily. You're required outside as soon as possible."

At this, I felt my powers at its strongest. The thrill of battle always gave me strength, and I enjoyed racing into combat...Or I would've, if I had more to do than work on weapon nonsense.

I turn toward them and chuckled, eager to finally fight these creatures, and popped my knuckles.

"I've been waiting for this. Let's go."

The Voidling was surprised at my eager tone and followed me down the staircase and toward the castle's exit. They nodded at the guards who stood at attention, and they let us out to another sight I didn't expect.

Multiple Voidlings aligned a long path, of which was strangely colored a deep red, and some of them had red on them as well. The further I went, the spicier and more red they became, until soon, they were all mostly covered in red, with specks of their usual obsidian color, as well as pieces of gold decorating their bodies.

The sky, too, was different, and I could see the starry skies of space, along with what appeared to be light sparkles in the sky.

This sight didn't last long, as the sky grew dark again and a loud roar filled the air, followed by a distorted sound that could've been a mixture of thunder and what sounded like machinery, the latter of which sounded impossible due to what was used here for resources.


A booming voice sounded, and the Voidlings stood behind me, blocking my path back, to which I knew I was about to see these creatures up close.

I flew toward the voice, the darkness once again infused with my body, and stopped in front of a giant lizard like monster with what appeared to be a snake as its tail. A giant claw made out of meteors was attached to one arm and the other was covered in space dust. It's feet were also shrouded in space dust, but three giant claws stuck out from within as it hovered in place.

"You who dares challenge the great Void...I am the One who devours planets. I am Y'ZTHNAK."

A light spark shines from nearby, before another creature who appeared to be a space bovine appears beside Y'ZTHNAK and adds, "I am Vizetorm, the Void's guardian. I patrol the galaxy to ensure our safety and crush those who threaten us. You want to be our new king? You will have to defeat us both!"

I stared the two down, studying them for a moment, then crossed my arms.

"So be it. I shall be using all my power...To bring you down!"



Suggested Songs: "Grand Cross (Final Battle)" - Final Fantasy IX (Dissidia Final Fantasy remix) and "Uncrowned" - Celldweller

Those other worlds? They don't stand a chance...



Suggested Songs: "Chaos Battle" - Final Fantasy I and "Palkia and Dialga Battle" - Pokemon (Sinnoh region games)

The power to rip through everything, including things beyond imagination!



BlasterZERO suddenly removes itself from the platform, and a pair of long, thick legs emerges from its lower body.

It vanishes from inside the castle and reappears on top of the highest tower, then raises one hand and fires bright beams of purple lightning from its claws.

NOW IS THE TIME. it says, its voice echoing throughout the silent kingdom, THE WHOLE UNIVERSE...SHALL BOW BEFORE ME. And perhaps I'll pay my former kingdom...A LITTLE VISIT.

Multiple beings exit from inside their houses and gaze at their ruler, chanting their praises before it flies out of sight.

Where it headed to, however, no one knows. But they know that if a loud rumble is heard from within the Void, their ruler could be in grave danger...

But they never heard such a rumble.

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