Well, hello, newcomer! I'm Levi and this is my underwater realm!
I am the second oldest brother, born a couple of years after the oldest: Iablo, of whom you may also know as the King of Demons.

Between you and me, I don't see what's so great about Iablo. Sure he's strong and beefy, but he's got no experience with the water. He claims he's been surfing before, but I don't believe him. He always stays away from water!

As for me, I hang around water and cold places as much as possible! The kingdom gets very hot every year, so I need somewhere cool to hang out when I'm not doing any work for my brother.

What do I do? I play video games and watch anime, of course! I know everything about the culture around here - or at least the important parts like the latest pop star! No one can beat me when it gets to these things! Maybe sometime, I'll quiz you...But you've got a way to go yet. Try learning about the boy bands around here, for example. Those are my favorite things to talk about!


Levi is the Entity of Envy and Pride, and the second of the Demon Brothers, following Iablo, and two years older than Beel. His hobbies include listening to Demonius boy bands, gaming, and swimming. He loves cold food more than anything, but also can never turn down some quality fish from Evil Eye. He can be seen as "annoying" by many due to his constant talking about boy bands, but despite this, he and his brothers created their own boy band, King's Obsession. Their songs are a huge favorite amongst the demons, and not just because the Demon King, Iablo, is their lead singer. Levi's part in the band is playing the guitar, as well as being a backup singer and dancer. He is very well known for giving the band an electro-pop type feel, despite their using instruments.

If the Avatar wants to fulfill a quest for Levi, they must know everything that should be known about the Demonius boy bands, or they have no chance of completion. Levi is the self-proclaimed "Boy Band King" and enjoys to quiz others on their knowledge. His rewards are worthwhile, as they can be sold for a lot of gold.

Due to being the Master of Underwater Battles, Levi's empowered form has long, spiked horns and a serpantine tail ending with a large, spiky fin. He can also grow arm and back fins, as well as summon his most powerful creature, the monster he was named after: Leviathan.

This is his normal form:

His Scorchio design is a work in progress, but I do have a general idea of how he'd look, as well as an Ultimate Form, thanks to an interaction a friend and I held between our chars.

Art of Levi

Why should Iablo get all the attention? I'm so much better than he is!

Art by me:

Art by others:


Levi has already met with other beings from a world away from his. His encounters always happen around bodies of water, and he's gotten various reactions from those he meets.
These interactions were a form of art trades and not forced upon the users whose chars Levi interacts with! The other user's art is linked to either their lookup or art page.

The Power of Leviathan
An interaction between Levi and Till.


The rare sighting of the Entity in everyday life (AKA, Neo customizations).

Basic customization; Basically showing his character in his own element

Levi enjoys all sorts of water bodies, even lakes!

Levi performing in King's Obsession, with a large crowd cheering him on!

A simple holiday custom; Levi will take his holidays on the beach or in the snow!

Halloween in Demonius; Levi's inviting others into the Demon King's Castle to celebrate his oldest brother's birthday.

When his favorite hangout is frozen over, Levi enjoys catching fish to eat. Frozen fish dinners are his favorite!

Conclusion + Thank You's

You've reached the end of your quest, and without a scratch! Kudos for lasting the world of Demonius!

Before you leave, here are some shoutouts I'd like to do because without these people, I wouldn't have gotten this far!

Everyone who drew art of Levi - You made his page prettier with your gorgeous pieces, whether it was a doodle or a full fledged scene; Request or trade! Levi will forever take care of these pieces in his honor and I will keep them on my computer to stare at!

My NFs - Shade, Red, Adrian, El, Kyrette, and everyone else! You have been with me through thick and thin and I want you all to know that you inspire me and help me grow every day! Thank you all for dealing with my insanity! Huge shoutout to El for helping me with suggestions about coding and page ideas (and also with character design ideas)! Also for trying really hard to help me achieve my dream!

Users who are helping by keeping an eye out for the perfect UC Mutant Scorchio - I'm forever thankful to those who have kept their eyes open for the perfect pet for my goal; I'm not a PCer, not by a long shot, but you guys have helped me realize that there are wonderful people everywhere! I've enjoyed chatting with some of you as well, and your help means everything to me!

Those who gifted me items for Levi's customizations - Especially the Sun Shower and Bubbles In The Lake! Thank you all for your generosity! Because of you, Levi will look absolutely #Perfect when he comes home!

w3schools - For coding help!

You, the Visitor - For taking your time to listen to my rambling about my demon brothers.


Levi's face can be seen deep underwater and he's waving at you with a smile...

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