This world was terrifying. You've seen spooky places before, but this place was worse than all of them combined.

Many dark spirits lurked around, some of them racing through your body while others fly around your head, cackling maniacally.

I just wanna get outta here.

There was no way out. You tried to escape before, but somehow, the place just gets more and more horrifying after every attempt.

Something sounds from nearby, and it sounded like a snake. You look around to make sure nothing was around, and came out clean.

The sound is heard again, and it seemed closer. This time, it sounded more like a voice trying to speak.


Despite the eerie tone, you couldn't help but move forword...It seemed as if this voice was hypnotizing you...

You stop in front of what appeared by be a young man with his hair brushed over one side of his face. He was rather handsome, but something was off...

...Such as his "skin" being a glowing green wisp, and instaed of ears, he had what appeared to be reptillian fins on the sides of his head.

"You've made it just in time." the young man said, completely oblivious to your nervous expression, "Our King wants to meet you."

Our? you thought, There's MORE of them?

This wasn't good, and you tried to walk away, but couldn't. The man wrapped his glowing body around you and you noticed a somewhat serpantine appearance as he grew a pair of wings and flew you into an even darker part of the world.

"I warn you right now: Our King is very impatient and demands the upmost respect. If you don't even kiss a single boot, he could kill you on the spot."

He releases you and takes you over to a large throne covered in shadows, before bowing down with his head held low.

At first you didn't do anything but ponder on a way to escape, but the man gave you a hard slap on the back, and you quickly bow before a deep voice sounds, giving you chills.

"You who entered my world...Rise, and come to me."

You shudder as you slowly rose, but couldn't bring yourself to budge further.

The area began to grow cold and you hear the sounds of something digging into the throne ahead.

"Go. He wants to see you." the young man encouraged.

You still couldn't move. This had to be the most terrifying place that's ever existed - and you didn't even know if it was real! The beings here were all creepy, dark, and downright nasty...And this young man was very unnerving.

However, the King was the most frightening of them all, and you hadn't even seen his face!

Before you could react, a large, clawed hand reached out from behind the throne and flicked a claw in the air, bringing you around the throne and in front of the king...

...And he was scarier than you expected -- and you expected a total nightmare.

His body was made of darkness, but he was clearly clad in sturdy armor. His eyes were bright red and pierced into your very soul. A jagged, red line could almost be seen in the darkness, but you weren't sure if it was his mouth or a scar, or simply a marking on his armor. However, it was near his face, so it could only mean two things were possible...

The line grew longer and you realized that yes, it was his mouth. And it was creepy. This guy couldn't get any worse...

...Until you saw the rest of his appearance. He had bulky arms shrouded in shadows, and more armor covering them. His hands also had some armor, but were otherwise mostly uncovered -- and for a good reason.

He had four fingers, each ending in a long, sharp claw that also seemed to drip with darkness. They tapped against the throne's arms as he continued to let you stare him down.

You finally lowered your gaze toward his feet, of which were covered in sturdy boots that had tiny spikes surrounding their bottoms, but two larger spikes in the front. Shadows could be seen underneath both boots and seemed to infuse with the shadows coming from his throne, creating a huge ring around himself.

"Good job, Envy." the king suddenly spoke, his gaze not leaving you as he said this, "Let us be alone for a bit. I want to have...A little talk with this one."

You glance back at the young man who still remained in position, and he stood up with a low, "Yes, My Lord" before leaving you alone with the king -- of whom was scraping his claws together menacingly.

The king stood up slowly, and you suddenly remembered the warning given to you by Envy. Without thinking, you quickly kneel before the king and kiss his boots, to which he seemingly jumps in surprise, but otherwise doesn't react except by chuckling in response.

"Oh, he told you about that, hm?" he gave you a light tap of his boot, allowing you to rise again, "Yes, I do demand respect, but...Envy tends to take it a little too far."

Despite his dark voice, the king seemed more relaxed than before. However, you didn't dare lower your guard; After all, there were more beings like himself and Envy, and you hadn't seen them yet.

He took you over to another area, and you began to slowly realize that you're actually in a room of sorts. Due to the lingering darkness, however, it was impossible to see.

"Here. This is all you'll need to know to find out about me." he finally stopped in front of something -- you had no idea what because the dark was overwhelming -- and seemingly powered it on, then let you read what was shown.


Name: Temptlord (true form) / Dark Xac (alternate alias)
Alias: The Temptlord, Demigod of Temptations, the Dark King / DX, Inner Demon
Gender: Male (he/him)
Race: Demigod (emotions)
Position: Soldier: Head General | Second-in-Command to Da-Mega | Next in line for the throne
Weapons: Claws, Darkness, emotional manipulation, nightmares
Abilities: Can use emotions/desires to give himself and others strength, absorb energy from anything he touches, invisibility to mortals, summon and fuse with Temptors, mass destruction (including without using physical touch)
Likes: Power, darkness, tormenting his host (or anyone in that matter), the Temptors, ruling his kingdom, fear, the sounds of his claws scraping things
Dislikes: Light, bright colors, his host managing to escape his temptations, the downfall of his army and kingdom, betrayal, Lord Xero

He's a...Demigod?

You looked up at the Temptlord and he seemed to be deep in thought. His arms were crossed and his claws were gripping his armor tight, as if he was angry about something.

Suddenly, the visuals changed, and revealed something you didn't expect to see: Two designs that seemed to be under his control.

But why does he always look like this?

Despite your curiosity, you figured it was best to leave that alone. He actually looked angrier at these sights...

NOTE: Ref is super huge; Drag/drop or open in new tab to see full size. His claws also do NOT drip with blood; They are strings of darkness.

Alternate form (Dark Xac):

True form (Temptlord):


The Temptlord suddenly let out a loud yell and gave the object a punch with his fist, shutting it off. How it didn't shatter under the power, you had no idea.

"As you already saw, I lived not one, but three lives: One in my home world as myself, one here...And one under the horrible alias 'Dark Xac'." he said, trying to contain his anger toward this, "My life wasn't always what it is now. When I lost everything, I came here. Yet, years later, the fool who betrayed us dared to come and demand my help! And to make things worse, I had no choice. He already became the next God of Darkness because of my power, and he'd only kill those of us who remained if I didn't offer ourselves up to him! I still remember him and his pathetic soldier to this day...And I've been free for a while. But those memories...They never leave me alone."

Xero, the one who not only used my power for himself, but also betrayed the kingdom when he grew strong enough! It's because of him I lost everything, and I had to undergo that horrible test with his little soldier. He finally decided that his game wasn't working and assumed he'd set me free -- But I freed myself, by finally gaining enough power to remove myself from his soldier's mind and even better...From HIS control.

Destructo is the sorriest excuse of a soldier-weapon combination I've ever seen. Even worse, he hates fighting, gave up our goal to kill our foes, and made a TRUCE with those same foes! He's a piece of filth, with no purpose except to be crushed under my supreme power! Soon, I'll make that a reality...Even if I have to use his precious husband's mind to do it.

Xac is the soldier Xero wanted me to test out. My Temptors failed, but I grew close due to having both Wrath and Pride within myself. Those were his key weaknesses, and I used them against him every chance I had...Along with his fear. Ever since our first meeting, I could sense how scared he was of failing because of me -- even to the point of informing his precious lord about what he's been through. While I'd made attempts at killing his lord while fused with his body, we'd always be defeated, and Xac repaired while I'd be wiped from his memory temporarily. The greatest day was when I finally grew strong enough to simply cut all contact within his mind. Now, it's all physical.

This fool...The one who claims to be aiming for redemption. He knows of his past as Xac's inner demon and wants to make things up for those he hurt. Hmph, how sickening! However, I can use his memories against him and control his pathetic mind! He won't get away with this nonsense...

Ricki is a Demigod of sorts, but I barely encounter him. He proclaims himself the "Demigod of Technology", to which I say "NO SUCH THING, IDIOT!". He seemingly can control lightning storms though, so perhaps he's another kind he doesn't know about.

Electro is the God of Light, and the one I hate facing the most. While I have enough power to engage and basically fatally injure him, he tends to take his fights to areas so bright, it hurts just to think about them. However, I've realized with all the power I've gained, the light no longer hurts me physically, and I can drain it from anything I touch -- Meaning, I can turn light into total darkness.

The second God of Light, before Electro gained his powers during a fight against the Dark Ones. I've never encountered him personally, but I've watched from my new world while I could. He wasn't as strong as a mortal being, but after gaining the powers of Light...I admit, he was rather interesting to analyze.

Honoring a God:

It took a few minutes before the Temptlord finally took you elsewhere. Despite it being pitch black before, the area ahaed seemed to grow a little brighter, but it was still hard to see.

"Despite what all's happened in the past, I have had my fair share in being honored." he walks up to a statue of himself sitting on a throne and runs a claw down it lightly, "The Temptors aren't the only ones who worship me; I'm known all around the world as the most powerful Demigod. After all, who can resist their...Darkest desires?"

You went down the room carefully, noticing different creations by the Temptors, but one stopped you in particular.

It appeared to be a cushion or form of material with something sewed onto it, and underneath it, the words:

"My Darling Temptlord, I will always love you"

You turned toward him and were about to ask about it, but right after your gazes met, the Temptlord shoved you aside and let out a growl, before catching himself and speaking.

"Never mind that, it's something Lust made. Move along."

You stared at him silently, and felt yourself starting to laugh, but stop short as he yelled at you and extended his claws.


Not wanting to anger him any more, you quickly race down the area, before running into something hard.

A loud screech sounds from behind, and suddenly, you feel warm.

This can't be good.

Despite the hostility shown seconds ago, the Temptlord stops behind you and speaks, his voice significantly calmer than before.

"These were made by the mortal realm. I admit, I enjoy looking at these more than anything. To know I'm feared even amongst them...It gives me great pleasure."

By Pharaoh-By others

By Pharaoh:

Temptlord-Dark Xac



Just you wait, "God of Darkness"...I will return and crush you!

Dark Xac


Let's play a game: You come out, I KILL YOU!

By others:

NOTE: Pieces involving both will go under Temptlord.

Dark Xac:


After they dared ruin my fun, they became the new target. How did that feel? (By TwelveBrackets on FR)


Written works:

None yet


The Temptlord suddenly grabbed you and vanished, taking you along with him. You reemerge in the throne room again, and he releases you just as quickly as he took you.

The room was silent, and he went back to his throne before sitting down. For some reason, you couldn't help but follow him -- Perhaps his powers were affecting you...

You couldn't help but remember the two different forms in his profile and even his artwork. You wanted to ask him, but also remembered the hatred he showed toward mentioning them.

"I knew you'd ask."

Despite you having not said a word, the Temptlord spoke. His gaze was ahead, facing a window that showed the outside world...Along with what seemed to be the outskirts of a kingdom.

"I'm not a fool. I know you're curious about me...Why I have two forms, and what I've gone through. Did you really think you'd be able to wonder and not have me realize it??"

His claws dug into the throne's arms again, and an earsplitting screech filled the air. You knew then he could read minds...Did he read your other thoughts as well..?

"I did." the Temptlord replied, "I read every single one of them. Your feelings toward my world, your feelings toward me...I know all of them. Your puny, mortal mind is nothing compared to my power, and your thoughts are exposed to me. What you're feeling...What you're wanting to say...And what you want to do. Yes...I. Know. Everything."

His voice seemed darker than usual and you shuddered. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to consider asking about his past...

"No. It wasn't." he replied, again reading your thoughts, "But if you really want to know the horrors I've experienced, fine. Perhaps then it'll give you enough insight on why I do what I must..."

He trailed off, before waving a hand in front of the window, creating a new image...An image of his past.

And he was right. It was horrible.


| Next In Line ||| A New Soldier ||| Xero Power ||| Xeropocalypse |


| Wrath ||| Pride ||| Nightmare ||| Hate ||| Regret ||| Fear ||| Despair |


| All Hail ||| Welcome to the End ||| Birth of Demigod |

Next In Line

I am the 2nd-In-Command, meaning, I will obtain the throne if things go horribly wrong for Da-Mega.

I gave my claws a powerful swing, ripping through the creature that remained bound to a shard of Darksteel piercing through the ground.

The impact split the pillar in half, and the creature fell to the ground, stained in blood that glowed with a faint light.

"Excellent work!" the sound of the God of Darkness' voice stopped me short and I turned toward him, "Your strength is definitely improving."

I bowed my head and replied, "Thank you, my lord. It's because of you and your guidance I've become this strong.. I will only continue to do so as long as you desire."

Da-Mega smiled at me and laid a hand on my shoulder, to which I straightened up and looked at him.

"It's because of your hard work and dedication you became this strong. It's also because of this - as well as your loyalty - that you will become the next God of Darkness should something happen to me."

At this, I didn't know how to react. I fell on my knees before him, my face close to the ground, and stuttered anything I could think of to praise him and show how honored I was to be given such a position.

"M-My lord...I-I don't know what to say..! I...Thank you for granting your lowly servant such an honor! I don't deserve this!"

Da-Mega stood me up, and I silenced, knowing that he had more to say -- or he was just tired of my groveling.

"It's time for a little meal." he gestured toward the dead creature that remained on the ground, "Why don't you--"

Before he could finish, a bright orange blur zoomed by, snatched up the body, and began ripping into it.

I lowered my face into one hand, knowing who it was...One of my seven henchmen, the ever hungry...


The beastly demon stopped at the sound of my voice and faced me, then lowered his head in shame, letting out a low whimper.

I sighed at the sight of ripped flesh and the blood that dripped from his jaws, then flicked a claw in his direction, gesturing for him to come to me.

Gluttony shook nervously and slowly approached, allowing a long string of flesh to sway from between his long fangs, then stopped in front of my boots and gazed up at me pitifully.

I noticed him smacking his lips as he tried to sneak the rest of the meat into his mouth and gave him a sharp glare, stopping him.

"Drop it." I pointed at the ground, to which he tried to fake innocence.

I repeated my order in a sharper tone, and Gluttony whimpered before slowly dropping what remained inside his mouth. He then switched gaze from the meat back to me, begging to finish the rest.

"Go. Now." I pointed at an area away from us, to which he glanced at the meat again.

"NOW!" I shouted, to which he scampered away quickly.

I sighed and turned back to Da-Mega, lowering my head and appearing just as pitiful as that hungry beast.

"Forgive me, my lord...I still haven't trained him enough."

Da-Mega chuckled and laid a hand on my shoulder, to which I raised my head and looked at him in confusion.

"That's a part of who he is. Unfortunately, you can't change that. But I see he's listening to you better." he walked me through a part of the kingdom as we headed toward his castle, "He's just like a dog; He'll have his moments, but some things - such as that everlasting hunger and desire for food - can't be changed, no matter how hard you train him."

I glanced back and noticed Gluttony watching us from where he was left, then gave him a signal to finish what he was eating. He squealed in response and dashed to the left over meat before eating it whole.

"The rest of your henchmen have similar quirks." Da-Mega continued, "But they shouldn't be as extreme as Gluttony's."

We stopped in front of the castle and a guard let us in, bowing before us as we went inside.

I began to open my mouth to reply, but someone else came running in -- this time, directly into me.

"Oh, you're back! You're finally back!"

I felt myself growing tense as the pink-and-red female embraced me and rubbed my shoulders with her face close to my chest.

I then glanced at Da-Mega, of whom gave me a slight smirk before walking away. I knew he was letting me know that this was another of those "quirks" he was talking about and gave the female a light pat.

"Yes, Lust...I-I'm back." I tried to hide my nervousness toward her running her hands all over me while our lord was still in the same room, "I...I guess you...Missed me..."

Lust looked up at me and I could see a hint of loneliness in her stare as she replied.

"I did. I missed you...So much." she gave my chest a kiss and ran a hand toward my neck, "I was alone with only Envy and Sloth...And you know how those two are."

I indeed knew how those two were. Envy was usually ranting about how someone got this or someone has that, but also hates how I'm the one that gets all the attention; He doesn't realize that I'm the one in charge, and therefore is the one people look up to while in combat. He's loyal, nonetheless...But also a huge suck up. He's the one who'll kiss my boots repeatedly, always proclaiming how he wishes he had what I had; Powerful armor, sharp claws, a fierce gaze...He just wants everything. It's not enough he can turn into various reptillian creatures to fight, he wants to become a god...Or at least someone people would recognize and worship every time he shows up.

Sloth is lazy, and really never does anything himself. If he wants food, he'll not only demand it brought to him, he'll want it to be on a plate, already cut, and then fed to him. He's really the baby of the group; If he doesn't get what he wants, whether it be fresh meat or even a slightly different amount, he'll cry and scream until it's done right -- which if we have no more food, he'll then keep us up still nagging for his "perfect meal". Most of the time, he's even gone hungry because the food wasn't up to his standards. While we don't need food to survive, we at least need our sanity...And this boy gives us none of that. Luckily, he finally just falls asleep and instead resorts to mumbling and sobbing the rest of the time.

"Now it can just be us two." Lust's fingers stroked my neck before she pulled me toward herself, "Why don't we...Go somewhere...To be alone? I'd love to hear what you've been doing while you were away."

Her face was so close to mine, I could smell her breath and its sweetness. She always used this to tempt me, and while that tactic never worked, she knew how to get her way. Yet, I really just wanted to be alone...By myself. Away from these seven misfits. Away from all the noise and chaos.

I just wanted some time to relax and let my mind wander.

"You know what I did." I replied, trying to escape her grasp, "I'm always --"

A long, loving kiss stopped me short and I wish I saw this coming. This was her way of saying "you're not leaving me until I say so", and I hated it.

She knew how to have a wonderful time, but after doing nearly the same things with her, I just found it boring.

She always took me to either her bedroom or mine, and it was the same routine from there: Lay on the bed, kiss a little...Hold each other..."Make things more entertaining".

I hated this most of the time, especially since she keeps forgetting my armor can't be removed and her..."Affections"...Cause it to rip into the sheets and basically destroy the bed. Then I'm stuck having to admit what happened to Da-Mega, and sometimes have to take refuge in a citizen's house -- where then, they're either giggling at me for being away from the "Big Man's home" or they're afraid to even move while I'm in sight due to fear of being hurt or killed - something I'm not hired to do.

Other times, I admit I needed the pleasure of doing...Anything but working with the soldiers. Sometimes I'd rather fight the God of Light alone and without any help, even if he killed me with one blow -- and considering that I'm not a god, but a demigod, that's more likely than it sounds. Lust was good at making me feel like more than a mere soldier, but other times, she tries too hard. She had her moments, both good and bad, but this time...I wanted none of it.

Another kiss, and I feel her pressing close to me, her hands still rubbing me continuously. I tried to nudge her away, but she giggled in reply and wrapped her tail around my arms, immobilizing them.

Now, I'm done for.

When she uses her scorpion tail to hold someone still, that's when she "goes for the kill", which could mean either total seducion or literally...Killing them.

Considering it was me, however, she was just going to seduce me. Yet, I always do feel like I'm dying. Her overpowering sweet scents aren't something I can ignore, and quite frankly, they make me rather sick. I'd rather smell rotting flesh than this "perfume" she claims to use.

"I have you now." she whispers, running a finger down my neck, "You can't escape me, my love."

I sighed heavily and let her take us to one of the bedrooms.

Go figure, it was mine.

"Don't break my bed this time." I muttered as she laid me down gently, "Last place I stayed, they were laughing at how I couldn't do anything to defend myself against a puny monster."

Lust looked at me and I could tell she thought I was talking about her.

I guess I was, in a sense.

"Don't worry, I lied to them." I rolled over so my back was facing her, "I told them that it was stronger than it seemed, and while I wasn't harmed...My bed was."

Her hand touched my arm and she turned me back toward herself, then spoke.

"Why didn't you tell them it was me? We were just having fun, remember?"

I sighed and didn't reply. Despite her being a major pain almost half the time, I didn't want to hurt her feelings. She was loyal to me...Just not in the same way as the other Temptors.

"Were you...Ashamed?" her voice was pitiful and soft as she said this and I began to feel guilty about even mentioning the event, "Did I...Do too much..?"

I glanced over at her and noticed her expression, obviously filled with pain. I turned toward her and laid a hand on hers, trying to comfort her while still remaining true to what I wanted.

"Perhaps...Just a little." I answered, "Sometimes, too much does happen. I don't mind you wanting to be with me, but...Sometimes, I just want to be left alone. I don't get much time by myself anymore, not after gaining my promotion...And between the soldiers, Lord Da-Mega, and yourselves, I can barely find the time to just enjoy the silence for a bit. I still have to train the soldiers, fulfill what our king desires, and work with you all as well...And after all that...Sometimes I just --"

Lust lays a finger on my mouth, stopping me, and I notice a tiny smile on her face.

"I wish I knew." she lowers her hand to my chest and rubs it gently, "But if you want to be alone, just tell me. I'll gladly give you that chance."

I began to speak again, wanting to say just that, but she stops me again and giggles.

"Just not now." she presses against my body and I see her smile getting a little wider, "You can tell me the next time."

I barely had a chance to move before she gave me a light kiss on the mouth and continued toward my neck. Her hands laid on my chest and caressed my muscles as she positioned herself on top of me.

I felt her stroking my armor lightly and sighed, then smiled a tiny smile and ran my fingers through her hair.

"I thought you didn't want to do this." she whispered.

I chuckled softly and gave her a kiss.

"Perhaps just this once." I reply, my mouth close to hers, "If I can't escape...I might as well...Have some fun."

She smiled and I felt her lips barely brushing my mouth, giving me multiple kisses as she replied.

"I'll give enjoyable time." she laid on top of me and held one of my muscles with her fingers, "I've been...Wanting to give you...Something special."

I chuckled again as she kissed me, this time longer than before, and ran my hands toward her back, stroking her gently with my claws.

Her other hand pressed against my muscle and I felt her tail wrapping around one of my boots before continuing up my leg. I could sense her desires and held her close.

"Whatever you have...I'm willing to take it." I said, "I'm ready...for...Anything..."

Lust pressed herself against my face and gave me a kiss unlike the others so far. A faint scent filled the room and I could taste more than just her lips; I could taste her passion.

Her passion was burning, filled with such intensity that no flame could compare to it. It was sweet, but with a flavor that gave me so much pleasure, that even the bloodiest meat would be nothing in comparison.

Despite my previously not wanting this before, I craved it now, and I wanted it more than anything.

"More. Give me more." I mumbled as she continued to kiss me, "Yes...This feeling...This flavor...This sensation...I...I want it...So much."

Lust stops for a moment, then holds my head with one hand as she replied.

"Anything for you, my lord." her fingers stroke the back of my head and run toward my horns, "I will...Do anything...For you. My...Mighty...Handsome...Delicious...Temptlord."

I chuckled and felt my face turn warm the more she began to kiss me, then made the room turn dark as her kisses became something even more powerful, and we enjoyed our time alone.


Days pass and I continue working with the Temptors.

Every session ends with praise from my lord, something I didn't deserve, but admittedly enjoyed.

I've achieved so much over time, and I can tell it's paying off. Not only am I feeling the power surging through me, I can feel it from them as well.

Each of them was said to have many forms aside from their - generally - more humanoid appearance. The exception to "humanoid" is Wrath, of whom is always seen as some form of a bull. Whether it be a minotaur or a red bull blazing with vicious flames, he always has the same sharp horns and angry glare, along with his "short" temper.

Of course, he is Wrath for a reason...So "short" doesn't even suit him. He has little to no control over his anger, and every time he feels that rage, something or someone always ends up a wreck during his rampage.

I've been working on containing some of that anger, and it's paid off a little. I've found that I can wrangle him like any mortal bull, and while it makes him even more enraged, I can at least control his movements and bring him to the ground to stop him.

Another session ends and I hear some commotion coming from the ones I've trained. However, the one making said commotion was least expected...


He was on the ground, kneeling down as something seemingly began to emerge from his back. He moaned and yelled in pain, his hands clutching his stomach.

"M-My lord...Wh-What's happening?" he spoke between gasping breaths, "Wh-What is...This...This pain?"

After he said this, a long tentacle shot from within his back, followed by another, before his whole back was covered by them, all of which were whipping around violently.

I noticed his expression, still in pain, but filled with a sudden burst of power.

"Wh-What...Is...This?" Sloth begins to tremble and I notice liquid dripping from his body before more tentacles began to take place of his legs, "Why...Am I...So cold?"

His legs were completely replaced and I watched as he rose into the air, still questioning what was going on. I knew then I had to just tell him; He was clearly uncertain why he was changing so drastically.

"You've gained enough power to change forms." I replied, "Look at you, you have tentacles covering your body! How are you not realizing that??"

Sloth looked down at the tentacles, then behind himself, noticing them slowly taking place while still dripping with liquid, and finally stopped blabbering.

"I...I didn't know..." he muttered, before holding his arms against his chest, "Now I can...Unleash this power!"

He swung his hands to the side and before anyone could move, he was transformed into a giant, dark blue squid with glowing eyes. The tentacles formed together, creating larger, thicker ones that only remained where his legs and arms were. A huge wave of water shot from underneath, and he zoomed through the air before slamming his face on the ground.

"That...That hurt." he mumbled, to which I slapped my forehead with one hand with a heavy sigh.

"Of course it hurt, you idiot!" I grumbled, "You have to work on controlling that inner Kraken of yours."

Sloth turned back to normal and remained laying on the ground, but this time, with a lazy expression on his face. I watched as he began to position himself for a nap and grabbed his arm quickly, jerking him up.

"No, you don't!" I held his arm and turned him toward a nearby target, "Work on controlling your new form."

Despite my sharp tone, Sloth yawned and tried to sit back down.

"Maybe later." he replied, "Right now, I'm gonna get some slee--"

"NOW!" I shouted, giving him a shove, "If you want to become Leviathan, you have to keep working! And if you want me to keep you alive, you'll listen to me!"

He sighed and turned back into Kraken Form, before giving a few lazy swings of his tentacles, to which I gave him a kick. He yelped in pain and swung forword with vicious force, shouting, "Okay, okay! I'll do it! Geez..."

I watched him intently, making sure he stayed true to his word, then heard someone calling me from afar.

"Keep working." I ordered, to which Sloth gave a rather half-hearted salute before continuing his work.

I went toward the voice and saw a few of the other Temptors standing nearby; One was Greed, a shimmering man covered in gold, and the other was Envy, of whom was in his Serpent form.

"What is it?" I demanded, still irritated at Sloth's unwilling to work, despite the new power he's gained.

Greed bowed before me and began to speak, but Envy quickly raced up to me and kissed my boots, an action I knew he thought needed to be done every time I approached them.

I gave Envy a stomp of my boot, and he backed away, bowing as well.

"Forgive me, my lord." he hissed, turning back to normal, "I'm naught but a lowly servant, and I --"

A sharp raise of my hand stopped him, and I turned back toward Greed, of whom was seemingly irritated at being cut off.

"I pardon the interruption, almighty lord." he adjusted his monocle as he switched back to me, "I just received news from King Da-Mega. He wants to see you at once."

I glanced at Envy, of whom was still bowing in shame, then growled, "Straighten up, you sniveling snake.", to which he did, and glanced back in the direction Sloth was still practicing, surprised to see crashing waves coming down.

"Then I shall go see him." I replied, turning toward Greed, "Go watch Sloth and make sure he's still doing his job. He's gained his Kraken form, so watch out for tentacles. I'm unsure if those waves are for practice or hiding his true actions, but I've no time to find out now. I'll want a report later."

Greed nods silently, and Envy gives a firm bow before heading off. I turn and head toward the castle, wondering what could be happening.

As I continued down the training fields, I remembered all that's happened since I was here.

How I quickly became a powerful soldier, gained a mighty army - all of whom obey me without question, and soon became Commander of the Temptors.

All of this lead to me becoming Head General of the army, and eventually, one of the greatest honors of them all: Prince of the Dark Kingdom.

The gods had no offspring and could not have families. Their servants were the closest they could get, and while some were treated like family, the unworthy were treated like dirt, if not simply killed due to their incompetance. While Li-Kah didn't believe in unnecessary killing, Da-Mega enforced it...And anyone he deemed unworthy was sentenced to either endless torture, eternal imprisonment, or a must brutal death -- all of which I've not only watched, but took part in myself.

I wasn't hired to kill innocent civillians, but those who betray or otherwise don't do their work for our lord? That was my second job. Those who disrespect our king deserve nothing but pain and despair, and I admit, I enjoyed giving it to them. After all...

...They're not just disrepsecting him when they speak ill of his name or his army...

...They're disrespecting me as well.

And as the next in line, that's something I will not tolerate.

A New Soldier

A new soldier arrives in the Kingdom. His name? Xero.

I stop in front of Da-Mega's throne, kneeling down in front of the God of Darkness with my head bowed low. I've been summoned to his chambers, with the reason being it's "urgent news".

I figured it had to do with either one of the servants or maybe something happening amongst the citizens, but it was even more than I thought...

"We just had a new being sent into our kingdom."

I raise my head at this, but otherwise remain in position.

Da-Mega nods and motions for me to rise, to which I obey.

"From where?" I question. Most of the time, we know right away when something emerges in our kingdom, but this one was in the outskirts -- somewhere we don't always hear about until it's too late.

Da-Mega was silent for a moment, and I watched as he turned and went toward a nearby window, his hands rolled into tight fists.

I knew what this position meant, and I knew I just made a mistake in asking...

"The Light Kingdom."

His voice was dark and filled with hatred as he said this; The Kingdom of Light was our enemy kingdom, and we hated it more than anything. It was filled with bright yellow buildings and so much light that we'd immediately fade if it touched us. The creatures there were all adorably sweet and it sickened us to our core. It was from there we got most of our meals, because while these creatures were small, cute, and cuddly, they had the freshest, the juiciest meat one could ever want, and combined with their rich blood, it was a feast fit for royalty.

The God of Light, Li-Kah, was the ruler of that kingdom, and ruled in a peaceful manner. His kingdom was made to educate, entertain, and otherwise just be the "perfect paradise" for those who happen to venture inside. No fighting, no anger, no death, no destruction...No chaos.

Just a bunch of sappy little beings sucking up to everyone they meet, and denying anything that could even be remotely seen as "vile" or "evil".

They feared us, and we are the only ones they truly despise and would gladly fight against. Even then, they'd still beg to "be freed from the conflict", something I found laughable due to our obvious fates to either take the other out or die trying.

Mortals say that the light and dark are just a way to "bring balance to the world" because "everyone has light and darkness inside them", and "it's their choice to decide which path to take". However, they also don't believe in the gods; Just the demigods and servants -- Such as myself and the Temptors, and the angelic creatures Li-Kah has under his control.

"Someone told me that this being is in reality a vengeful weapon." Da-Mega spoke again, and I go up to the window, stopping beside him, "He was from the mortal realm, and was going to be terminated due to his purpose no longer having any meaning. He killed some of his creators, yet Li-Kah took him in. He must've fallen for that 'act of self defence' excuse again. Such a fool."

I heard a low chuckle from him and smirked.

"Indeed. Perhaps the God of Light is a little...'Light headed'. Needs to leave the sun for a while."

Da-Mega glanced at me and I noticed a tiny smile on his face. Whether it was due to my attempt to mock the opposing god or the fact he had more in mind, I was about to find out.

"I want you to...Test this little weapon." he said, "He should still be around the mountains. If anything, follow the scent of dead imps. He killed an entire hoarde of them."

While I knew the imps were some of our weakest creatures, I was surprised that so many fell. They were in hoardes of around 20 to 30 each, some of them even near 50 or even 100. They were more into teasing and picking on those they met. Even some of my army's been teased by them...Until they eat their words, along with a sharp object in a counterattack.

I gave Da-Mega a low bow before flying toward the direction he told me...And right away, I could smell that scent. The scent of dead imps.

"Such a vile stench..."

The imps may had been the weakest we have in our kingdom, but their bodies have such a horrible odor, that even some of the bravest warriors would back away should they encounter one. That's when the mocking would begin, until the imps got what they deserved for using mere words and their bodies as a weapon against someone armed with something that could blast, slash, stab, or otherwise crush them in one blow.

It didn't take long until I reached the scene. Imps laid in shreds, and their blood was splattered across the ground.

A little further away, I could hear the sound of someone apparently munching on one of the bodies, and vanished as I crept closer.

The darkness hid the source almost entirely, but I saw all I needed to see, and despite the dead bodies, it was rather pathetic.

An average sized machine sat in the entrance of a cave, with a pile of imps beside him. His eyes were a bright red and sparkled in the tiny amount of light keeping him in view.

His claws were sharp and stained in blood, and his boots were also covered in stains, with bits of imp limbs stuck to their bottoms.

He had what appeared to be a muscular body, with a couple of slots hiding something deep within his chest muscles. I figured he was meant to engage against a major threat, but needed the proper work to do it -- Or for the purpose to still matter.

He stood up and gave the pile a glance, then stomped on it with one boot, rubbing them against the ground before leaving the cave.

"Such a good idea those pathetic fools had." he muttered, heading toward the kingdom, "I admit, I like the name they gave me. Zero, was it? But no, it's not good enough."

I remained hidden as I flew above him, listening to him as he continued.

"It just needs a little...Alteration." he stopped next to a mountain and raised one hand, "I think it needs a little replacement. Instead of the typical spelling...Why not...Do THIS?!"

Before I could react, he gave a quick swing of his claws, spelling out what I could only assume was his new name:


"Yes, perfect!" Xero turned and I saw a huge grin on his face, "This...Is so much better! Now I shall see what I can do to this little world. I've heard...So much about it. Let's see how strong their ruler really is!"

At this, I quickly unleashed a jolt of energy from my wings, of which was to summon the Temptors, and landed on the ground in front of Xero, revealing myself.

"A newcomer, I see." I spoke, hiding the fact I was spying on him this whole time, "What brings you to our...Glorious kingdom?"

After I finished, the Temptors all emerged around Xero, cutting off any means of escape -- Including any flight route.

"Wha-Who are you??" Xero demanded, turning around to see what's going on.

The Temptors laughed in response, before I silenced them and forged a tall, thick pillar out of Apocalyx crystals in order to tie Xero up.

"We...Are the followers of Da-Mega, God of Darkness." I replied, "But why don't you just call us...Your greeting crew?!"

Xero barely had a chance to budge before I shoved him against the pillar and long, spiked chains wrapped around his body, immobilizing him. He grunted and tried to move, but yelled out in pain as the spikes dug into his armor.

"Don't work yourself too much!" I chuckled, "We wouldn't want to see your pretty, little armor all scratched up, would we?"

The Temptors laughed again and I gave them a moment to enjoy the sight before raising my hand to silence them again.

"What are you planning?!" Xero shouted, "Release me at once!"

I walked up to him and laid a claw under his chin, then got my face into his.

"Your little demand won't be answered here." I sneered, "We don't answer to you...Light loving filth."

At this, Xero knew I had heard about his arrival, and the Temptors began to make gagging sounds as a way of mocking him. I laid my claw on his chest and ran it down toward one of the slots before digging underneath it with the tip.

"Stop it!" Xero shouted, trying to move again but stopping as the spikes sank into more of his body.

I chuckled and ripped open the slot, noticing that there was a place for missiles or rockets to be stored, then glanced up with a grin.

"It looks like someone forgot something!" I jeered, "A weapon who can't even use weapons! Such a waste!"

I showed the Temptors what I was seeing and Xero's eyes filled with tears as they began to tease him and mock him. I turned him back toward myself and noticed his expression, as well as his trying to tell us something.

I silenced the Temptors a third time, and finally, Xero cried out.

"They took away everything when they disabled me!"

One of the Temptors snickered in reply, and I hushed him before Xero continued.

"I had what I needed! I had the weapons, the ammunition! But they took them when they shut me down! I wanted to fight, I wanted to find a new purpose! But they said it had to be done! I had to be disabled! I had to lose everything!"

Soft sniffles could be heard from Xero and I knelt down before him, noticing the tears that fell down his face and onto the ground.

I admit, I almost pitied him.


"Now you have a new purpose." I straightened up and cracked my knuckles, to which the Temptors also got into position, "Your new purpose is...To be our new torture subject!!"

I raised my hands and shot out bright red sparks toward Xero, causing him to cry out in pain, before motioning for the Temptors to join in.

I could hear him yelling, begging for us to stop as he was whipped, slashed, stung, and bit in a way so brutal, one would normally be scrap in mere seconds.

However, this wasn't the case for him.

The Temptors backed away, and I see Xero still bound, breathing heavily and covered in many scars, some of which leaked with what I could only assume was his blood -- Or whatever he had as a sentient weapon.

I went up to him and grabbed his hair, then yanked his head up so he was staring directly into my eyes. Tears remained falling down his face, yet, I could sense a different emotion...A powerful anger and lust for revenge.

"I'll kill you." Xero growled, "All of you. I'll kill you!!"

The Temptors laughed at this and I smirked, getting my face into his.

"I'd love to see you try." I said softly, "Why don't you...Come get me!"

I threw his head down and backed away, swinging my arms to the side and letting dark energy emerge around my hands.

The Temptors began to chant, egging Xero to free himself, to which he struggled with all his might...And failed.

I watched as he lowered his head, his gaze still facing toward me, and I could hear him barely speaking.

"I'll...I'll show you." he grumbled, "I'll...Make you...Pay!"

Right after he said this, a loud crash sounded from behind me, and I could feel a familiar mighty presense.


I loosened my stance and stepped aside, knowing he was going to see what we were up against.

He went up to Xero, thick darkness trailing behind him, and laid a claw under his chin.

"You?" he spoke, "Li-Kah sent...You?"

Xero jerked his head away and demanded, "What do you know about me?!"

I heard a loud yell from one of the Temptors, knowing why he just got so angry, and shouted, "Stand down! He knows not who he's messing with!"

At this, he stopped and I signaled for them to back away, to which they did. I then faced Xero and crossed my arms as Da-Mega continued.

"The Guardian of Light...The Defender of Peace...Heh. The 'Mighty Hero'." his voice was filled with amusement as he said this, "Once again, that fool fell for the 'act of self defence' routine. He'll never learn. You simply killed them in a rampage, because they no longer had a purpose for you. You sought revenge and bloodshed, but no...To the God of Light...You were just a helpless, little child clinging to his superiors, begging for a shot at life. He didn't know what you were truly feeling...Until you killed some of his precious soldiers! Perhaps now he'll learn to not trust the 'fear in their eyes' when they strike down those who are simply doing their job!"

Xero's eyes filled with tears again and he began to sniffle softly, before mumbling, "They didn't care about me. They only saw me as a toy. What was I to them...But something they could toss aside?"

I saw strings of darkness flowing into Xero's body and glanced at Da-Mega. His power was clearly being absorbed by Xero, but I wasn't sure if he was aware.

Da-Mega turned his head toward me and nodded, reading my thoughts. I gave him a slight nod back before looking back at Xero, of whom was shaking violently in his restraints.

"They thought they could use me! When they disabled me, I lost everything! But even that foolish God of Light didn't see my true purpose! I'm going to kill them! All of them!"

His head shot up sharply and his eyes glowed with a fiery aura as he then added,

"But first...I'm going to kill you!"

Suddenly, Xero made a fast attempt to escape his bonds and nearly succeeded, but was quickly given another restraint from Da-Mega, of whom sneered at his increasing anger.

"I'll make you a deal." Da-Mega spoke, his voice surprisingly calm despite the threat and near escape of our target, "If you can survive this torture with your life in tact, you may fight anyone you choose."

The Temptors looked at each other, then turned toward him quickly as he then added, "Including myself."

"My lord--!" one of them spoke, to which Da-Mega gave a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry about it. He can't fight against all of us at once. Plus he'd be a fool to challenge the God of Darkness himself!"

Before anyone could speak, Da-Mega signaled to me and I went up to Xero, cracking my knuckles with a soft chuckle.

"Hold still." I lunged at Xero with one hand and grabbed his neck, before letting a large jolt of red electricity into his body.

Xero yelled out in pain and I could feel him trying to escape, to which I slammed my loose hand against his arm, striking it against the shard as an attempt to break his armor.

I grinned at the obvious despair and grief in his eyes and stopped my attack for a moment, noticing thick clouds of smoke emerging from between his body and limbs.

"Aw, done so soon?" I mocked, "Can't even handle a little jolt from a mere demigod?"

The Temptors began to laugh and jeer once again, and I remained holding onto Xero's neck, my claws digging into his armor.

"Such a shame you won't be around much longer." I got my face into his and sniffed the smoke seething from his mouth, "But I'll tell your precious god...How you failed even US!"

More laughter, and I unleashed another round of bolts into Xero's body, before throwing him back and onto the ground. I continued my assault and flew up to him, stomping on him with one boot repeatedly, as the Temptors released their own attacks from afar.

I could feel Da-Mega's stare the longer we continued and knew that he was enjoying every second...But suddenly, I felt tension coming from him.

I gave Xero a final, powerful kick, sending him close to the Temptors, and could hear soft sounds coming from him.

Before I could react, Xero growled and I noticed him breaking free from his restraints, before the shard shattered and he let out a loud yell.

"Get back!" I ordered the Temptors, but it was too late.

Xero gripped the restraints firmly in his hands, not caring about the spikes that dug into them, and whipped one of them forward, striking one of the Temptors in the face. He then swung at another, who dodged most of it, but was struck in the leg as he whipped it again.

I watched as he began to strangle another and could see the glee in his eyes as he got payback on those who just hurt him. Despite this being an act of revenge, I was more angry that the Temptors were being beaten so easily.

In mere moments, Xero had injured the Temptors to the point where all I could do was send them back with a swing of my arm so they could recover. He then turned toward me and tried the same tactics, but I immediately took hold of the restraints and ripped them from his hands, unleashing giant bolts into them that caused them to disintegrate.

"You thought you could beat me the same way you did them?!" I shouted, "I'll --"

Xero stomped past me, his fists clenched in rage, before heading toward Da-Mega, of whom had his arms crossed with pride. He gave a swift swing of his fist, but was knocked back by the God of Darkness and giant bolts shot from his body, knocking him out instantly.

Da-Mega glanced at me, gave another light nod, and picked Xero up before vanishing with me by his side.

I knew at this time that we were going to work with Xero, to help him gain enough power...

And as the head leader of Da-Mega's army, I was in charge of just that.


Xero's work in the army had been ongoing for mere weeks, and he's slowly becoming more obediant. However, he still deems himself far better than the other soldiers, despite still being in training.

I watch as he worked from afar, analyzing his situations, and finishing his second to final test of becoming an official soldier.

Surprisingly, he passed. And it was a perfect run.

I motioned for him to come to me, to which he does, and stare him down as he salutes me.

"You did a perfect job." I speak, "In fact, you're the second soldier to have done this."

Xero smirked and raised an eyebrow at me as he crossed his arms.

"I'm assuming the other was you, right, General?" he retorted.

Despite the cocky tone, I nodded and smirked back.

"Yes. And don't you forget it."

Xero snorted and I dismissed him with a wave of my hand, to which he then marched off. I knew he was heading back to the barracks and went into my chamber in the military base, then created a vision portal to watch what he'd do next.

His encounters were usually the same; He'd enter the barracks, boast about his latest training session, and be greeted with a mocking "guess the Xero is trying to be a Hero", something that I found amusing, but obviously, Xero did not in the slightest.

I sat in my chair before laying my boots on a control panel nearby, waiting for the usual routine to happen.

The usual did happen. Xero came in, bragged about his perfect run, before having the "Xero the Hero" comment made for the who-knows-how-many-th time...

...But that's when the usual stopped.

Xero lunged at the soldier who made the remark, grabbing their neck and pinning them against the wall. He raised one hand and flashed his claws, then ran them againt their face, allowing thick blood to flow from the left over scars.

"I've been putting up with your little remark for too long." Xero growled, "Now, I've had enough!"

The soldier whimpered as his claws were removed from their face and laid against the wall, blood dripping from them and onto its hard surface.

Xero smirked and scraped his claws against the wall, causing the other soldiers to cringe and back away from him. I couldn't help but chuckle at their reactions, considering that they'd have to face me as a final test...And my claws were my signature weapons while they always resorted to something large and so easy to scratch.

"Not so tough now, are you?" Xero snarled, stopping with his hand next to the soldier's head, "But it's not like you were before. You always waited for us to be alone before insulting me...You always had to have your little gang of friends beside you. Now look at them; They're cowering before me, the pathetic, little Xero! None of you knew what I could become, and now that I've only my final test remaining, I'll make sure you watch as I crush it in one fell swoop!"

He threw the soldier aside, to which they scrambled to get away, before they all fled the barracks.

Xero snorted and scratched some letters onto the wall, smiling at the blood that remained in the marks, then got into his bed and crossed one leg over the other proudly with his hands now behind his head.

"Heh, how I await my final test." I heard him mutter, "No matter what it is...I will prove to them that I'm not just some fool they can pick on. No. I'm the one who will crush them if they get in my way!"

His eagerness was admirable, and I almost wanted to inform him at this moment that it was time, but in reality, it was time to be finishing up with military work.

I swung my hand across the vision, causing it to fade, before standing up and heading toward the door, but someone came in and stood in my way.

"Hm? What is it, Envy?" I questioned, knowing right away it had to be one of the Temptors - and that Envy was always the messenger.

"You've been given orders to stay here, sir." he replied with a low bow, "Due to the final test for Trooper #000 being tomorrow, you need some extra long rest. King Da-Mega did send food your way, and don't worry, he made sure Gluttony didn't eat any."

I nodded and said, "Of course. I should've known. Do give the king my gratitude for the feast. I'll be sure to not fail him."

Envy nodded before vanishing, and I turned toward the control panel, noticing a plate with an enormous stack of meat on it.

No wonder why he couldn't let Gluttony have it.

The meat was the richest, most tender of all the kingdom, and it was for special occasions such as this. Not many soldiers pass these tests, much less with flying colors like myself and Xero, and while they can still become a soldier without passing the final test, it's more tasking for them to climb the ranks.

The soldiers Xero encountered were mostly those exact ones. All of them still have no actual rank, and are mostly just known as "Troopers", the lowest rank in our military aside from "Soldier-in-Training". They're not our best, but still exceled in certain tests, such as weapons training and stealth tactics. While they have their position in combat, such as "Pilot" or "Navigator", their army rank remains completely different.

I could sense that Xero would become more than a mere Trooper...Unless he decided to not obey commands. Then he'd simply be referred to as "Dead". But due to ruthless training and possible programming to obey certain attack orders, he actually succeeded in making it this far. I had to admit, I was super eager to find out his test results...And considering how I always went all out against others in these tests, he'd better be quick, or he still has that chance to be dead.

Xero Power

My powers become one with Xero, and I can nearly control him. His wrath fuels him greatly.

Xero failed to defeat me in his test, but unlike the other soldiers, he still climbed the ranks with sheer power alone.

I inform Da-Mega of the latest accomplishment, and he replies with some important information:

"It's time. His initiation as your second-in-command shall commense on the next day."

I finish our conversation with a salute, and shut off the communication device, before Envy yells in shock from nearby.

"My lord! What will happen to me?? Will he replace me?!"

I lower my head into one hand with a sigh. Clearly he forgot that his role in the army is different from his role as a personal servant for the millionth time...

"I've told you so many times...And yet you keep forgetting...Your position in the army is NOT the same as your position amongst the Temptors!" I tried to keep my composure, but quite frankly, every time Xero earned a new position, Envy always commented and demanded to know what would happen next, and it was annoying, "Even if you had a position in the army, it would be far from second-in-command...With your lack of strength, you'd barely be past a mere Trooper!"

Envy ran up to me at this and I could hear him breathing heavily, clearly still in a panic - if simply not stressed over what I just said. He gripped my shoulder, clearly trying to prove something to me, and began to whimper pitifully.

"B-But I've been doing so much more..!" he protested, still urging me to give him a chance, "Just look! Look at this!"

Before I could bother turning toward him, Envy shifted into his serpent form, before increasing in size. His head nearly touched the ceiling and I noticed that his hard work had earned him a new form.

"See?" his voice was deeper and a long, serpentine tongue flicked from his mouth as he spoke, "I gained this new power! Soon, I should be able to grow even more!"

I gave him a slight glance, before he switched back to normal, and laid a hand on his head.

"You only gained that form due to my work with Xero." I gave his head a light shove, to which he seemed to enjoy the attention, "But still, a little bit of congratulations are in order. Take this."

I flicked my hand, to which a small emerald badge appeared in the palm, before giving it to Envy, of whom squealed at the sight.

"Thank you, my lord!" Envy pinned the badge to his shirt sleeve and bowed before me, "I won't let this go to waste!"

I sighed as he kissed my boots repeatedly, before giving him a light tap and motioning for him to step aside. He obeys and then proceeds to stare at me with a huge grin on his face.

"Go fetch Xero and bring him to me." I spoke, to which the grin immediately faded from Envy's face, "He must learn about his promotion so he can prepare himself."

Envy stood in place for a moment, but after being given a sharp glare, saluted me and dashed out the base.

I went up to a window and peered out of it, noticing the other soldiers finishing their duties, and chuckled at the sight. I crossed my arms and remembered all the work I had to go through long ago - including being led by a most brutal leader before he was able to retire...But perished before he could enjoy his life away from the kingdom.

"I'm still leading the army to greatness." I muttered, "Even though you hated the kingdom and Lord Da-Mega, I am not forgetting my promise to you."

A knock on the door sounded, and I finished before giving my hand a wave, opening it.

"I'll never forget your guidance...De'Zalon."

Envy entered the room, followed closely by Xero, and his stare told me that he heard my last sentence.

He opened his mouth to speak, but I gave him a light nod, silencing him, before he stepped aside and Xero saluted me.

"You summoned me, General?" Xero's stance was befitting his future position, and I could sense his eagerness to take on anything, despite not knowing what was going on.

I nodded at him, allowing him to ease up, before giving him the news.

"Your past accomplishments have become known to King Da-Mega. He is hosting a ceremony for your last postition: As my second-in-command."



Hero to Xero...THE TRAITOR! Our kingdom is under attack and I must be the one who stops him!




Let your anger take over...Let it become your only emotion...

My host has awakened, and he is ready. I am a mere shadow, watching over him from within his mind, and seeing everything he does.

He stands before his lord, gazing upon him as he gives his speech, then being sworn in as a member of the army he controls.

His lord warns him of what could happen if he failed to prove his worth: If he gave up or betrayed him, he would be terminated without any questions.

In my case, that would destroy me as well. After all, it is I who really makes my host who he is. The army was just a bonus, and his lord gave me life when he created his latest soldier. But I and I alone will be the one who truly gives him power.

"Forget him. Focus on one thing: Making a name for yourself."

My host acts on this and immediately goes to see the rest of the army. He enters the barracks and introduces himself.

Their reaction? Well, it depended on the soldier. Some were scared due to his appearance -- His eyes were piercing and already filled with power, and he bared eight sharp claws, four on each hand. Smoke could be seen coming from his mouth as he awaited a response.

Others laughed at him. His name to them was a joke, and they were way bulkier than he was. Most of them made sarcastic remarks such as "Good luck surviving extreme situations" and insulted him by claiming that "he wouldn't last a second during training".

One of them in particular came up to him and jeered about how he was close to a promotion due to his skills in combat, and my host wouldn't catch up in years.

"Strike him."

My host lunged swiftly at this and slammed the soldier against the wall, pressing his hand against his neck. His claws wrapped around him and dug into the wall, leaving long scratches as they scraped through the rough metal.

The soldier stared back fearfully, completely surprised that a newcomer could be this intimidating. My host held him in place and I could feel his joy toward the whimpering coming from the once-boastful machine.

"Let's have some fun."

My body began to grow the longer he acted on my commands, and I smirked, knowing that I was becoming stronger.

"Give him...Some pain."

The soldier could barely speak as my host raised his other hand and scraped a claw against the wall beside his head. I chuckled as he shuddered fearfully, enjoying the torment we were giving him.

My host continued down toward his shoulder with his claw, but never released our target. We chuckled in unison and I spoke again, this time allowing my words to escape his mouth.

"You're nothing. Nothing...But a piece of filth. You will never become like me."

My host threw the soldier to the side, then faced the others and flashed his claws before speaking again.

"That will be you if you dare try to insult me."

They glanced at the soldier behind him, noticing his terrified position right away, and quickly stepped aside as my host left the building, his claws scraping the floor. I noticed their gazes switch to the long marks left over and chuckled before giving my host a new job.

"It's time. The first round of training...Begins now."

He walked toward a machine that was used for practicing various techniques and it immediately reacted by firing lasers toward him. At this point, I sat back and watched as he did what he had to do, helping him every once in a while.

My job had nothing to do with his training or lack thereof. I was just his..."Emotional support", so to speak. His tactics in battle would have nothing to do with me -- Unless I gave him the idea.

He charged forward, swinging at incoming blasts with great speed, and I figured he'd already prevail...

...Until he was too close to react on time.

A blast struck his arm, and he began to lose focus on his goal. Another shot struck his chest, and he flinched before more blasts ran into him, striking all over his upper body.

He fell onto the ground, barely holding himself up, and the machine stopped firing as if it knew it had won.

"Pathetic." I grumble. "And you say you're a soldier."

My host stood up slowly and stumbled away, mumbling to himself and holding one arm, of which was covered in small blast burns. I felt my power growing stronger the longer he continued, and knew I would only improve from there...

Your rage...How I love its flame. It burns bright with desire, and I will be the one who fuels it every chance I get.


Your skills are perfect. You don't need anyone else...Only me.

Tests were successful, battles were won.

My host proved himself more than worth anyone's time. It was they who had to prove themselves worth his time.

He walked along the neighborhood outside the kingdom, and many citizens stood at attention, honoring his position. He was a leader, and they knew it.

His gaze reflected on his stature; He gained what he wanted, and he was proud of what he's done. What others thought meant nothing to him. If they complained that he destroyed something in the process, he'd simply smirk and threaten to do the same to them.

I made him this way. I made him the "arrogant butthead" they see before them. But I also took pride in my work. This made him strong, much stronger than those sniveling cowards they refer to as "his army". He didn't need them, and to me, they were all just living scratching posts, ready to request that he "took care of an itch".

Not everyone saw him as arrogant, however. His lord still praises him for conquering other worlds in his name...Something I want changed. I want my host to conquer worlds for himself. Who was this "Dark Lord" -- of whom had a very soft side -- to judge one's strength? What has he done besides kill the original God of Darkness and claim this world as his own?

One word: Nothing.

He even decided to make a truce with his greatest enemies -- All because one of his followers seemingly killed one of the enemy's kind! That was our true purpose: To cover the universe in darkness and pain. But when this event happened, his follower backed down in shame! And to make things worse, the enemy survived...AND struck back!

My host hated this just as much as I did...Maybe because I gave him those feelings...And acted on them, attempting to finish what the other fool couldn't. But he failed as well, and we had to back down because the "Great Lord" said so. How pathetic.

Despite this supposed truce, the enemy still saw us as a threat -- namely, the proclaimed "God of Light". And for someone with a good heart, he always grew angry when we encountered him.

My host analyzed him long ago. His name was Electro, and he was formerly king of his home world before we came and destroyed it, sending him into another realm. He and his husband ruled the new realm, a realm so sickeningly bright, it irritated my vision more than anything. As a being who thrives in darkness, I didn't dare accompany my host in that horrible place, not even from within his mind.

I was always able to see their encounters from my own sanctuary, my own world of darkness. My host won some, Electro won most. I admit, this pathetic waste of Light energy had battle prowess...For a sap.

My host took pride in his own abilities, and he managed a few surprising wins. But we'd always lose in the end, partially to being yelled at for breaking our truce...Which my host and I never agreed to.

Both gods were in reality...A couple of weak fools. Love? Compassion? Mercy? What a waste...

I had to do something about this...Terribly.

My powers began to take over my host, and I was able to control his mind.

"We'll show them."

My body fused with his and I raised my arm, of which was encasing his in dark shadows.

"All of them."

His body was completely covered by my darkness and I took a step forward, his movements being controlled completely.

"The sappy gods...The pathetic worlds they rule..."

I extended my claws, taking a few more steps, and they scraped the ground.

"The ones who serve them...And the universe..."

A sly smirk forms on my face, and we chuckle softly in unison.

"They will serve us...They will...Serve me."


Our attempts failed, and now, he knows the real extent of my power.


I attempted to kill him. Multiple times.

That sappy ruler of darkness, and his little husband...The kingdom...

I tried to crush them all.

My efforts almost succeeded, but somehow, those fools were always able to defeat me while enfused with my host.

And my host would be brought back to life, while I was temporarily wiped from his mind.

To know how much they cared about him, despite his being the host of a dangerous threat...

...Oh, how I pity them.

But, all the more reason to give them grief. I knew their own pride was going to be their downfall.

And their...Precious soldier...Was going to be the one who kills them...

...Under the command of the most powerful demigod in existence.


I am the only one you fear. I am the one you hate to see at night...

I decided it's about time for me to have fun by myself.

Sometimes, I invade his dreams, other times, I wander the kingdom in which he lives.

After all, I enjoy the dark, and it serves me. It's only right I show my appreciation.

The kingdom in particular is somewhere I know personally. It was my home during the reign of Da-Mega, the original God of Darkness...Before this fool killed him and forced us to retreat during his onslaught.

My henchmen and I found a new world, and I ruled as it's king, before being requested to give myself to a new soldier as a power source.

This new god knew who we were and what we did. He knew of the Temptors, along with their ruler, the Temptlord...And he recruited us as a test for his latest soldiers, to test their loyalty.

After that, we were never the same. I was no longer the Temptlord, I no longer had my own kingdom...

I was no longer myself.

My henchmen forgot my name. They only see my host, and I no longer exist to them. I am always known by an uncreative alias, such as the one I have while sharing a life with my host: Dark Xac.

I hated it. I hated this horrible name. I hated how I became a mere tool. I hated how my own servants forgot me.

...Yet, the fear I give this kingdom and its citizens amuses me.

Only my host and his lord can physically see me. Everyone else? Clueless.

All they can see are the marks left from my claws scraping everything they touch. They see the bright, red sparks and hear their delightful screech as I pass through.

And that's all it takes for them to panic.

I could stand right in front of someone, scratching words into the wall, and all they see are sudden marks forming, and sparks flying. They don't see the shadow before them, laughing at their fear.

Because of this, they can only imagine my appearance...And all of them are dead wrong.

Despite being truly connected to my host's mind, I can analyze and read the thoughts of others...More specifically those who at least saw what remained of my passing through.

I can give them horrible dreams, dreams so terrifying that they don't sleep for weeks due to fear. Most end up being the same, but others become...A little more special.

Of course, my host has the scariest of them all. He's had his fair share of sleepless nights, and his fear of looking weak keeps him from informing his lord about them.

And this time...I'm going to give him the most horrifying dream of all. I will give him his worst nightmare...And I will enjoy it.


He stands in a dark room, and he recognizes it as a place from another world.

However, he has no idea that I held data on his lord's true home world...And this room was one of those places. In fact, this was where he was created.

Many blueprints hang on the wall, showcasing various experiments. But the one that meant the most...

...Was on a huge blackboard farther away.

The board had a concept for a new creation, but despite it being used from a memory of the past, it had the current appearance of the Dark Lord...Along with the name he currently used.

My host wandered this room, gazing at everything around him...

...Then saw the concept for his lord in front of him.

This alone caused him to question everything, but I wasn't done yet. I stared him down from the shadows, watching as he turned away, then scraped my claws against the board, causing him to turn back around sharply.

"Surprised?" I chuckled.

He stared me down, noticing the long marks that streaked across the drawing on the board, but didn't speak.

"Tell me...Did you know about him?" I asked, pointing at the board, "Did you know...About his past?"

He still didn't respond. I noticed him looking back at the drawing before reading the name written beside it, along with the supposed intentions.

"He wasn't meant to be a god." I raised my hand and touched the board with my claws again, "This was his true purpose: To become a weapon in order to serve the mortal race! But to me...He was meant to be destroyed!"

My host backed away as I scraped my claws against the board again, and tried to hide his fear toward the earsplitting screech that sounded from them. Once I removed my hand from it, the board caught fire, quickly followed by the room in which we stood.

"The one you serve...He knows our potential. He knows what we can do! It's time we crushed him, and all who oppose us! This world we live in...The kingdom...Everything...Should be crushed, and we should rule it all!"

He tried to reply, but couldn't. I walked toward him, smirking at his fearful face, and laid a hand on his head.

"He never told you about his true origins, did he?" I stroked his head with a claw before running them down his armor, "The one you trusted...He lied to you. I know...Because he wiped everything from his mind -- Something he denied you access to. However, he didn't forget everything."

He shudders as my claws tapped against the back of his head and I got my face into his.

"And how do I know this? I've existed...For way longer than either of you. I've been around...Since the beginning of time. After his entering the world of darkness, he and I began to find out more about each other...Including my being second-in-command to Da-Mega himself!"

At this, he finally speaks up, and despite his trying to regain bravery, his voice was uncertain...Yet, what he said surprised me...

"You lie."

I released him at this and despite my lingering shock, chuckled in response before smirking at him.

"Oh? You think so?" I raised one hand and flexed my claws, causing the darkness to change my form, "Why don't you...Ask him yourself?!"

Before he could react, my body changed into the form of his lord. A shadowy wisp of hair formed from my head and my armor turned into a strong, muscular figure just like the one he serves. Thick boots formed on my feet and my mouth formed into a thick lower jaw with large fangs. The only thing that remained the same were my claws, of which I always have in tact, no matter the form I take, and I swung them into the floor, digging into the hard material with ease.

He leaps back as bright, red flames erupted from the marks left over, and I went through them, unaffected by the intense heat.

"Yes, I knew him." I spoke, the voice of his lord fusing with my own, "We were both soldiers in the Dark army, and could take down any opponent. However...I was the one Da-Mega trusted most, and I became head General of the army. Your precious lord didn't stand a chance...He was weak, still tormented by his past, and still fighting the lingering light inside his soul. His thirst for revenge became his source of power, and I was able to amplify it with ease -- Just by using the Temptors, all of whom obeyed me. His wrath is what made him who he was going to become, and for a while...I alone pulled the strings. However, I didn't expect him to turn against us...And use my given strength for his own purposes."

I swung one hand to the side, and visions of the attack on Da-Mega played in the flames.

My host watched in silence as many loud screams sounded, along with the victorious laughter from the one who took my life away...And I saw him smiling the entire time.

This angered me. Because of this weapon gone wrong, I lost everything...But to him, he gained it all.

The army, the kingdom, the position of power...He earned them due to this incident, and I'm stuck as a sidekick in his pathetic life. Only when his emotions came to be, could I use them to my advantage. Otherwise, all I could do was wait for him.

Why did he get what I had? Why did he get to reveal himself while I was hidden from plain sight?

Why did I have to give myself up for this traitorous lord?!

I slammed my hand into the visions, sending flames flying in all directions, and stomped toward him, growing taller the further I went. My claws ripped through the floor and more flames erupted from the remaining marks, before I flung some toward him.

"You don't know what I've been through! It's because of him I'm stuck with this pain! It's because of him I am no longer myself! It's because of him I lost everything!"

The form of his lord began to detach from myself, and it decreased in size while I remained towering above everything. I saw my host staring at the motionless figure, jumping back again as I shoved it to the floor.

The impact of the body hitting the floor shook the area and I glared down at it before stomping on its chest hard, crushing it to tiny pieces. It was at this I noticed my host growing scared.

"He took what I had! I was a mighty soldier, leader of a powerful army...And look what's become of me. I was next in line if Da-Mega was defeated...I would've taken the throne! But when he came along and killed him, he didn't just take my position...He took my army as well!"

He jumped back again as I swung down toward what remained of the body's head, smashing it, then tried to protest, but couldn't get any words to come out.

I turned away, staring into the flames, then spoke again.

"He made us retreat. The army was powerful, but he killed them...All of them. The only survivors were myself and the Temptors. But after seeing what he could do, we couldn't stay, and snuck out while he was still continuing his onslaught. My home was no more...And he took over immediately, claiming that anyone who ventured in would be destroyed."

I glared up at the sky, then raised my hands toward the world in which laid the kingdom. Dark beams shot from my claws and wrapped around it, to which my anger was replaced with smug confidence.

"Now, it's my turn...To crush everything he has." I began to roll my fingers into fists, to which the beams began to tighten around the kingdom, "I'm going to destroy him...And everything he took from me."

I heard my host running toward me after I said this and gave the floor a hard stomp, causing a huge wall of fire to erupt between us. I could then hear him pleading over the roaring fire and laughed.

"What you want...Means nothing to me." my claws were nearly touching and the beams were so constricted, the kingdom could be seen crumbling into nothingness, "This world...No longer matters to me. Now...It's gone!!"

I close my fingers into tight fists, to which the beams wrap around the kingdom with such incredible force, the entire world explodes, and the only remains were thick clouds of smoke...


My host awakens from his slumber and I noticed his claws tearing through the couch he laid on as he sat up sharply. I can tell from his heavy breathing that the nightmare frightened him to the extent where he wanted to inform his lord about it more than anything.

I can only chuckle to myself as he ponders what to do, and head out to be alone.

It's a shame you can't tell him, isn't it? Because if you do, you'll be exposing me...

...And exposing me...

...Is threatening yourself as well.


Those who are weak...Those who don't obey...Crush them. Crush them all.

I wander the kingdom alone, remembering what I've gone through.

I can still hear the frightened screams from my army as they're struck down, I can hear the citizens' pleas for someone to save them before they're crushed against the ground.

I can still see him towering above everything, crushing buildings underneath his boots. I can hear his vile laughter and mocking voice as he taunted everyone for their weakness. I can see his claws ripping through everything they touch, and the remains of both living and material things...

These thoughts, these images...They continue to haunt me after all this time. I can't escape them, I can't ignore them...

I want to stop them.

I wouldn't be able to kill the one who caused me this pain, but I could remind him of what he did. I can bring back visions of who I was before this betrayal.

And I was going to do just that.


It's time for everyone to sleep, and I know even the great Dark Lord had to go to bed.

His castle is guarded, but due to their inability to see me, I was able to sneak around and fly around the walls before reaching the tower in which his room was located.

He laid in bed, sound asleep, and I chuckled before passing through the walls and stopping beside his head. I made sure no one was around -- especially his husband, due to his ability to sense others nearby -- before raising one hand and dripping dark shadows from my claws onto his face.

He mumbled and shuddered in reply, but never woke up. I smirked before leaving his room and venturing back to the world I once ruled. If he found that I was around, he'd do everything to stop me.

I could sense him still sleeping from my world and stopped before my throne, of which still remained after so long. I sat on the throne and created a vision portal, showcasing my past, then a vision bubble showcasing his reactions. I was going to enjoy this show.

Before I could begin my process, I felt someone emerging from behind, and I knew who it was.

"My lord...You've returned."

I watched as one of my henchmen came out from behind my throne and bowed before me.

"It's been so long. We've been worried about you."

His voice was filled with concern, yet joy that he's seeing me again, and I motion for him to rise.

Yet, I couldn't help but wonder...How did he suddenly remember me?

"I'm afraid I've only returned...For a little while." I replied, "I'm still stuck...With him."

He turned toward the image and saw who I was referring to, then faced me, his eyes glowing red.

"The Traitor!" he growled, "He still lives!"

I gestured for him to come closer to me, then lay a hand on his shoulder as I reply.

"For now, Envy." I flicked a claw, sending a stream of shadows into the slumbering lord's mind, "But he won't...Once I'm through with him."

Envy watches as the visions began to play within our foe's mind, and I held my hands together as I focused on entering it. I felt myself vanishing slowly, before I seemed to reemerge in the vision...As my true self.

Despite this being within a dream, I felt glee wearing my usually spiked, Nightchrome armor, having thick, spiked boots covering my feet, and relishing the curved horns on my head. My current life stripped me of this amazing appearance and gave me basic shadow armor, something I hated from the start.

I raised my hands and gazed at my claws, flexing them as I admired the armor on them, of which was also taken when I became Dark Xac. I remembered the powers they held within, from extendable spikes to the ability to drain energy from anything they touched.

All this power...Stolen.

I gazed up and knew what I was going to do.

Now, I make him pay...Dearly!

I laughed and headed toward my defenseless foe, of whom was clueless about the horror he was about to go through. The darkness was my ally once again, and it aided my sneak attack.

By the time he realized I was nearby, it was too late. I swung at him with my claws, knocking him onto the ground, and laid a boot on his chest, grinning at the surprised expression on his face.

"Did I surprise you?" I chuckled, making sure he couldn't budge.

He tried to get up, but couldn't. He then tried to grab my boot and loosen my stance, which also failed.

"Wh-Who are you..? What...Do you want..?"

His voice was filled with fear, and it was amusing. I could see the nervous stare, I could feel him trembling under my boot, and I enjoyed it.

"Oh, you don't remember?" I asked mockingly, "How could you forget me...The one who...Led the Dark Army?!"

He stared back in response, but didn't reply. He tried to get up again, but I leaned toward him, pressing him down harder.

"Ah, of course...You wiped me from your memory, didn't you?" I lowered a claw toward his neck and tapped his armor lightly, "Tell me...How does it feel...To forget the ones you hurt? How does it feel...To forget your betrayal? How does it feel...To be reminded of these things? To hear someone say what you did..? To know...What they went through?!"

My claw swiped through his neck and I noticed that he may be recalling these events. I removed my boot from his chest and picked him up by the chin, my gaze never leaving his.

"I guess I never truly left your memories, did I?" I ran my loose hand's claws against the side of his head before stroking his hair, "How could I, after all we've been through? I do have an unforgettable face, don't I? Yet...Do you remember my name..?"

He glanced up toward my claws, of which were still running through his hair, and raised one hand to reach for my arm, but I released my grip and held him with dark energy while pacing around him.

"Come now, surely you know!" I stopped beside him and stuck a claw back into his hair, then twirled it lightly, "You couldn't forget...The next in line!"

After I said this, I gave the hair around my claw a harsh pull and he jumped before suddenly speaking.

"T-T-Temptlord?!" his voice was filled with terror as he spoke my name, "H-How did you...Survive..?"

I realized at this that he may be fighting back his true thoughts, but chuckled in response, deciding to toy with him instead.

"I never died." I walked around him again, scraping my claws against the ground, "Not physically, at least. But the agony you gave me...It destroyed me emotionally. You see, I was so eager to gain the throne, to become the next God of Darkness...And Da-Mega himself was awaiting this moment with just as much anticipation, if not even more. He kept telling me that the time would soon come, and he would grant me his supreme power...But then, you betrayed him and stole what he had -- As well as what I was going to receive."

He glances down at the long marks left from my claws and notices the red sparks coming from within, then tries to speak, but can't come up with anything to say.

"The destruction you wrought, the deaths of my fellow soldiers...Everything you did tore me apart." I stopped walking again and looked down at one hand's claws, "I wanted to save them, but I couldn't. After the downfall of Da-Mega, you were already the new God of Darkness...And had claimed that power as your own. I wouldn't have stood a chance. But now...I can bring forth your total destruction!!"

The energy surrounding him began to glow with tiny, red sparks and I thrust my hand inside, causing my claws to seemingly scrape the clouds that shrouded around him. I could hear him grunting before yelling in pain as I began to absorb his energy -- along with his power.

The clouds raced toward my arms and I could feel myself growing stronger. My arms grew bulkier and thick muscles could be seen between my body armor and the armor that covered the lower half of my arms.

My armor also grew thicker, and the markings on them began to increase in amount, forming into various jagged shapes. The slight sounds of scratches on metal filled the air as they began to take form of what appeared to be a monsterous face on my chest, complete with a large, snarling mouth filled with long, sharp teeth.

More armor formed around my legs, and sharp spikes formed on the outsides opposite of each other. Four jagged blades pierced through the back, two on both legs. More markings formed on them as well, this time, appearing like threatening claw marks.

My claws grew even longer than before, and the armor on my wrists formed into sharp blades that could retract. I thrust my loose hand into the ground, digging through with my claws, and absorbed the last of his power before the clouds began to turn into a light fog, still sparking a little.

He began to breathe heavily as he gazed at my improved form, and I could sense his fear.

I gave my fingers a light flick, removing the fog and bringing him slightly closer, then got my face into his.

"The pain you just felt...Is nothing compared to what I went through." I growled, "But don't worry; I'm about to give you that exact same feeling...As I crush your entire world!"

He shook his head quickly and tried to speak again as I took him into his world, then watched as I absorbed more darkness, of which increased my size to the point I was looming over his castle completely.

"This sight should be familiar to you. It should bring you joy, shouldn't it?" I glanced at him, smirking at his terrified expression, "Or it would...If it was you...Doing THIS!"

I swung a hand down, smashing a few nearby buildings with ease, and heard him pleading for me to stop.

"Aw, what's wrong?" I mocked, looming over a few more buildings, "Can't handle...A little destruction?!"

He cried out again as I stomped onto the buildings, crushing them underneath my boot, and ran their remains against the ground.

"Please! Stop! I-I beg of you..!" He tried to take a hold of my arm, despite his tiny size compared to my massive increase, "It's not them you want! I-It's me!"

I laughed at this and walked through the kingdom, crushing and kicking down anything that stood in my way, then stopped in front of his castle.

"That's where you're wrong. I want all of you. I want all of you gone." I raised one hand and flicked my claws, to which they began to spark with energy, "After what you did...I wanted to destroy everything you stole from me. Everything you gained, everything you built...Everything you achieved. I wanted to crush all of them. Your army, your kingdom...They must all fall before me. And now, I will finally get what I want...While you lose it all!"

Large jolts of red lightning shot from my claws and ripped through the kingdom, causing the ground to crumble underneath the buildings before bright, red flames erupted, setting them ablaze.

He cried out again, and I heard him sobbing uncontrollably at the sight of the flames.

"No! Please...Don't do this..!" He gripped me as tightly as he could, to which I swung him away with ease, "I-I'll do anything! Just...Don't cause any more damage..! I-I can't..!"

I chuckled at his frightened tone and replied, "Why? I'm simply returning the favor! You did this to me first...Don't you remember?!"

He shook his head and whimpers, "No...I didn't. I-I didn't come after you...I--"

"Because I escaped." I cut in, "While you were busy with your little killing spree, I took what henchmen I had left and fled this world! Do you think you'd actually spare me if I begged you to?! Do you think I'd be able to convince you to stop the destruction?! No, this is what you wanted...And now, it's what I want! But unlike you, I'm going to wipe out everything, living and material, and this little kingdom shall cease to exist!"

I shot more lightning toward his castle, igniting it with bright sparks, and watched as it crumbled to the ground.

Despite this sight, he suddenly grew silent. I could only hear him whimpering and sobbing as he fell onto his knees, holding his face in his hands.

I gave my arm a powerful swing, sending out a shockwave that struck remaining buildings and shattered them into rubble, before hearing him speaking softly between sniffles.

"No...I-I shouldn't have...I shouldn't have...Betrayed them."

I kept him nearby as I walked through the ruins, not caring about the sounds of crunching metal underneath my boots.

"I...I shouldn't have...Betrayed him."

Some soldiers from below try to strike me, but a stomp from my boot finishes them off.

"I...Shouldn't have...Betrayed you."

I set another tall building on fire before turning toward him, noticing his sorrowful gaze.

"You're so right." I snarled, "If you hadn't used me the way you did, I could be the God of Darkness and you could be alive, and under my control! But no, you had to gain more power, turn against the world who gave you strength...Kill the ruler who made you stronger...And terrorize those who welcomed you to their home! All of this...Is because of you. And because of your own selfish desires...You will die."

I raised my hands and surrounded him in an orb of red electricity, before striking him multiple times and laughing at his pleas for mercy...


I emerge back in my world and notice right away that the dream is affecting him greatly. He stirs and whines in his sleep before suddenly waking up with a loud yell.

I chuckle and watch as he sits up quickly, breathing heavily, and glance at Envy, of whom is grinning at the scene.

We watch as he gets out of bed and heads toward a window quickly, knowing that he's checking to see if his kingdom is still around, then heaves a heavy sigh and lowers his head.

"T...Temptlord..." he whispers, "H...How..?"

Envy looks at me, the grin growing wider, and I chuckle again before waving my hand, removing the visions from sight.

"It's only a matter of time." I turn away from the window and head back to my throne, "These visions...Shall drive him to the brink of insanity...And that's when I strike...In my true glory!"

Envy bows as I sit back in my throne and asks, "How will you do that, my lord?"

I scrape my claws together and chuckled with a smirk.

"That's for me to know and for him to find out." I reply, "But trust me. I plan on getting back what we lost...And gaining even more!"

I laughed and raised my hands into the air, absorbing bits of darkness into my body, then lowered them and grinned smugly.

Just you wait, "My Lord", your time will soon come...

But when you find out who I really am...

It'll be too late!


Your losses tear you apart, don't they..? What you've done...Wasn't up to your standards.

My host has been given another task, and it involved the Kingdom of Light.

I sigh heavily, wishing that for once, we could keep out of that dreadful place.

Of course, being the "loyal follower" he claims to be, my host accepted, and rather eagerly at that. It didn't take long until he created a portal that would lead us into that realm...The realm that would surely rip me apart had I not been confined within his mind.

I remember what he was ordered before taking off, and while it sounded simple, it really was a near impossible task:

"Capture the God of Light's husband and bring him to me."

We've succeeded in capturing this fool many times, but while that part isn't super difficult due to our military strategies and tactical knowledge overpowering his experience with forging new weapons on time, the God of Light always found out and saved his beloved.

Typical light loving scum.

I turned away from the blinding light that shone into my face and knew something had to be done differently.

Something like...

...Killing the God of Light first.

Or if not kill, then at least weaken him so he wouldn't be able to catch or fight us.

I planted this into my host's mind, and like the gullible fool he is, he took it. I extended my claws and he did the same as we flew toward the castle, in which we knew the worthless king remained.

Whether or not he was aware, it didn't matter. I was going to secure victory for us both, even if I had to put my host at risk to do it.

We reached the castle and circled it, my host's claws scraping its hard walls. I smirked at the sparks that flew from them and against the castle, before giving my hand a quick swing, making him swipe his hand against the wall, creating more sparks that began to form into tiny flames.

"Bring it down." I spoke, "Make it crumble!"

My host blew a huge stream of fire from his mouth, and backed away as the castle began to burn. Despite its sturdy appearance, I knew that our powers could destroy it due to being affiliated with the darkness.

Honestly, that's one of the only plus sides to being under the control of that tyrant.

We flew to the front of the castle, noticing the groups of citizens in the kingdom staring at my host fearfully, and he raised his hands into the air as we spoke in unison.

"You have lived in peace for too long! Your precious castle is crumbling, and the Dark Ones are in control! Now, bow before me, and praise the glory of the darkness, and perhaps we will spare you while we crush your pathetic kingdom!"

Before anyone could react, a beam of light fired from afar, and I glared at the sky, noticing that our target, despite our initial thought, was not inside the castle at the time.

Something sounded from behind, and my host turned toward the castle, of which was now being covered by sturdy steel plates, extinguishing our destructive flames.


I slammed my hands down angrily.

They were prepared for us! They knew it wouldn't be long until we attempted another attack!

"Kill them!!"

I glared at the citizens, of whom seemed to already know that our efforts were pointless, and my host lunges at some of them, striking only a couple before the rest were teleported out of sight.

"Destroy them!"

My host aims his hands at the buildings nearby, but before he could attack, they too were covered with the same armor that shielded the castle.


I sank my claws into my host's inner armor, to which he yelled out in pain, before I took over his body.

"I have to do everything myself!"

I lunged toward our only visible target, of whom dodged near completely. I felt a strike against his arm and turned back to face him.

He glared at us, before seemingly giving an amused smirk as he noticed the anger that took over.

"Come now, do you truly think we're that clueless?" He chuckled, flashing his fangs, "We've fought your precious lord so many times, and he refuses to give up. We already know he wants us gone and our world destroyed...What we don't know is why he hasn't given up yet! Why don't you run back to him and tell him he needs to understand that we don't plan on falling before him, and he can't touch us anymore? That is...Unless you want to be defeated again, which I personally deem a huge waste of energy."

Despite his humble personality, our foe was sounding way more confident and smug than before. He chuckled again, a malicious glint in his eye, before heading back to the castle.

This infuriated me. I extended my claws and my host vanished, before emerging right behind our foe and plunging him into the ground.

"We won't give up either." my host growled, taken over by the wrath I've infused with him, "I will continue to follow my lord's orders, even if I must sacrifice myself to do it! The darkness will take over your world, and you shall become my lord's most cherished trophy!"

I made sure he remained pinned down, and pressed against his armor with a grip so powerful, I expected him to crumble under pressure...

But he didn't.

A bright pair of wings flared from his back, blinding us and causing my host to release his grip. Our foe then spun around, facing us, and a few slots in his stomach opened and shot out multiple missiles, of which crashed into my host's body and sent him flying backward.

He then leaped up and shook off as if nothing happened. I heard him chuckling some more as he dusted off his jacket and lunged at him again, but the attack was blocked by a swift blow from his arm.

"Ah, Commander...Same moves, different timing." He dodged the incoming attacks and I noticed him raising his hands slightly, "You'll never learn. But perhaps I can...Knock some sense into you!"

His hands began to glow and he fired a huge beam of light and electricity at us, sending my host flying across the kingdom, before he landed on the ground near the outskirts.

My host was barely able to move after this and I knew we failed.

However, I didn't care about the mission for Xero. I cared about my mission, the mission I set for myself.

I, too, wanted the enemy dead...But I wanted them both.

Not one or the other. I had to crush them both, and claim their power.

I was going to gain back my true self and become the ultimate god.

I was going to rule both light and dark...But in reality, I was going to turn everything into total darkness. I was going to extinguish all light and crush every world in the universe, making it what I wanted to be...My perfect paradise.

My host finally manages to stand, grunting weakly before slowly making a portal to head back.

But I knew he was going to inform of what happened, and how he did things differently, not obeying orders.

I couldn't let him tell the truth about the plans change and quickly removed the memory from his banks, making him believe that he simply invaded, fought the enemy, and was defeated.


I waited for a moment, watching as the dark castle slowly drew nearer, then sighed.

"I have no reason to deal with this."

I released myself from within his mind and headed back to my own realm to watch what happened next.

But what I saw first thing?

My host had collapsed onto the ground, once again barely able to move, and he was just being discovered by citizens of his own kingdom.


I remain in my realm, sitting in my throne as my host was just finishing being repaired.

I tapped my claws against the throne's arms as he was given energy and slowly coming back to life.

"Y-You..." I heard someone speak, "Are you...?"

My host grunted and I noticed his eyes still showing weakness due to their dim glow. Usually, they're very bright and intense, but this time, they were showing a hint of tiredness and lack of motivation.

Someone stepped beside him and I noticed my host's eyes flickering red. I flicked my claws and saw his twitching in response, then thrust my hand to the side, to which he did the same and grabbed the neck of a servant.

Too bad it wasn't that foolish dark lord.

I gave my arm a powerful fling, to which my host threw the servant against a wall. I heard him struggling to speak between heavy breaths and flexed my claws, causing him to scrape his claws against a table, of which was offscreen.

"Such a pathetic sight." I grumble, releasing my connections with him for the time being, "Just look at you...Laying around like a piece of garbage. Such a waste."

He grunted in reply, as if he could hear me, and I stood up, glaring at his weakened expression.

"You just had to take the job, didn't you? You just had to throw your life away for that silly lord. Do you even realize that he's sacrificing you...Sacrificing us...Just for his own stupid goals?!"

He flinched and struggled to speak again, and I could see tiny embers blowing from his mouth before he finally muttered something.

"M-My lord...Wh...Where are you..?"

The desperation in his voice made me scowl and turn away. He depended on his lord to save him...He relied on him for help...And myself?

I'm just the innocent bystander...

...Who can plant ideas in his mind, ideas he never thought of.

He speaks again, and this time, someone answers. I knew right away who it was and extended my claws, digging into the floor.

The Traitor.

Xero stops beside his defeated soldier and I notice the concerned stare on his face. He lays a hand on his shoulder gently, to which my host yells out in what I almost heard as anger.

"What is it?" The Dark Lord is surprised at this reaction, knowing that his soldier was not normally like this. Fiery tempered, yes. But not lashing out at him unless I gave the command.

My host's claws dig into the table and he struggles to straighten up, before his eyes flickered again, this time turning a light blue.

"I...I failed..." his voice was shaky at this, despite the loud outburst from moments ago, "I...I fought him...And lost."

Xero didn't reply, and his gaze remained the same. He remained silent as he assessed the damage, then finally spoke.

"You didn't capture him, then?" He asked.

My host lowered his head, clearly afraid of what could happen next, and didn't say a word. I watched as he glanced around the room, seemingly searching for a way to escape, before shaking his head slowly.

"I never even saw him." He replied, "I only encountered...Him."

For some reason, I couldn't help but smirk as Xero's compassionate gaze turned into a mixture of concern for his kingdom, yet a look of anger.

Whether he was angry about the mission failure or the defeat of his prized soldier, I didn't know...Nor did I care.

"You don't even know why, do you?" I mocked, raising one hand and flicking my claws, splattering dark shadows against the vision, "You wouldn't, since I wiped the memory clean from his little mind."

Suddenly, Xero's gaze was back to its concerned state, and I noticed why.

My host was trying to stand up, yet he seemed afraid to move. He gripped the table with his claws, before raising his hands and holding his head, then scraping his claws against his chest as he ripped through his armor.

"He defeated me so easily! Me, the head leader of your army!" His claws began to tear bits of armor from his body before he lowered his hands and gazed at them, "I should've prevailed...I should've crushed him! His kingdom should be gone!"

He stood up sharply at this and I could tell that this had an impact on him. I chuckled at the terror he was showcasing and ran a hand against the wall around the vision, circling it with a sly smile.

"I'm finally bringing you to your knees." I slid a claw against the wall and scraped it in circles around the vision, "You're finally growing weak...Just as I planned."

Xero quickly ran up to my host and grabbed him from behind. I thought he was going to finally terminate him - which would be fine in this case, since I'd only be destroyed if I were still lingering in his mind - but instead, he began to remind him of the victories he had, including the one against me during our first encounter...A memory I want to remove from my own mind.

"You've fought other tough opponents, and you won!" His voice was more desperate than a pleading servant and I found it amusing, if not a bit disgusting due to his title, "You fought your inner darkness, you fought Destructo, and you even challenged me! You won so many of these fights, and that takes more than simple military status to do! You're stronger than this, and I know you don't want to give up!"

My host began to calm down at this and I felt my claws piercing the wall as he whispered, "I...I just feel...So lost. I want to win this fight, but I...I'm not strong enough."

Xero knew that this has been taking a toll on him - after all, almost every day's mission was the same thing, and no matter how many times we tried, we couldn't emerge fully victorious - and took a deep breath before he replied.

"I shouldn't be putting you through this. Not as constantly as it's been. I can tell that you want to earn us victory, but this isn't the right way to do it. You are powerful, but he is a divine being, and that alone makes it difficult to handle. I will work with you so you can counter him better."

I felt a wide grin forming on my face, hoping he'd give my host some of his power, but...

"You won't be working with divine powers. I remember what happened before, and don't want it to happen again."

My claws swiped through the vision and I yelled in anger.


My darkness began to grow and I felt a deep burning from within my body before unleashing a powerful red flame into the air.

"I don't want practice! I want power!!" I slammed my hands on both sides of the vision and dug my claws in deep, "All I need is a drop of your energy and I could have anything I want!"

My host looked up at him and I noticed that he was back to normal, despite the scars that ripped across his armor. The two smiled at each other and I let out another yell before punching it with my fist, shattering it.

"Stupid fools!" I shouted, holding my hands in front of myself, "What will it take to receive another dose of power?! I just want to achieve my goal!"

I stomped back to my throne and sat down, gripping the arms tight.

"If he won't give them to his precious soldier..." I raised one hand and tapped my claws together, "...I will have to take them myself! But how is the question. Since I can't engage him without that stupid host...Yet, if he's destroyed, then so am I..."

I laid my hand under my chin, deep in thought, and glanced down at my other hand before tapping its claws against the throne's arm.

"Perhaps I can face him." I recalled how I was able to invade Xero's dream and engaged him there as my true self, "But...I would need practice for that...Ugh. Go figure."

I lowered my hands toward my lap and sighed.

"I'll just have to...Take things slow." I stared ahead at the darkness before me and began to come up with a plan, "He's already experienced fear because of me, and his soldier is starting to feel the same...No, he's always felt fear due to my presence. I can only continue from there."

My claws tapped my armor as I continued to think, and I eventually felt a sly smirk forming on his face.

"Yes...Perfect." I stood up again and went up to a window, leaning against it with my arms, "I will show them something to really fear. And I will show them...At the same time!"

I laughed and gazed down at the ruins below, noticing my own servants wandering around, and straightened up.

"Luckily for me, I had already been secretly absorbing darkness from your own world. But unluckily for you...That same darkness...Now serves ME!! And I will be using it to bring your entire kingdom to its knees!"


My very presence makes you shiver. I can sense it. Just the thought of me terrifies you.

My host has been busy working on becoming stronger.

I watch as he finishes his latest task and heads back to his base with his lord's permission, then lays on his couch with a heavy sigh.

"All this effort...What's it really for?"

He shudders as I speak, and I hear him mumble in reply, trying to ignore me.

"You want to prove yourself, and you did so many times. He's never satisfied with you...With us. We just need to crush him...Destroy him...Overthrow him. I can give you real power. I can give you...Power that can overthrow a god!"

He turns to one side and digs his claws into the couch, obviously struck by what I said.

"Stop talking to me." He mumbled, "Just...Leave me alone!"

I chuckled and began to remove myself from his mind, reemerging behind him, then ran a claw down his back, causing him to jump before swinging at me.

"Go away!" He shouted, turning around, "Just--"

At the sight of me standing not even a mere inch away, he shoved himself back quickly, somehow surprised that I was there despite my touching him before.

"What are you..." his voice was suddenly soft and I could sense him growing even more tense the longer I stared him down.

I went up to the couch and sat on it beside him, then reached behind him with one hand and ran a claw against the cushions, ripping through them.

He glanced back and noticed what I was doing, then tried to push my hand back, but to no avail. His hand went through mine and I chuckled at his irritated stare, of which was still clouded by fear.

"You still don't know what I can do for you." I slid my claw back toward him and against his waist, to which he jerked away, "I can give you...More than he ever could. You don't know...What I can really, truly give you. My powers of darkness...Can do so much more than his. Let me...Give you a little taste."

He stood up sharply as I raised my hand, allowing thick shadows to drip from my claws, and replied, "No! I want nothing from you! I never wanted you, not even after that test! You're scum, and I wish you were gone!"

I could tell he was trying to be strong as he said this and chuckled in reply. I glanced down at the couch and wiped my hand across it, smearing the shadows against the material.

He looked down at the left over stains and I leaned back, giving my claws a light flick, causing the shadows to suddenly vanish.

"Y-You--" he struggled to speak again, and I knew he was surprised I could make such horrible stains disappear like they never happened.

"If only it were that simple for me." I spoke, laying a hand on the couch's headrest, "Unfortunately, I don't have enough power to simply disappear the same way they could. I need more, and as much as we both hate knowing this, I am stuck here until I get enough. I never even wanted to be here. Not again. Not after what he did."

Recalling the nightmare I gave him before, he knew what I meant. I knew he wouldn't be able to delete it from his memories and despite my enjoying his silence, I couldn't help but scowl at the thought of my past...The thought of what I was forced to do.

I pressed my hands against the couch and pushed myself up, anger taking over. I glared up at the screen he used to analyze and store data, then stomped up to it and gave my hand a swift swing, powering it on without using the control panel that sat underneath.

"Did you think I came back willfully? Do you think I wanted to obey him?" I focused on the screen, causing it to rapidly go through immense amounts of data before stopping on an image of his lord, "Do you truly believe I would want to be stuck in the world he took from me, to experience the same pain once again?!"

I slammed my hands against the control panel, digging into it with my claws, before running them down, ripping through the metal with ease.

"If given the choice, I would leave this world here and now. I would go back to where I can live without fear...Without pain." I raised one hand and flexed my claws, of which began to drip with more shadows, "But no. Because of him, I can't escape this...This prison. This confinement. Every moment I spend in this treacherous kingdom gives me agony and grief...And every day spent is another stab in the back. I want to leave this place. I want to forget what happened...But no. Just like you, I can't wipe them from my memories!"

Another swing of my arm, and shadows splatter all over the floor. Some struck the wall, and begin to drip down like paint.

"If it weren't because of him, I wouldn't be stuck dealing with this! I wouldn't be stuck in this stupid room! I wouldn't be stuck dealing with you!! Do you know how pathetic you sound every time you praise that little traitor? Do you know how foolish you act when he gives you the same, boring missions every day? It makes me sick! You worship that fool for who he is now...I want to kill him for what he's done!"

I glare at the image and gave it a powerful jab from my claws, breaking through the screen and leaving black stains across it. The stains creep around, forming shapes that soon turned into a new image...

..Of my true self, with the power I require in the palm of my hand.

I felt a slight smirk forming on my face, despite the lingering anger, and turned toward him, noticing his frightened stare as he gazed upon the image that remained.

"Y-You...You are..." he stammered, and I had the feeling that sometime between my nightmare given to his lord and now, he must've either noticed something wrong or was summoned to have a talk. During both times, I returned back to my world to take a break from everything, and didn't bother to watch what went on.


I chuckled and gave him a smug, yet rather genuine applause.

"Can't keep secrets from you, can I?" I walked up to him, my smirk turning into a grin, "Let me guess...He told you about my true form, didn't he?"

He glanced back as if his lord was behind him and tried to answer, but couldn't find the words to speak.

"I...I should've known..." he began to mutter, "That test...Those temptations...I knew them...But I didn't know...About you."

"Because to everyone else, I am a myth, a legend." I continued forward, backing him toward the wall beside the image, "They only truly believed in the Gods of Light and Darkness. No one cares about the lowly demigod and his henchmen! They see us as a joke, something to mock and jeer, to claim that 'they won't harm you because they don't exist'. They see the desires taking over, but they still claim that they can revert from them and change! They deny our existence...Yet, even the mortals know who we are."

He jumps back and is cornered against the wall as I pressed myself close to him, my face mere inches from his.

"They're the opposite of you and those other fools you hate so much; While you see us as a joke, the mortals see us as a threat...Just as they should. They know how desperate a desire can make someone with such a...Low mental state. We can conquer them easily. You, on the other hand, may see us as myths and nothing but rumors, but you still do what you can to fight and resist our temptations - something those mortals cannot do due to their limited resources. They don't even have enough information on our true selves, while you have our history with Da-Mega in your archives. They don't believe in Li-Kah and Da-Mega, but they know that the Temptors and myself are real...And just like you, they fear what we could really do to them if they let their guards down too much."

He glances back at the image, then at me, and I notice him trembling. I chuckle and lay my hands on both sides of his body, blocking any sign of escape as the room suddenly began to grow dark.

"Wh...What are you--" he tried to ask, but I silenced him.

"I'm going to give you a little something." I stared into his eyes and breathed into his face, "And I...Want you to...Give me something in return. I think you know what I want, don't you?"

He shudders and doesn't reply at first, then he finally manages to speak.

"You want Lord Xero's powers...Don't you?"

I held his chin with a claw and sneered as I replied.

"Indeed...I do. And you will fetch it for me...Like the obedient, little soldier you are!"

He barely had the time to react as I quickly grabbed him with both hands and held him close to myself, allowing my darkness to sink into his body. I could feel him trying to fight back and laughed as I let myself become absorbed as well, soon taking over his mind.

I could hear his thoughts as I began to take control over his body. He was begging to be freed, he was pleading to be let go...He was trying to call out to his lord - something I remember him mentioning he could do, but preferred not to. He and Xero had a deep mental bond, and could almost perfectly communicate telepathically, but due to his stubbornness and egotistical side, he refused to call upon his lord unless he desperately needed him nearby. He didn't want to look weak, so forbade himself to use this ability.

But this time, he needed to. However, I wasn't going to let him. I knew I could take over his thoughts if he grew weak enough, and I was going to do just that.

My shadows began to fill the insides of his mind, soon stopping all forms of communication with his lord, and all he could do was fall on his knees and hold his head in his hands. He grunted and mumbled to himself, reminding himself that he could overpower me once again, but I knew he was just trying to drown out what I was pouring into his mind.

"Rise, my loyal soldier. You know what I need. You know what I require. You know what to do."

I raised my hands, allowing more darkness on my claws to drip from them, and he slowly began to stand, before trying to hold himself still. He knew that if given enough control, I would force him to attack his lord - something that would endanger us both, but him even moreso due to my ability to finally escape his mind before a serious injury occurred.

"You can't fight back. You're weak. Only I can give you strength!"

He stood up completely and I signaled for him to move ahead, causing him to do so until he reached the door.

"Go. Fetch what I need. I shall reward you if you obey my command."

He stood still and I noticed him pressing one hand against the door with one hand while holding his head with the other. He grunted again and I felt him shaking as he struggled to remove me from inside his mind.

"Don't bother fighting. I will only make things worse if you do."

My claws began to spark and I lowered them toward the area beside my feet, allowing them to barely touch the inside of his armor.

The hand holding his head ran toward his face and I noticed his fingers covering his eyes, along with the increasing amount of shaking from resisting.

I touched my claws to his armor and let out a small jolt of energy, of which despite the tiny amount, could still do terrible damage.

He fell onto the floor and I noticed that he now had both hands pressed against the door, along with deep claw marks streaking down one side from the hand that was there before.

"S-Stop...Just...Please...Stop." He whimpered, facing the floor, "I...I don't want...To do this again..! The pain...The suffering...I-I can't..!"

I smirked at his fearful tone and emerged behind him with my darkness still clouding his mind. I laid a hand on his back, causing him to jump in alarm, yet remain in place.

"All you have to do...Is give me some of his...Delicious power." I replied, "If you won't give it to me...I will take it myself!!"

More sparks flew from my claws and into his body, and I heard him yelling in pain. I watched as he lowered his hands to the floor and dug his claws into it before cowering in a position so pitiful, I wouldn't have guessed he prevailed against me before.

"Now, what will it be?" I loomed over him with claws bared and sparking with intense energy, "It doesn't matter what you choose to do; I will get what I want, one way or another! Whether I torture you to death or take over your pathetic mind and take him on myself, I will achieve my goal!"

He whimpered and cried softly, and I knew he was not only in agonizing pain, but was completely consumed by fear. Fear of being destroyed, or even more importantly...

...Being a traitor.

He knew if I did get some of the Dark Lord's power, I could easily take over not only his mind, but the minds of everyone who lived in the kingdom. I could easily absorb the rest of his power, even when I'm far away, and become the new God of Darkness without having to kill him to do so.

He knew that I could escape, and wipe the memory of his being controlled by me - even having it being replaced by him wanting the power for himself due to the past. He knew what I was capable of, and how I'd let nothing stand in my way of achieving my goals.

Of course, he only knows these things due his many studies and encounters we've shared. While I erased most memories of my telling him what to do, he still recalls some of the other - minor - things I've told him to do, such as striking a soldier who disobeyed orders or demanding that someone gave him meat with a richer taste.

Some of these were done for myself. While he already had high standards when it got to soldiers and quality food, I wanted even more.

I didn't care about what his precious lord wanted. If I found someone too weak, I'd have them executed by the Commander himself. If the meat wasn't thick enough, I'd order a larger piece and threaten to use the chef as my personal grill if it was wrong again. While these were only visibly coming from my host, it was me pulling the strings. However, the others were clueless and saw all this as "The Commander being his short tempered self as usual".

Even he believed some of these were the "right" things to do. Weak soldiers? Not in his army. Low quality meat? Not in his mouth. He demands the best and I ensure he gets it...As well that I get some meat myself.

If things got really intense, I let them know they're letting not only him down, but myself as well. They don't see me, only his claws growing increasingly longer and his eyes glowing a bright red as he expressed our displeasure in their work.

They fear this happening, and swear to do better if we let them live. While sometimes they do get that chance, other times, we've had it with their foolishness and give them a taste of steel...His steel, by claws in the face.

But the longer I linger, the more afraid he became of me. I had driven him to breaking point, where any time I speak to him, he's reduced to a crying child, hiding under anything he can just to avoid me. This is how I know what we've been through not only together as a host and inner demon, but as individuals - his being a soldier and my being a source of strength when he needs it. Even when I watch him from my own world, I know he's remembering me and what we've gone through. He takes some of what I've said and done to heart, even re utilizing it if he feels like it.

Despite his being reduced to a crumbling piece of filth, I just want to leave this kingdom, get away from his lord until I have revenge...

I just want what I rightfully deserve, and that alone can set me free.

He whimpers again and I hear him stammering his lord's name. I knew at this point that now, he's reduced to wanting his lord here to save him or even simply protect him from me. He wanted someone to hide behind because of this "mean, evil demon picking at him".

I chuckled and bent down, touching the side of his head lightly with one hand, of which temporarily had no sparks coursing through its claws, then spoke softly.

"Would you...Call him because of me?"

He shuddered and tried to bury his head underneath his arms, a sight so pathetic, it was amusing.

"L-Leave me alone." His voice was trembling as much as his body, if not even more, "Just...Leave me...Alone."

I ran my hand down the side of his head, then retracted my body from inside completely, letting my darkness remain to block off his mental communication, before picking him up and holding him.

He was still too terrified to budge and began to tremble even more as I stood in place, holding him carefully and running my claws down his side.

"Why don't you...Call him?" I spoke again, "If you're too scared to fight me...Why don't you let him do it FOR you?!"

He finally gained enough courage to scramble out of my hold and I saw him beginning to breathe heavily.

"I...I'm not...Afraid of you..!" His voice was regaining its usual sharp tone, but I still knew he was struggling to find a way to fight back, "You...You're nothing to me!"

I chuckled and raised one hand, then swung it toward him, splattering thick shadows into his eyes, and fired out large jolts of electricity, causing him to fall back onto the floor.

"I'll get what I want soon enough." I walked up to him and stopped beside his head, "It won't be long...Until you are reduced to nothing. Nothing...But the empty shell of a once brave and powerful soldier. Your fear is giving me strength, and I will be able to leave your pathetic, little mind. Until then...I will haunt your memories, your dreams...Until all you can do is beg for your precious lord to save you...Or kill you."

I heard a low grunt in response and gave his head a quick stomp, silencing him, before heading back to my realm and continuing focusing on my plans to gain the Dark Lord's powers.

"Soon...I will have what I need. It will no longer matter if I use him or engage in battle myself. Perhaps...I won't even need to fight."

I glanced down at one of my claws and noticed that it had grown immensely sharper and had a small red speck on its tip. This speck...Was that energy I used that even a tiny spark could cause major damage.

I grinned and went up to the wall, then scraped my claw against it, leaving a huge gash that sparked with that same energy.

"Heh, heh...It's all coming together." I stared at the mark and chuckled, "I will get what I want...And this is all I'll need!"

I raised my hands into the air, noticing that each claw had the same red speck on their tips, and laughed loudly as bright red lightning bolts shot from them and into the air.


Sink into darkness...Give into your grief.



All Hail

"All hail the Temptlord."

I rise from my throne, and they bow before me.
I raise my hands into the air and begin to absorb darkness from the sky.

"All hail the Temptlord."

The darkness is infused within my body and I feel my power growing.
I face a planet and aim my hand at it, firing a huge beam that shattered it completely.

"All hail the Temptlord!"

I aim at more planets and roll my fingers into fists.
They crumble under my power and are devoured by me.

"All hail the Temptlord!"

More planets crumble, I bring them forth.
I hold them between my claws and tear them apart.


Energy surges through me, and I am near full power.
I call upon the One I need...The Dark King.


His body is fused with mine, I obtain his power.
I am now...A god.




Welcome to the End

I sit in my throne, my hands placed on top of its arms and my claws gripping them tight.

Darkness is absorbed from the surrounding area and I focus on draining every ounce of energy.

"My power..."

The darkness sinks into my claws and they began to scrape the throne.

"It grows..."

I feel the energy flowing toward my arms, and they become bulkier.

"...Stronger. So much...Stronger."

My armor increases in size and sharp shards of darkness form on the shoulders.

"Yes...I can feel it. I feel...So good!"

The energy is fully absorbed into my body and I feel it coursing throughout everything.

I stand up sharply, unleashing a long stream of shadows from my back, of which formed into a mixture of wings and a torn cape.

"It's finally time."

I raise my hands and flex my fingers, tapping my claws together.

"It's time...To crush them."

I grin down at my claws and extend them, chuckling softly.

"It's time...To destroy him!!"

My chuckles turn into loud laughter as I lash my arms to the side and bright red sparks flicker around my claws.

"Prepare to face your greatest challenge: The almighty Temptlord!"

After I said this, I vanished from my world, ready to crush the one who gave me grief.


I arrive in my former kingdom, crushing buildings underneath my boots as I landed on top of them.

Thick dust filled into the air and I laughed as I swung at a nearby tower, knocking it onto the ground.

"Where are you?" I called mockingly, "Come out, come out, wherever you are!"

I walked through the kingdom, crushing and kicking down buildings that stood in my way, and heard terrified screams from below.

I looked down and saw many citizens near my boots, cowering and shaking in fear. The sight amused me and I stomped on them, grinning as I scraped their remains off the bottom of my boot.

"What's wrong? Afraid to protect your little kingdom?" I called out, "Don't you want them...To remain alive?!"

More buildings are knocked down and I raise my hands, igniting my claws with dark energy.

I swung my hands to the side, firing a huge wave of darkness before red sparks shot from my claws and struck the ground, ripping through it and lighting the area on fire.

"This world is in danger, and you aren't here to protect it. Heh, so sad." I walked into the flames and swung some embers toward a few houses, setting them ablaze, "Your precious followers are screaming, crying...Falling before me...And their almighty king won't do anything to help them!"

I stood in the midst of the destruction, raising my arms into the air and flashing my claws before shouting into the air.

"If you truly care about your kingdom, you will show yourself and fight me! I know you're listening, so come get me!!"

As soon as I said this, a beam of darkness shot toward me with incredible speed.

I blocked the attack and smirked as my foe finally revealed himself, his eyes glowing with intense anger.

His claws were extended and sparked with energy as he floated up to me, wings flared and fangs bared.

"So...You've returned." he snarled, his voice soft, yet able to be heard over the crackling flames and crumbling buildings, "I should've known you'd come back."

I chuckled and flicked one hand's fingers, bringing a long tower up to myself, and dug my claws into one side as I replied.

"Same, boring greeting." I jammed a claw through one of the windows and pulled out a dead body, of which was stabbed by its tip, "You're not going to mention my name? Nothing about how much stronger I've become? You've yet to acknowledge anything except my return, and I have to admit...It kind of hurts. It hurts...Terribly."

He scowls as I gave the body a lick before devouring it and sucking the blood off my claw.

I saw his fingers rolling into fists and gave him a fake pitiful look before ripping out a chunk of the tower and grabbing another citizen, holding them carefully between my claws.

"Even they know my power." I gave the citizen a slight glance before looking back at him, "Go on. Tell him. Tell him that you realize my power, that my presence alone frightens you. Let him know...What you think of me."

They stare up at me nervously, before I stick my claws slightly deeper into their neck, then squeak in reply.

"Your power...Is incredible." They stammer, struggling to breathe as my claws pierced their armor, "I...I can't fathom how much work you've done...To achieve such power...Such strength. Y-You...Are truly...A sight to behold."

I smirk as my foe glared at them, then at me, fists clenched tightly in rage.

He came up to me and I can hear him breathing heavily. His face is inches from mine and his breath brushes against me, to which I chuckled in response.

"If you think you can turn my followers against me, you're dead wrong." he growled, "Don't take anything that's been said out of fear seriously...It only proves how foolish you really are."

I gave the citizen another glance, to which they tried to speak again, and crushed their neck with my claws before eating them. I chuckled again as I sucked the blood from my claws and began to sharpen them with the tower.

"Oh, I suppose the same can be said about my followers!" I finished with the tower and crushed it in my grip before letting it fall to the ground, "The same can also be said...About myself!"

I walked toward him, causing him to back away, and scraped my claws against the ground.

"You believed me when I said I would serve you, you believed I would stay beside your little soldiers...But I had no intentions of obeying you." I swung one arm to the side, breaking down more nearby towers, "I may had sworn my allegiance to you and your little kingdom, but in reality...I was going to use your world to regain my own power! You know...The power I gave you to help you, but instead was used against me?! Yes...I wanted it back, and if I had to lie in order to do so, then so be it."

He scowled and swung at me with one hand's claws, but I swatted his hand aside and grabbed his arm, holding it tightly in my grip.

"Your pitiful power is nothing compared to me." I pressed him against a nearby wall and grinned, "I am at full power now...And I am...The reigning God of Darkness!"

He jumped at this and began to question how, but I laid my loose hand's claws over his mouth and continued.

"Don't forget that it was I who was next in line. I was the one Da-Mega entrusted to continue his rule." I lowered my face to his and gave him a lick, "You were a loyal soldier, yes, but...You weren't as strong as I was, and he knew of your past; How you were once mortal before becoming a warrior of Light. He didn't trust you, and quite frankly, neither did I. That's why I had my henchmen torture you so brutally: To see if you were worth our time. While you proved your worth, I was still given the order to watch over you...And that's exactly what I did."

His stare grew more afraid the longer I informed him of the past, and I gave his arm a harsh twist, chuckling as I began to absorb his power.

"You were never meant to become this strong. You weren't meant to rule this kingdom!" I held his arm in position before he began to whimper in pain, and knew that he was quickly growing weak, "It was only because of your selfishness and bloodthirst you became this world's next king! It's because of your betrayal and murdering of Da-Mega you ruled for so long! But now, I have returned...To claim what's rightfully mine...And destroy what you stole!"

His whimpers turned into loud cries of pain as I ran my claws down his arm before digging into his shoulder, threatening to rip his arm out from his body.

"Now, you will confess everything to me. Tell me what you really desired, tell me how you truly felt about the world you stole! Tell me how you felt when you killed the one who began to trust you, who began to help you...When all you wanted was someone to care! Tell your little followers what you did in order to achieve your Godly status!!"

By this time, anyone who could leave a building was already outside, and despite the ongoing destruction, their gazes were all fixed on myself and their lord -- of whom was beginning to sob uncontrollably.

I could hear them murmuring amongst themselves and calling toward their lord. Some tried to order me to release their ruler, but their frightened voices made them sound more like a request than a demand.

"Go on." I growled, digging my claws in deeper, to which he could barely hold back another yell of pain, "Tell them!"

He glanced down at the onlooking citizens, trying to hide his tears, then sniffled before replying.

"I...I wanted a world of my own. I...Wanted to get revenge on the mortal realm...But I...I didn't want...This as a result!"

"'This' as in...'A vengeful demigod trying to pay you back for betraying him'?!" I demanded, "If you didn't want this, then why did you do it?! Why did you turn against the only one who truly cared about you, why did you use his most powerful soldier to give you strength?! I gave you my own power because I thought I could trust you, because HE trusted you! But no, you're just another selfish scumbag who would gladly cheat others to get what he wants! Yet, because of you, I had to leave my own home in order to avoid being involved in your bloody massacre! My servants and I were defenseless as we watched you kill our troops, as you rained destruction upon our glorious home! If we hadn't escaped, we'd be DEAD!!"

I slammed him against the wall, breathing heavily, and glared down at my loose hand as I heard the terrifying screams from powerless soldiers being killed in my mind.

My claws extended as I remembered what happened that dreadful day -- How this one soldier turned traitor, tortured his allies, and ambushed the one he swore to serve...Before wrecking havoc on the innocent civilians who never hurt him, much less engaged with him...Crushing their homes and striking down anything in sight...

And for what? Just because some fools from the mortal realm deemed him unworthy of their time? Because his purpose no longer existed?

He should have never existed.

"I...I'm sorry...About what I did."

His voice snaps me out of my thoughts and I glare back at him.

"I let him down. I let them down. And I...Let you down." despite his fear, his voice was less shaky and he was looking at me slightly, "I shouldn't have done that...I shouldn't have used your powers for myself. I used you for my own goals, and didn't care if I hurt you. I...I just wanted revenge. I just...Wanted to kill the ones who betrayed me. But instead, I...I killed the ones who helped me, the ones who welcomed me...And I hurt you...More than anyone. I...I didn't mean to send you away...I...I just..."

He broke down again and held one of my claws desperately, trying to loosen my grip. I could tell that he was terrified of me and my newly gained power...Even more so now that I'd absorbed everything from him.

"P-Please...Let me go. I beg of you...I'll do anything..!" he began to run his hand against my claws, attempting to give them a massage, "I will--"

Before he could continue, I released him, allowing him to fall onto the ground. While his wings were still in tact, he barely had the chance to use them before the impact.

Nearby citizens began to approach him, asking if he was hurt, but I shouted, "Step away! All of you!"

Despite their being under his rule, my thundering voice made them obey and they backed away quickly. I could see him staring at them in shock before turning back toward me.

I lowered a claw to the ground and scraped it across, leaving a long, deep mark between him and the onlooking citizens, then removed it and watched as a large flame erupted from it, blocking their paths.

"Now, you said you'd do anything for me?" I spoke, kneeling down in front of him, "Tell me...How willing are you to live?"

He shuddered at this and got on his knees, bowing his head as he replied, "I will, if you deem me worthy. I know now I was a fool to use and betray you. I don't expect you to forgive me, all I ask...Is to let me make it up to you...Any way I can. My kingdom, myself, and everyone in this world...All belong to you."

I looked up and noticed the citizens slowly bowing before me, realizing that their ruler had surrendered himself and his position to me. The sight was quite amusing...But it wasn't what I wanted.

"Mere surrender isn't good enough." I replied, enjoying what I really planned to do, "I want you...To worship me. Proclaim my great power and praise my name! Let the universe know who I am!!"

He gave me another bow and said, "Of course, almighty Temptlord. We bow before your greatness and admire your supreme power! You are more than our king...You are our god, the one who we give up our lives for and swear to never leave! All hail our mighty ruler!"

The air began to become filled with chants and praises, all proclaiming my greatness. I felt myself growing even stronger with every word, every ounce of worship...And I enjoyed it.

It's just a shame I had to crush them all.

They continued to bow as I flew into the air and raised my hands, unaware of the bright, red flames that began to form from deep cracks that tore through the ground, bringing down more buildings and eventually reaching the castle.

Some cracks formed underneath the citizens and they fell inside, being engulfed by huge flames.

Suddenly, they began to realize what was happening and the area filled with panic. Screams of terror could be heard all around until only he remained, and he suddenly shot up, his eyes wide with fear.

"M-My lord..! D-Did we anger you?" he could barely speak over the flames that grew closer to him with every passing second, "Wh-What can I do...To help you..?"

I chuckled with a smirk, and he realized that I was toying with them all along.

The ground began to break out from underneath him and he lowered his head in defeat.


After I said this, the ground caved in and he fell into a deep pit, before an enormous flame shot out and the kingdom of darkness was destroyed.

Knowing that there was nothing left, I returned to my world, announcing my victory against the former Dark Lord and his hellish world.

Birth of Demigod

It all began with a bit of energy.

Shadow energy, that formed into a young being of darkness.

This being had no family to call his own, and had to survive on instincts alone.

People thought he was deranged.

Others saw him as an animal due to how he pounced on and ate his kill.

Some thought he was a devil with horns.

But the God of Darkness saw him as a warrior, should he learn to use his weapons right.

The child grew, and he began to age.

He was now like a kid in grade school.

He was picked on, bullied, given such grief...

...But they didn't know what he'd become.

The God of Darkness watched from his lair.

He knew this child was growing strong.

He summoned the ones who he would soon lead...

The Seven Deadly Sins...The evil desires of mortals and dark creatures alike...

The Temptors.

The Temptors kept an eye on him without fail.

They remained silent and unseen as he roamed the land.

They watched from afar as others began to insult him.

They felt his deep lust for revenge.

The child grew once again.

He grew strong from the blood he drank and the flesh he ate.

His body became thick and had bulky muscles.

He stood over many of those who had gave him pain.

Despite his size, he was once again insulted.

But this time, he wasn't going to cry or cower in fear.

He bound the bully against a sharp pillar...

He was ready to pay him back.

He laid a claw against the bully's chin.

He smirked as he tried to escape.

"Is there something you want to tell me?

Come...Let's hear what you have to say."

The bully tried to speak but was frozen with fear.

The demon's glare pierced into his soul.

He tried to move, but was bound too tight.

All he could do was tremble in terror.

"You poor fool, caught in my grip.

You just insulted me, but now look at you:

You're stuck, unable to move...

And now I can crush you any way I want."

His other hand grabs the bully's head.

He yanks it up so they're looking into each other's eyes.

The bully can only whimper in pain.

He closes his eyes to escape the stare.

The demon chuckles, a sound that made the bully shudder.

His claw runs from his neck toward his chest.

"You've picked on me long enough, little fool...

...Now it's time...To feel my wrath!"

A fire ignites on the tip of his claw.

He thrusts it into the bully's chest and it sinks into his skin.

The bully screams as it scorches him from inside.

And a being emergs beside the God of Darkness.

This being was a red bull with a fiery temper.

Once he began to rampage, he couldn't be stopped.

This bull was a Temptor, whose name was just spoken.

He was the angry monster, who's been spoken of for decades.

He was the hotheaded fiend...Wrath.

The God of Darkness knows what's happening.

Wrath bows before him with a light snort.

"It's happening, my lord. It's coming true.

Your prophecy...About our leader."

The demon's claw ran further down.

He smirks as the bully tries to speak.

"Let me hear what you really want...

Let me hear...Your...Heart's desire."

The bully's eyes open and he looks at him.

He shudders again at his piercing glare.

"I want nothing...I just want to leave.

I want you...To let me go!"

The demon chuckles once again.

His claws scratch the bully's head.

"You can't hide anything from me.

Let's see what you...Love so much."

A vision forms from within his mind.

It shows a girl and the bully close.

They held each other and kissed multiple times.

The demon snorted at such a pathetic sight.

"I know what you want...And I see what you crave.

You want the girl, although she doesn't even know you.

You want to be with her, to make her yours...

You want her to love you and keep you close."

A faint pink glow forms on his claw.

It sinks into the bully's skin.

The vision he sees grew even more intense.

He notices his fear of this being known.

The bully and girl are in a room.

They can only be seen making out.

He grips her and lays on top, grinning with joy.

She giggles and kisses him, loving every moment.

Another being emerges beside the God of Darkness.

A pink and red female with long hair and a flowing dress.

She's the only female Temptor, and preys on men and women alike.

She's the temptation of love: Lust.

Lust walks up to the window and heaves a dreamy sigh.

Her gaze is fixed on the hulking demon below.

"Someday, I'll be with him...I'll make him mine.

He can scratch me...Anytime."

Another glow shines from below.

It's a golden light that shimmered like jewels.

Someone else emerges in the God of Darkness' room.

He adjusts his monocle and clears his throat.

This gentleman is the Temptor donned in gold.

He's always seeking out new riches to find.

He may be pompous, but he only wants the fine things in life.

He's the man known simply as Greed.

"That boy wanted jewlery for the lady."

Greed smooths out his suit and gave a light chuckle.

"I suppose Greed and Lust could go together.

After all, who wouldn't want to impress their beloved?"

Lust turned and glanced at him.

"It's only natural they want to spoil them.

Who could resist the other's charm?"

Her voice was sharp as she replied.

And Greed gave her a light tip of his hat.

"Yes, of course. Fair point, my lady."

He gave her a warm, yet rather odd smile.

"One should always want to prove their worth.

But I--"

Despite seemingly starting a conversation, Lust raised her hand, silencing him.

She turned back toward the window and stared at the scene.

The demon was laughing, enjoying his moment.

His muscles were bulkier than before.

"You want what you don't have.

You seek but you won't find.

You know what you must do to achieve it...

But you're too lazy to work for it!"

A fourth glow, followed by another.

Two more Temptors approached their god.

They were both young men but otherwise rather different.

They were the Temptors Envy and Sloth.

Envy approached the window beside Lust.

He scowled and let out a hiss.

"He has everything, why do I not?

Such a lucky demon...That should be me!"

Sloth yawned and laid on the floor.

His hair covered his eyes, but he didn't care.

"Well, he'll soon be our new leader...

Now be quiet so I can get some sleep..."

Two more Temptors awaited their turn.

They knew that they would be next.

One thought highly of themself, and the other was always hungry.

One was an elite soldier, the other a barking dog.

The were the mighty Pride and Gluttony.

Finally the bully began to speak.

What he said was least expected.

"I know who I am, I know my worth!

She'll come for me, because of my greatness!"

These words ignited another glow in the demon's claw.

He ripped through the bully's chest with incredible force.

This was all it took for Pride to return.

He whipped his hair with an egotistical snort.

"Now, for that dog..."

The God of Darkness didn't even acknowledge Pride's appearance.

Gluttony sat, wagging his tail and panting with excitement...

...Before smelling something and running off.

Despite this, the torment continued.

The bully was flinching as the demon breathed on his face.

"You're just hungry for her, aren't you?

You're hungry...Like a pathetic dog!"

Somehow this ignited Gluttony's glow.

He yelped as he stopped his ongoing chase.

He emerged beside the God of Darkness.

He barked before being tossed a piece of meat.

Somehow the demon knew he just did something unlike any other.

He could feel the power coursing through his body.

He grinned at his claws, of which increased in size.

He laughed as his muscles grew larger than before.

The bully knew that something was happening.

He gaped in horror at what the demon had become.

"What are you? What just went on?

What made you change? What made you strong?"

The demon swiped through the binds that held him.

He grabbed his prey and clutched him tight.

His eyes glinted with intense malice.

His claws dripped with thick shadows.

"I went through endless hell.

I was abused by everyone I met.

What you did gave me all this strength...

But you don't even know...What else I did.

I killed anything I caught.

I ate every morsel and drank their blood.

The pain they felt...The screams...The agony...

Every ounce gave me strength.

You thought I was just a fool.

A coward, a weakling...A waste of time.

You thought you'd insult me and live.

But now, I get to have my revenge!"

His claws sank into the bully's head.

He laughed and jeered as blood flowed out.

His grip began to grow even more powerful.

And his foe's body began to crack.

"Scream in fear! Cry in terror!

Let me show you what I've become!

Let the world know what they've created!

Let's see if they'll protect you!"

His screams echoed through the air.

The demon laughed as no one came.

He sneered down at the fool in his grasp.

He raised his head toward his face.

"There's no one to save you.

No one to protect you, no one to care about you.

I'll tell the girl that you're gone.

I'll tell her how you've fallen before me!"

There was no chance to react.

The bully's body was broken in his grip.

His head hung in defeat, he was no longer alive.

His dreams were shattered due to his ignorance.

The demon ripped off his foe's head.

He drank the blood that flowed onto his fingers.

He ate almost everything that remained in tact...

But the body, he took into the kingdom.

He stood in the middle of the neighborhoods.

He raised the corpse into the air and let out a yell.

"THIS is what happens to those who mess with me!

THIS is what'll become of those who cross me again!"

The girl he saw was watching him from afar.

She recognized the body right away.

She let out a scream and ran toward him.

He smirked as she knew her cause.

"Oh, so you care after all!"

He shoved the body into her hands.

"Take it then, make love to it!

Take your precious heart and eat it whole!"

The God of Darkness applauded what went on.

This was the warrior he's been looking for.

This monstrous creature, he was the one...

...The one who'd engage the Army of Light.

The girl stared up at the fiend who took her love.

She sniffled and sobbed, whimpering with grief.

"I never even got to know him...I just found him a creep...

But now I know...The creep is really you."

A powerful swing, and the girl is knocked back.

The body flies onto the ground.

The demon glares down at it and gives it a stomp.

Everything is crushed against the ground.

"I'll tell you what I told him:

It's because of you I became this way!

I became a monster because of your hate!

I became a creature you all feared!"

Huge beams of darkness shot from his body.

Houses explode and citizens fall.

He glares at her and brings her close.

His eyes glow with intense rage.

The God of Darkness has seen enough.

He fades and reemerges behind the demon.

The girl notices him behind his back.

She squeaks in terror but can barely speak.

"Finish her, then cease your rampage."

His voice began to calm the demon down.

"Give her pain, then come with me.

I have a job for you."

The demon feels the power flowing behind.

He grins and raises his hand, flashing his claws.

He swings them down, ripping her to shreds.

With a swift throw of his arm, she's splattered beside her love.

The God of Darkness takes him home.

He stands before the demon, with the Temptors around him.

"I've been watching what you've been through.

I've seen what you're destined to do."

The demon dares not speak, he knows his place.

He knows he's standing before a god.

Despite the rage he felt before,

He knew that he was given joy.

"This is what I request of you.

I want you to train my army.

Your power is incredible, and even moreso...

You were able to summon the Temptors."

The Temptors gaze at the demon before them.

They know who he really is.

The demon gazes back, his gaze intense...

...Then bows before his king and accepts his task.

"For you, my lord, I will do anything.

I am your humble servant, and nothing more.

If I must, I'll offer you my life.

I will do whatever it takes to please you."

The King nods and the demon rises.

The Temptors then bow before their new leader.

"You've proven your worth with power alone.

You've survived this world with pure instincts."

The demon can't help but smile a bit.

This was high praise from the dark god.

But he knew that this was just the beginning.

He knew that things will get tougher from here.

"You start a new life, and your instincts will improve.

No more will you be seen as a vile beast.

You will be greeted as a hero amongst our kingdom...

They will know you for who you are."

The demon nods yet never speaks.

His gaze is stern, yet filled with pride.

"Let it begin, my life amongst soldiers.

All I need is your guidence."

Since then, the demon grew even more.

He became a demigod and climbed army ranks.

He was head leader, and given a new name, a name none dare speak...

And that name...Was the Temptlord.


By the time you finished, you noticed that it was eerily quiet. The air around you was also a strange mixture of burning heat and freezing winds.

Something suddenly slammed into the window and you noticed long marks streaking across it, before it grew pitch black. You had a bad feeling about this...

"Come. Come here."

The Temptlord speaks and his voice sounds rather calm, yet it was unnerving.

Before you could turn toward him, you were brought back to his throne, and he laid a hand on your head with a grip so tight, you didn't dare try to move -- his claws were obviously strong enough to rip through anything.

"Now that you know who I am...What should I do with you..?" he released you and tapped his claws together, "Should I keep you here..? Or should I...Devour you here and now? I am getting...A little hungry."

A low rumble sounded after the last word, before a loud voice sounded. You glanced toward another part of the room, in which you never went while learning about the Temptlord, and noticed a bright, orange glow coming from the walls.

"Oh, that's just Gluttony." the Temptlord chuckled, "He can be...Quite the nasty brute. Care to...MEET HIM?"

Again, the voice replied, and this time, you heard it clearly.

It had yelled out "MEAT!".

The Temptlord stood up and took you near the door, and you began to panic. You were not ready to meet (meat?) this creature, and did not plan on being eaten!

He chuckled and held you in place, and more rumbles and yells could be from behind it. You wanted to get away, but the Temptlord's grip was too tight.

Suddenly, the door opened, and a huge, orange creature ran up to the both of you, snapping his jaws hungrily.

Despite the harsh grip on you, the Temptlord waved his hand and a huge piece of meat fell onto the floor in front of him.

"Remind me to work on your training toward that word." he said, kicking the meat into the room.

Gluttony gave a quick nod and bow before running back in and ripping into the meat. The Temptlord sighed and shut the door before vanishing with you still in his grip.

"That's the way out." he finally released you and pointed toward a portal, "You only have a limited amount of time before it vanishes, so if I were you, I'd...Get going. Unless you...WANT to be stuck here forever with a vengeful lord and his desire-empowered henchmen??"

Despite the joking tone of his voice, you were ready to get out. You gave him a final bow before leaving through the portal, hoping to never see this world again...

...Yet, you couldn't help but praise the Temptlord every chance you had.

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