HEAVY SPOILER WARNING for BattleBots 2019 forward (INCLUDING SEASON 7)! Also warning for potential trypophobia in his references; He has various circular markings on his armor.

Also, while events in the AU are based off real BB events, they do not reflect on the show, Bots, or people as a whole, and some parts are exaggerated and/or were added for effect! Take what I say with a grain of salt.

Riptide is a 2nd time competitor and was once a humble rookie. However, he stripped of his former persona completely and enters fights screaming and otherwise using somewhat offensive tactics to hype the crowd.

Riptide is very boastful and arrogant, deeming himself better than anyone else in the tournament - and even in the city as a whole. He thinks little to nothing about the veterans who shaped the competition and scoffs at the thought of them taking him out, even the legendary and still feared Tombstone. In fact, Riptide hopes to compete against Tombstone in the future, just to prove that he's nothing but an old crank and needs to retire for the new kids to take over.

Riptide is known for his loud, obnoxious attitude, as well as his signature quote, "LET'S GOOOOOOO!". When this is yelled, it's either a warning or a celebration, neither of which the other team is happy due to Riptide's tendancy to rub it in their face.

Despite this attitude, Riptide soon begins to ponder on if he should cut out the arrogance and behave in a more humble manner. Whether or not he does this and returns for the next championship, no one knows, but quite frankly, no one wants to find out...

Name: Riptide
Alias: RT, The Destructive Wave
Gender: Male (he/him)
Race: BattleBot (eggbeater spinner class)
Likes: Water, the color blue, parties, celebrating victories, hanging out in his castle, his best friend: End Game, his pet: Sharko, being feared / hated, his self proclaimed title of supervillain, showcasing his power
Dislikes: Weak robots, being told how to act, veteran robots, losing
Personality: Loud, obnoxious, arrogant, two-faced, maniplative, intimidating, eager to take on challenges, insensitive

I bet you're thinking "oh, he looks powerful and cool!"...Well, you're right. HA!

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SubZero is just that "strong, silent" type, if anyone can even call him the former. He chickened out of the tournament out of fear. Don't believe a word he says about "being unable to make a commitment", it's a blatant lie.

Ultimo Destructo is said to be part of an entire family of fighters, but I've seen nothing out of any of 'em. He's also our doctor, and very annoying. I like when he compares my powers to Tombstone's, but at the same time, I'm so much better!

Sawborg Destructo is Ultimo's son. I've no idea what they look like, but I've seen various freaks lingering around, some I'm sure one is them.

Pizza Boy here thinks he could take it all. Yeah, all his toppings into the garbage where they belong! Yet...I'd like to challenge them to an official match...Test my weapon against theirs...After all, I did defeat their ancestor, Uppercut...Heh...

H-Him..? I...I don't talk about him. He's done nothing but haunt my dreams ever since we met...I can't stand him, and I can't deal with him!

Fine...I've had...Help...Trying to "redeem myself". But guess what? It's not all about redemption. I want to win, and if I must crush anyone in my way, then I will. I was so close...Against that snake..!

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I've been through many tests to prove my greatness. What else could you want?

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Riptide - The Destructive Wave, the Controversy Magnet...List goes on. Deems himself to be "The Best" and that "everyone should fear him". Enjoys the role of a supervillain that others hate and cower before, but doesn't realize that role comes at a great price - In the forms of targets on his back.

SubZero - AKA: The King of Ice. Riptide scoffs at his lack of power, and quite frankly couldn't care less if he "runs" for good. Riptide thinks that Subz fled out of fear, but in reality, he just couldn't commit to the tournament and still wants to return.

Spitfire- SubZero's minibot. Very small, dragon shaped robot that shoots fire. Riptide would love to put out those fires, but alas.

Tombstone- A veteran robot who couldn't make the tournament. Riptide laughs at this and dares him to return next season for a "major thrashing", courtesy of himself.

MadCatter- A rather vicious robot with an attitude to match. Riptide is claimed to be an "evolved" version of Cat's family member, and the two bicker a lot over this fact.

Ultimo Destructo- The grumpy repairbot who will do his best to repair injured competitors - even if they do get on his nerves. Riptide caused him a lot of trouble over time, and Ultimo's deeming him as bad as Tombstone. A real honor.

Glitch- A strong Bot who lives up to their name, which is rather unfortunate. Co-rookie award winner with Riptide, and Riptide isn't happy about it. He wants to prove himself better than Glitch, and that he alone should've won the award.

RIPperoni- An instant favorite competitor and pizza chef. Riptide has been kicked out of their restaraunt more times than anyone can count due to his misbehaving in public. Yet it's rumored that Riptide actually fears official combat against Ripperoni due to their almost equally aggressive strategies...

Community Service

RIPperoni tries to make me do "community service" by cleaning his restaraunt...He's got another thing coming!


Pizza Cleanup

Working at RIPperoni Pizza and doing junk I shouldn't do...Including giving their sibling a freaking bath...


Awards Ceremony

I win an award...Is it the one I thought? Perhaps...

Riptide was done with his services -- for now. He sat in his castle, leaning back in his throne with one hand propping up his head and one of his legs crossed over the other.

Suddenly, a message could be seen popping up in front of him, and he straightened up as he read it.

"The next challenge will now commense! If you did not make the quarter finals, you are eligible to prove your mettle once again! Also, if you made your debut during the latest championship, you are able to enter and showcase your strength!"

Riptide snorted and twirled his spinner with a scowl.

"Hmph...Basically, only the weaklings get to show up...How pathetic."

The message continued, and Riptide's tune changed after it announced something he was eager to know:

"The awards ceremony shall also commense! The judges have decided the winners, and all are welcome to watch the fights! The awards will be revealed before the final fight of the first championship!"

Riptide remembered what all went on during his battles over time. A huge grin formed on his face and he could only think of one thing...

"Most Destructive...Is mine. Without a doubt!"

He looked at his weapon and held it in his hands, before leaping out of his throne and thrusting it into the air, unleashing a giant wave of water with a loud yell.

"And the winner of 'Most Destructive'...IS ME!"

The wave crashed around himself and Riptide laughed as he then rode the wave out of the throne room and outside the castle.

He didn't go too far, however, and gave his weapon another twirl before continuing toward the city on foot, ready to show off to his latest "fans".


Bots watched as Riptide strutted through the arena, heading toward its entrance. Due to his involvement in the former championship, he was allowed in by security, but was given a rather sharp glare as he passed by, daring him to do something out of line.

Riptide gave a light wave to the guard - of whom was also one of the strongest fighters in the tournament, Minotaur - before heading toward an area intended for VIP guests. In this case, this involved competitors who reached certain ranks in the last tournament...Including himself.

He found a seat in front, and noticed a sign with a name written on it, clearly reserving it for another. He took the sign and threw it aside, then sat down and leaned back, laying his hands behind his head and his boots on the railing in front of himself, not even realizing why that particular seat was reserved for a specific competitor...

"That's my seat!"

Riptide barely had time to relax until a short, orange robot with skinny arms raced up to him, clearly angry at the sight.

"Oh, it's you." He snorted, unaffected by the loud voice, "Haven't you lost your energy yet, ex-champ?"

Tantrum - who indeed was the latest champion to be dethroned - glared at him and replied, "I'm not ready to quit until I've defeated End Game!"

Riptide let out a loud "HA!", to which Tantrum laid his hands on each side with a pout, then turned over slightly so they were staring at each other, not even bothering to remove his boots from where they were.

"You truly think you stand a chance against End Game?" he scoffed, "You know there's a reason why he's won both tournaments, right? He's stronger and better than you'll ever be! You won by a fluke, and even Hydra said so -- not like anything that jerk says matters to me..."

Despite his muttering the last remark, Tantrum heard it and replied.

"Hydra admitted he was wrong! After our fight, he apologized to me about how my winning championship went, and we're friends now! Though why are you calling HIM a jerk? You're the one who tried to place your banner over HIS section! He and Fusion were both okay with you giving yourself more recognition, but after that trick, I don't blame them for being mad! When's the last time you did something nice for someone, let them advertise themselves near your resting spot?"

Riptide turned away, allowing another snort to escape, before crossing his arms and giving the railing a tap of his boot.

"No one would be worth my space. They can all leave for all I care. From you, to that stupid Witch Doctor, and especially that idiot Shrederator! None of you are worth squat, and the only ones who should still be here are myself and End Game!"

At this, Tantrum's pout became a look of sheer furosity. He heard about Riptide's case and sentencing, though he was too young to be there to partake, and he and his brother, Blip, watched in Ultimo Destructo's werehouse, along with Glitch, the robot who Riptide still has a grudge against for co-winning an award with himself.

He saw what happened to not only MadCatter, but Shrederator as well, and he heard everything that was said by the veteran, only to be scoffed and mocked at by Riptide. He saw Shrederator speaking as boldly as a new, healthy robot, only to be called a "relic" in front of everyone, of which made more tempers flare.

Shred wasn't the strongest, not by a long shot, but he always put on good shows and enjoyed being in the community. Without him and other veterans like Tombstone - of whom Tantrum also once fought and hated, but soon realized it was all a misunderstanding due to being new - these tournaments would not had been as popular as they are now, and the bots would have no purpose outside of their daily lives.

While Tantrum enjoyed time off and playing with Blip and Rusty, he honestly couldn't get enough of showing off in combat. His fists would become so tight, one would think a false move would send someone flying across the arena with a single punch. In reality, Tantrum also wanted to become stronger like those he idolized. He just happened to have some changes before his latest championship, and those unfortuntately ended his career as Champion...

...Unless he dethroned End Game in this one.

"Just deal with the truth: You're retired after this." Riptide spoke again, now with one leg crossed over the other and his boot slightly waving in the air, "No matter who you fight, they'll crush you. You're gone, and soon...Forgotten. I suspect the same could be said for your little brother and those stupid Twins as well."

Before Tantrum could speak - much less move - another Bot came in and who it was surprised him.

"Well, Riptide, still up to your crazy stunts?"

Riptide lowered his boots and turned as End Game stopped beside him, an amused smirk on his face.

"Heh, what do you mean by that? I was just saving you a seat."

End Game watched as Riptide finally stood up, gesturing to where he was sitting, but didn't move. He chuckled lightly, knowing exactly who the seat belonged to, then took Riptide's arm and pulled him toward himself, allowing Tantrum to finally take his seat - though rather hesitantly due to Riptide suddenly turning and staring at him.

"I heard about your trial." End Game replied, knowing that his friend was trying to play innocent, "You can't hide anything from me...Including what you did for community service."

He nudged Riptide's arm, giving a sly smirk, to which he chuckled and gave a playful shove back, now ignoring Tantrum, of whom was still nearby.

"You should've been there." Riptide walked over to the side of the section and leaned against the railing, holding himself up with his hands, "That idiot chef would not stop barking orders. Clean this, wash that...Give Star Child a spa day...Yes, he actually demanded I do that. I think he just wanted to toy with me, but I had to pamper his stupid sibling for an entire day..."

End Game glanced down at Riptide's weapon, clearly questioning the last listed chore, then replied, "Your weapon seems fine to me."

"With a MOP!" Riptide's voice grew loud, to which Tantrum jumped and tried to ignore their conversation, but gave them a quick glance to see what was going on, "I had to scrub that giant freak with nothing but a mop and bucket!"

End Game let out a laugh, clearly amused, then remarked, "You should've used that mop against that pizza...Avenge my loss."

Riptide sighed, then glanced down at the floor between their feet.

"If only we had the chance...But between them treating me like their puppet, threatening to throw me back in front of Shatter for a harsher sentence, and of course, giving me a new task right after finishing the first one...I wish I could've shown them what I could do. Yet..."

He turned his head away, to which End Game knew that something was wrong. He waited for Riptide to speak again, but he never did.

End Game laid a hand on Riptide's shoulder, to which he jumped slightly and glanced at him, noticing the caring stare that took place of the amused smirk from before.


Riptide didn't speak again, but turned away and took a deep breath, trying to appear strong in front of his friend, but clearly not succeeding, before finally continuing.

"...I was scared. When he fought you...When he won...I didn't know what to think. Where did that power come from? How did they triumph so...How'd they win over you? I feared...Facing them. Despite what happened to others I fought, I just...Felt like..."

End Game noticed his drastic change in tone and took a step closer, before wrapping an arm around Riptide and giving him a gentle embrace. Riptide was surprised at the action, but admittedly enjoyed it.

Something about being close to someone as strong as End Game comforted him, and he began to realize that he was feeling something different...

"You thought you'd suffer the same fate I did." End Game said, giving Riptide a light pat on the shoulder, "I think you would've done great. I just made a mistake. You...You don't make mistakes...No matter what the others say."

Riptide chuckled, but didn't reply. He was relaxed in End Game's arms, and he just wanted to enjoy this moment. Yet, those words encouraged him, and he wanted to prove them right.

"I'll return next championship. I want you to watch me compete...And show them why I deserve to win."

End Game knew that he was feeling empowered by his words and hugged him close, this time wrapping his arms around his body and whispering close to the side of his head.

"I'll watch you...But for now, why don't you watch me?"

The area began to fill with other bots while this was said, and End Game released Riptide before heading toward a higher position, of which even towered before Tantrum...The pedestal of reigning Golden Bolt Champion.

Riptide watched him, his face turning warm, before hearing muffled giggles from Tantrum. He turned around sharply and swung his weapon toward him, letting out a loud, "Got something to say, twerp?!"

Tantrum continued to laugh, before managing to speak.

"Shatter would be crazy to let you back in! After what you did...And you think you can beat Chef Ripp?! You're scared of him!"

Riptide glared at him, before letting out another yell, but this time storming off. However, he went toward the pedestal where End Game sat, despite what the rules said about who got to stay.

When he reached the top, Riptide noticed how extravagant this one place was and let out a squeal of interest, causing End Game to stand up sharply and turn toward him.

"R-Riptide..?!" End Game could barely contain himself as Riptide walked around a long couch intended for lounging between battles, "Wh-What are you doing?! You could..."

Riptide stopped in front of him and laid a finger over his mouth, stopping him short.

"No one has to know." he whispered, giving him a light smile, "This will be...Our little secret."

End Game didn't know how to react, but watched as Riptide took him to the couch and sat him on it, then sat beside him.

"Besides...I want to come up with a plan...To ensure you win this again...And keep your title."

Riptide's words were filled with a hint of malice, yet...End Game didn't want to be dethroned twice. He didn't want to play dirty, either, but he wanted to feel wanted, he wanted to become the next Bite Force.

After all, Bite Force was a legend...And that's what it took to be a legend...

To have raw power, showcase brute force, and to give the crowd a show.

"What if it doesn't work?"

Somehow, these words just escaped without End Game knowing they would. After all, he did suffer a great loss, and it still irked him to this day. He's never felt this bitter before, and whether or not it was "right" to feel this way, it didn't matter...

He wanted to avenge himself, one way or another.

"It will." Riptide replied softly, now wrapping an arm around End Game's shoulder and bringing him close, "But even if it doesn't...You will always be champion to me."

This time, it was End Game who felt a warm feeling inside. He just liked to comfort Riptide, but to feel this same emotion as his friend...He didn't expect it to be this strong.

"I never knew..."

End Game began to speak, but a sudden voice boomed throughout the arena, announcing the rounds of each day, as well as the contenders involved in each.

"The ones you see today are: SHREDDIT BRO, BLACK DRAGON..."

The voice began to be drowned as he felt Riptide holding him close, pressing himself against his chest, and the two smiled at each other before End Game slowly raised a hand and touched Riptide's face with it.

"And you...Will always be champion to me. I don't care if you win a trophy. I will..."

Riptide's face drew closer, a fond smile forming as the two could only stare at each other, and before they knew it, they were giving each other a light kiss, now completely oblivious to the announcements that were still being given.

"...The reigning Champion: END GAME!"

The voice suddenly shouted, causing the two to release each other quickly and End Game to stand up sharply, looking around to see if someone was watching him.

The crowd cheered and applauded him, and Riptide chuckled before leaning back on the couch, once again relaxing, but now feeling a completely new emotion.

Knock them out...My Champion.


The fight before the finals about to begin, and Riptide watched beside End Game, questioning how these were the two that made it.

"Him of all Bots?" he let out a light snort, "Someone got good over time."

End Game chuckled and watched as the competitors got into position, then leaned back in the throne for champions, gesturing for him to come closer.

"I'm surprised as well. His only win was in a rather...Shall we say...Unamusing fight?"

Riptide went up to the throne and stopped beside it, to which End Game took his hand and brought him down and onto one of its arms slowly.

"Yes...It was rather dull. Heh...Unlike before." he turned toward End Game and gave a smile, hinting at the kiss they shared before, "After the awards ceremony, why don't you come spend the night with me? I'll have a banquet in your honor."

End Game chuckled softly, then gave his hand a light rub.

"Even though they refuse to give you anything anymore? I'll bring the food. You just provide the place."

Riptide chuckled as well, and opened his mouth to speak, before a loud "OH, it looks like our winner is decided!" filled the air and both of them stood up sharply to see what happened.


End Game stared with wide eyes, noticing the winner standing triumphantly.

"Shreddit Bro...Is...One of the finalists!" he whispered, "Which means...It's between these two to see who wins..!"

Riptide turned to give him an encouraging smile, but right when his hand touched his shoulder, the announcer then boomed, "The awards are about to be given! Please hold tight while we get them assorted!"

Riptide knew this was his chance. His chance to brag about how everyone was wrong about him. He once again turned toward End Game and said, "When you see me again, I'll be the Most Destructive!"

Before End Game could reply, Riptide bolted -- not knowing that he already knew who won Most Destructive...And it wasn't him.

Riptide dashed through many robots, hoping to be the first to nab his trophy. He stopped a few miles from the entrance, wanting to make a dramatic appearance, and other robots seemed to be staring at him, wondering why he was there.

He ignored their stares and flexed his fingers as the trophies were all aligned in a row on a table, then the announcer began to say who won, starting with...

"Most Destructive: HUGE!"

Riptide ran out with a loud yell of celebration, grabbing the trophy, before looking down at it and seeing HUGE's name on it.

"Wait...HUGE?!" he exclaimed, "What about --"

Before he could continue, he could feel HUGE looming over him, before hearing him say, "You tried." and taking the trophy from him.

Riptide could only stare in silence as the announcer gave out the other trophies, hearing names he didn't even want to hear again...


Monsoon took the "Best Sportsmanship" trophy and gave a light wave to the crowd.


The famous pizza chef took their "Best Design" award and gave his signature "chef's kiss" to the crowd, before giving Riptide a subtle smirk and leaving.


MadCatter leaped out and took the "Best Representation of the Show" award, holding it carefully and hoisting it into the air with his tail, to which Riptide couldn't take anymore.

Riptide glared down at the floor, then threw his weapon down with a loud "I DESERVE TO WIN!!" and ran out of the arena.

What he didn't realize was that End Game saw the entire thing...From the angry glare, to his shaking as every award was taken from him...He saw them all.

When the tournament was announced over for the day, End Game knew right where Riptide was going, and after going to retrieve his weapon, headed toward his castle to pay him a visit.


Riptide ran into his castle and slammed the door behind himself, causing it to echo through its crystal walls. He stormed up to his throne and gave it a punch of his fist, yelling angrily.

"HUGE?! Flipping HUGE?!"

Another swing, and Riptide glares down at the cracks left from the blow.

"What the hell has that idiot done?? I should've won that award!"

A third punch, and Riptide continues to glare at the damage, breathing heavily before finally sitting down and burying his face in his arms.

"I...I showcased the most power...The most destruction..! It...It's not fair! Why did they choose him above me?! What did he do to earn what I deserve?"

Riptide was too busy sobbing to himself to hear End Game slowly enter, carrying his weapon in one hand and hiding something in the other.

End Game went up to him, noticing his position, then carefully laid the weapon right beside the throne and kneeling before him, speaking softly.

"I'm surprised they didn't pick you either. You showed so much against everyone you fought...They did you wrong."

Riptide jumped at the sound of his voice and looked up quickly, noticing the sorrowful gaze and how much he wanted him to win.

"I...I just..." he tried to speak, but couldn't. He felt horrible looking like this in front of End Game, and he tried to hide his emotions, but to no avail.

End Game knew that he was afraid of looking weak in front of himself and laid his other hand on Riptide's leg, placing an object on it.

Riptide picked the object up and noticed that it was actually a piece of metal with the words "My Champion" on top, with "Riptide" directly underneath, and looked up at End Game, of whom was smiling fondly at him.

"Y-You..." he could barely come up with words to say, before End Game straightened up and offered a hand to him.

Not knowing what was happening, Riptide took his hand and stood up, allowing End Game to embrace him before whispering softly, "Nice place you have. Mind if I stay a while? I could use...Some company."

Riptide began to tremble as End Game's hands ran down his back, before going back toward his shoulders and eventually his chest, then chuckled nervously, enjoying their time alone.

"Why not stay...Forever?" he finally spoke, taking one of End Game's hands and holding it in his own, "You've no idea how lonely I am...So far from the city. I could always use someone to enjoy myself with."

End Game raised his hand toward his mouth and gave it a light kiss, then replied, "My plans exactly. Should I order us something to eat?"

Riptide chuckled again, then answered, "Forget the food...Let's just...Focus on each other."

He gave End Game a light kiss on the cheek, then added, "Come. Let me...Show you around."

As he took End Game around his castle, Riptide began to forget about the awards ceremony. But it didn't matter anymore.

He won an even greater award than some silly trophy: He won an everlasting relationship with the only robot he could truly say he respected...And as long as he had End Game by his side, nothing else mattered.

Not the robots who stared at them as they would wander the city together in the future, not the calls toward End Game for still supporting Riptide despite his actions, and not even the ones who threatened that they'd suggest to Shatter that the two should fight if Riptide returned.

He was the winner of the best award anyone could want...

...And he be darned if someone tried to screw it up.








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