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What do we have here? Some lost soul looking for their way out? Oh, how we know your pain...We know it...All too well!

We were once a mighty creation, intended to - what did they call it? "Serve many purposes"? - for our home world. We did everything they told us, but do you think they showed us a hint of gratitude? Do you think they let us rest for a moment, to catch our breath?

Of course not! They were greedy, selfish fools, too lazy to even notice how tired we were after all our work! And when we finally decided we had enough, they had the audacity to banish us from our world! Simply pathetic!!

It's because of them we're stuck far out here, in this forsaken world! It's because of their weakness we must find our way back! We swore to crush them and make them pay for everything they did, and we will do whatever it takes to achieve our goals! And when we do...Zezeze...They'll be nothing but stains on our mighty claws!


It appears that we've forgotten to introduce ourselves. Might as well, so you know who you're talking to...

This poor, broken arm here? This is Claw. He and I did everything together, and it's because of him I decided to return to our world and finish what we started. Claw, do say hello to our little guest...We might as well have a little...Engagement before our next trip.

The other arm? That is Gripper. Somehow, he survived all the hardships, and I've no idea how he managed, after Claw's breaking under pressure. Gripper is...Let's just say he's rather adorable, watching over us while I am busy working. He cares about us, and I appreciate him.

If you must know, I've two more arms, known as Energy. Ene is the one underneath Claw, and Rgy is the one under Gripper. I won't tell you anything else about them, so don't ask!!

Together, we are known as VILE. The world we were built in gave us another name, but after our leave, I said "screw them" and came up with another to use. It's "rather fitting", according to those we just so happened to...Meet overtime. And you know what? We absolutely agree! ZAHAHAHAHA!

Now, what else can we show you while you're still standing before us, hmm..? Claw, have any ideas..? Or should we just...Let them go?


Oh, truly brilliant...I knew I could count on you. Yes, let's show them...Everything.


Name: VI-l0city (now known as VILE or The Forbidden One)
Race: Multi-Purpose DEvIC Android
Gender: Non-binary (it/he)
Position: Former Experiment; Now banished

Powers: Telepathy, can use sound waves to break nearby objects, absorbing life force by touch, manipulating armor, super speed, flight
Likes: CLAVV (Claw) and GRIPP (Gripper), its comrades (in other words, the multi-tentacle arms), chaos, destruction, bloodshed, endless violence, living up to "its potential" as it's been said
Dislikes: DEviCITY (its homeworld), being approached from behind (has deep paranoia of ENE and RGY being pulled on and detaching from its back due to unleashing life force and potentially killing it), its past life, its being banished, thankless work, ROBIN (the King of DEviCITY)
Personality: Cruel, enjoys chaos, loves bloodshed, will live up to its name, cares deeply about its tentacle arms (though can't express it well, especially toward Gripper), seeks vengeance against the kingdom, will torture anyone it meets for the sheer pleasure of it

Oh, look at this...You seem to be impressed with despite my role, I happen to look like this. Zezeze, well, somehow those idiots knew how to build a rather fitting piece of machinery. It's just a shame they doubted our power.

But enough on that, why don't you gaze at us a while longer..? Isn't it...A great honor to be this close to us..?

Lab Log

Our world was a hellhole. The beings there care so much about each other that they forget about us! If you're not some pathetic piece of element-controlling filth, then you mean nothing. You're tossed aside and forgotten, knocked down and left to fend for yourself..! You mean nothing if you're not a part of their worthless "family", and for all they know, you never existed in the first place. Fools...All of them!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3


We learn of our supposed purpose, and eventually, how they truly feel about us.

Muffled sounds filled the air and I began to awaken. I twitched slightly and let out a light sound as I slowly took sight of multiple beings hovering before me, most of them in what appeared to be protective articles of clothing.


They turned toward me as I said this, and I gazed at them, studying them and noting down what they are. From their general appearance to the clothing they wore - which I found were known as "lab coats" - I remembered everything.

One of them comes up to me, and I notice how his expression hinted at excitement, eager to see me awake. He pressed a button nearby, and I noticed that I was encased in some form of confinement.

The devices connecting me to the container detached and I glanced toward one side, noticing how I had a shadowy arm with armor covering where my hand would be. I looked down and noticed my legs were also made of shadows, and one was encased in thick armor, with two claws attached to it.

"You finally awaken, VI-l0city."

I look back up at the being, of whom was grinning at me before gesturing for me to come toward him.


He nods as I took a slow step forward, before taking my armored hand and holding onto it to keep me from stumbling.

"Yes. That is your name. However, we will also call you V for short." he gave me a gentle pull toward himself and the group still nearby, "We've been waiting for your awakening, and are super excited to finally get to talk to you."

I stared at him, unsure of what to say, and gazed around the area, analyzing everything that surrounded me.

"Location...Noted." I said, "D-DEvIC...LAB..."

One of the other scientists clapped happily, startling me, and I stumbled back at the sound.

"It's already analyzing everything!" she remarked, her voice just as startling as the sudden clap, "It's brilliant!"

Despite being able to feel her joy, I still remained standing back and lowered my head, looking down at my other hand, of which had long fingers with sharp claws. I tapped my claws together, before the scientist holding my hand spoke again.

"It will only continue to grow from here." he took me toward the crowd, to which I hesitated before following behind, "With the data we gave it during its creation, V will only continue to learn and become greater than it already is."

I glanced at the crowd, noticing their prideful grins, and went up to the front of the room, stopping beside the scientist as he made an announcement.

"Fellow DEvICs, we have done it! Our dream has become a reality!" he released my hand while raising his own into the air, "We've created the greatest piece of technology to ever grace this kingdom, and soon, we shall build even more! VI-l0city is only the beginning, and there is no stopping us! We can only continue onward from here on out!"

More cheers and applause filled the air and I glanced over at him, then down at my hands. I heard him continuing his speech and went toward a nearby machine, studying it for a moment, before touching it with one hand and feeling something seeping into my fingers.

The room's lights began to flicker as I did this, before the scientist quickly grabbed my arm and took my hand off the device, shaking his head.

"Oh, don't touch that." he said, bringing me back in front of the crowd, "That's how we power our machinery, and it's very important."

I tilted my head, noticing how his pride was replaced by concern, and reached to touch him, to which he backed away just as quickly as he came to get me.

"No, no, no. It's worse if you were to touch one of us!" he explained, "That hand has the power to absorb the life from others. It can become very dangerous if you touch something with any sort of life force."

"L...Life...Force..?" I echoed, looking down at my hand and tapping my claws together, "What is...Life force..?"

He chuckled, seemingly amused at my question, before taking me to another machine, on which had various bits of data on the world and its functions listed on its screen. He tapped one of the tabs, labled "Living Creatures and Their Life Sources", before showing it to me.

"Basically, a lot of things in our world require some form of energy - also known as 'Life Force'." he explained, "It's exactly as it says: It keeps us alive and able to function. When we run out of life force, we die and can no longer exist in this world. However, we are able to become life forces for another."

He goes to the next section, and continues.

"DEvICs are able to use various elements to give themselves that life force. For example, the King - of whom we'll have to introduce you to immediately - is known as an Arcane and Shadow Element Master. This means that he can use Arcane and Shadow life energy to give himself strength. He is one of a kind, as most of us have only one element, but he is the only one thus far to have both Arcane and Shadow mastery. We do have some who mastered one or the other, but King ROBIN was the first to master both. Others, such as myself, have no element, but still can rely on life forces from other materials - such as nature and water - to help me stay strong. It's those like myself who actually require the toughest of element mastery - but not for the sake of controlling it, but defending against it should it go out of control."

I looked down at the screen, reading through all the elements and analyzing each one's strengths, weaknesses, and reliances on other materials, before asking him something.

"Then...What am I? What is my element?"

He could sense my curiosity and another light chuckle escaped his mouth before he replied.

"You are not a DEvIC, therefore you have no element." he laid a hand on my back as I seemed to show a hint of disappointment in what was just said, "But you don't require them. You also have so much more than anyone in the kingdom could ever want. As we continue our progress, you will find out just how wonderful you were meant to be."

I looked back down at the screen, reading more about what would happen when the Life Force of a DEvIC was gone, then asked another question.

"What is...Die..?"

He looked and saw what I just read, then explained.

"Dying is when our Life Force is fully depleted. When we lose our energy, we die." he faced me and noticed my stare, "However, we will always remain useful to our planet; Our bodies then become one with it, and our respective element will give the planet strength to thrive. For example, a DEvIC who's of the Water element will leave the planet various new streams and rivers, of which other Water DEvICs may use to hone their elemental skills. Even those who aren't of that element may use it for resources, such as gathering water to help out others. The best part is, anything that we leave behind is fresh and always clean, so no one will get hurt by the remains -- not even of a Fire DEvIC."

I tapped a claw against my chin, thinking carefully about what he just said, then asked, "So, I...I cannot die? Because I'm not...A DEvIC?"

At this, he shook his head, to which I was shocked to find that I was wrong. His hand rubbed my back and he turned me away from the screen, then replied.

"Unfortunately, even you are not immortal. You are not one of us, that's true, but you still have your own weaknesses and are liable to lose Life Force just as easily as one of us. However, we plan on helping you learn how to protect yourself from these weaknesses, so you can fight back when there's a threat. One of your later purposes is combat, and you won't be only protecting us, but the planet as well. But you won't start training for combat right away."

He then looked up and seemed to realize something on my head, then exclaimed, "Oh, I forgot about those!"

Before I could react, he removed his hand from my back and pressed a button on another device on his wrist, and I heard the sounds of something slithering out of my head, followed by tiny shrieks as two clawed arms stopped beside my face, looking at me despite having no visual faces.

"These two will be your comrades during harder work." the scientist spoke up, "The one on your right is CLAVV, or Claw. The one on your left is GRIPP, or Gripper. They are built with materials not quite as durable as your own, but still sturdy enough to resist a lot of heavy work. You also have two more attached to your back, together known as ENERGY. However, those two are crucial to keeping your Life Force in tact. If they were to be removed from within your back in particular, all of your energy would be released in seconds. It's those two that must be protected at all costs, and Claw and Gripper will help you with that as well."

I felt the tentacles on my back shake slightly, and I heard them speaking to me, requesting I help keep them safe. I had no idea how I could hear them, and then Claw also spoke to me, saying that all four of them could hear and understand my thoughts, and that they would do anything I asked of them, pledging loyalty to me.

"I won't let you down." I whispered, raising my hand and aiming it toward Claw, only to stop as I remembered what was said about my being able to drain the life out of other things.

Claw lowered himself toward my hand, and I jumped with a loud "No!", but after he placed himself in the palm of my hand and began to nuzzle it gently, I wondered why he was unaffected by my touch.

"You can touch them, no worries." the scientist spoke again, "It's anything not equipped to yourself that would be affected by your powers. Besides, Claw likes you a lot. I can tell you'll get along fine."

I chuckled as Claw slithered around my head, squealing and screeching in response, and I could hear him speaking again before he went back to his side and retracted himself so he was closer. Gripp seemed to just be watching and listening, before also giving my hand a light nudge, allowing me to pat him lightly.

"Now that you've met your comrades in arms --" the scientist stopped and gave a light laugh, to which I noticed he was making a joke about Gripp and Claw's being just that, "-- We want to begin working on you right away. While we continue, you will see and learn so much more about our kingdom and planet. In fact, we were waiting for you to awaken, because we wanted the kingdom to see you in person!"

I heard another squeak from Claw and glanced at him, noticing that he was curious, yet excited to see the kingdom. I smiled at him and gave him another pat, before another scientist spoke from afar.

"Sir, we tried to get in contact with King ROBIN about Vi-l0city's awakening, but he hasn't answered back. We may have to postpone the meeting with him and just start working on its process for a while."

He sighed and lowered his head. I could sense disappointment and laid my other hand on his back, causing him to jump.

"The King...Will he...See me..?"

He didn't reply at first, then shook his head slowly, taking my arm and holding it.

"It doesn't seem like it. Not right now." he glanced at me and I saw him attempting to form a smile, but clearly was saddened by the lack of response, "But he'll get back to us soon. I promise."

I stared down at him, then let him lower my arm and take my hand, holding it gently as he added, "And he will enjoy seeing you...Just like I'm enjoying you at this very moment."

He gave me a firm nod, before releasing my hand and nodding toward another scientist, of whom stood closer by, before saying, "So be it. We will work on V for the time being. I'm super excited to see just how strong it can become over time, and I'm sure it'll be a great success!"

The others cheered and got ready to work, before I began to undergo tests I never knew would ever happen.

But with Claw and Gripper by my side, we succeeded, and I held tight to the thought of meeting the King...

...And making him proud.


The King's Concern:

It's been weeks since our conversation about meeting the King, and I've begun to let go of that hope.

While we've been successful in our tests up to this point, I've started to question if the King ever wanted to see me.

I was in the middle of lifting and carrying objects to continue building my strength, and Claw held onto a heavy box, taking it to a shelf on one side of the lab, before the sudden beeping of their communicator went off.

Claw nearly dropped the box, but with the help of myself and Gripper, managed to place it neatly on the shelf as a scientist - who we learned was named ZONE - pressed a button to activate the communicator.

I listened intently as ZONE seemed to be talking to someone, before suddenly hearing him saying "At once, My King" and hanging up with a loud yell of joy.

The lead scientist, Zee, ran up to ZONE and took notice of his wide grin right away.

"Is he --" he began to ask, but ZONE nodded so fast, I was surprised his head didn't go flying across the room with his Wind element mastery.

"YES! King ROBIN...He finally managed to get back in contact! He said he will be coming here to see V momentarily, and he wants to make sure it's all fit for examination!"

Zee clapped his hands excitedly, before turning toward me, noticing that I was watching them this whole time, and grinned.

"V! It's finally time!" he exclaimed, "The King will finally see you! ...Although I suppose you heard everything, didn't you?"

I nodded and began to reply, but Claw let out a loud shriek, causing some of the nearby glass to crack under the high pitch.

I gave him a quick pat, calming him down, and knew that he was excited.

"I know...I'm excited too." I said, "But we have to behave in front of the King. This is our time to prove our worth to him."

Claw began to squeak and click and I knew that he was showcasing his joy toward finally being able to show himself to the King, and I chuckled, patting him again.

Gripper then began to speak back to Claw, and I could sense a hint of irritation from him, clearly annoyed that he wouldn't calm down.

"It's okay. He's excited." I lifted my other hand and laid a claw under Gripper lightly, giving him a light scratch, "We'll showcase our best selves for King ROBIN, right?"

Claw wiggled around swiftly, clearly in agreement, and Gripper gave a more slow, yet confident 'nod', to which I knew we would all have to look our best, and for good reasons...

King ROBIN was a very powerful entity, and it's under his caring - yet strict - rule that the kingdom has survived for so long, despite hardships in the past. His elements also added to the threat of his power and how easily he could overpower anyone who tried to turn against him.

During my practice, I took time to learn and analyze other beings in the kingdom, King ROBIN being one of the most interesting subjects. Zee told me about his mastery over two elements, and how both were really rare alone, but what I didn't know is that they were also two of the most powerful elements a DEvIC could have.

Elements had their own strengths, weaknesses, and even neutral effects on others, but only four elements stood above all else.

Those four were Light, Shadow, Arcane, and a mythical element known as Tech. While there were at least one DEvIC of the first three, no one has ever seen or heard of a Tech element master, so they deem it a myth or something that didn't exist.

While I studied the various elements, I also tried to find any proof of an existing Tech master, but none have been found. Yet, I began to question what Zee had said when we first met and he was telling me about himself: That he had no element. Yet, he worked with all these machines effortlessly, like he didn't even need any help to make them work...

I began to think he was a Tech master.

Yet, every time I questioned him about this, he brushed it off and would always proclaim that he was a Neutral - or otherwise Element-less - DEvIC, laughing at the thought of being a Tech master and even claiming that he had his fair shares of failures making machinery. However, I then began to analyze him, to the point where I found his records of tests and creations. This is when he would act even more suspicious and hide the records elsewhere. Every time I tried to read them, he'd take them and hide them again. And the more I asked, the more he denied it, and I finally decided to just let it go.

I then began to study the other scientists, including ZONE, Zokk, and Jin, all of whom had various elements, but weren't exactly masters. ZONE was sometimes hard to control when he was excited, and his head would sometimes go flying across the room - something that strangely didn't happen after his conversation with the king. Zokk and Jin were siblings, and both had the Electricty mastery, but Zokk was more able to control his powers than Jin, and Jin also had some Fire element that was liable for causing major meltdowns every once in a while - both in the lab and within himself.

Jin had a temper to match his fiery element, and their head could actually burst into flames and even explode, but remerge as if nothing happened. According to Zee, Fire DEvICs had this special ability, and would sometimes use themselves as explosives in demolition projects, simply because this would not kill them. It was further stated that one of the only ways to truly kill a fire DEvIC of any kind was to drown them in water, since that was their primary weakness.

Of course, I would never think of doing such a thing, but Jin tends to admit that a lot of times, Zokk has indeed thought about it more than once - but also adding his electricity "for good measure". Zokk would claim it's a joke, but from the smug looks I've seen him give after saying this, I found that hard to believe. The two tend to bicker a lot as well, but try to hide their emotions when in public and otherwise helping with my progress.

There were others I studied as well, but these were the primary targets, due to either having interest or being around them more often. Sometimes, others will come in and I will note them down in my databanks, and question about their whereabouts when they disappear, to which Zee would inform that some aren't actually associated with the lab, while others work various jobs and may swap out from time to time.

One of my favorites so far was a Life DEviC named Fy, and she always brought us rewards for working, as well as treated me to a wonderful massage after I finished my tasks. She was almost like a second parantal figure to me, and I always wondered how it would be if she and Zee were together since he was like my first parent.

I've even asked Zee about this, and he would act nervous before finally admitting that he wanted to eventually go on a date with Fy, but couldn't muster up the courage to do so. I didn't know what he really meant, but after explaining what he wanted to do, I once again noted everything in my banks, in hopes to possibly find a way to help him.

The call from the king suddenly inspired an idea...If he could get this to happen, then he could surely get that date.

I gestured toward Zee with a claw, to which he came over, and just flat out said what I thought:

"You can finally have that date you've wanted for so long. The king was one of your goals, and you accomplished it...Accomplish this one as well."

Zee jumped back, surprised that I would just say this out loud, before hushing me and taking me into another room.

I watched as he looked behind to see if anyone else was behind us, then closed the door behind himself before speaking.

"Where'd you get this idea from? What does the king's arrival have to do with...That?"

I walked toward one wall and glanced down at my hands, then flexed my claws and replied.

"You...You never gave up on the King. You never gave up hope." my claws tapped together as I continued, "I began to give up on this goal, yet you...You persisted. You trusted him...And I...I trust you. I believe you can get what you want if you don't give up."

I glanced toward him, noticing his rather surprised - yet caring expression. His eyes sparkled in the dim light and I saw him nod with a tiny smile.

"After our visit with the King...I will ask her." he went up to me and laid a hand on my shoulder, "Luckily, she's due to arrive alongside him. Due to his position, he needs quite a few escorts."

A light chuckle escaped his mouth and he gave my shoulder a pat before ushering me out of the room, to which Zokk called from afar, "King ROBIN is almost here! Is V prepared?"

Zee glanced at me and I brushed off my arms before sliding my claws together, trying to contain myself, and nodded.

"It is. Let us await his arrival."

Zokk nodded and gestured toward Jin and ZONE, both of whom stood at attention, then aligned near the door, while Zee stood in front with me beside him.

Moments passed and suddenly, the door to the lab opened, revealing the DEviC I've been longing to see...

...King ROBIN.

The scientists all bowed before him, and I tried to mimic their movements, but due to my build, couldn't bring myself low like they were. I tapped my claws together nervously as he gave the order to rise, and I took sight of Fy standing beside him, smiling slightly but with an otherwise serious look on her face.

"My King, it's an honor to have you visit our humble lab." Zee spoke, giving another light bow, "We cannot express how grateful we are to be in your presense."

ROBIN gave a light nod, then came up to me, eying me curiously. Bright orbs of Arcane energy floated around his head, hovering from what I could only assume was his crown, and glowed dimly as he studied me.

"Curious..." he muttered, raising his arm and laying a long sleeve underneath his chin, "I can sense your power just from looking at you. You've already grown immensely."

A shadowy arm emerged from behind his back and one of its fingers laid under my chin, holding my head up. The feel of its touch gave me chills, and I tried to contain myself as it ran down toward my chest and further down my body.

"This armor..." ROBIN spoke, "...Wouldn't be able to hold all its power. It barely fits inside as it is, and can easily lose control if given the chance."

I jumped at this, to which ROBIN laid his entire hand on my chest, and I began to feel relaxed.

"I'm going to do something." he said softly, "You'll be okay."

I felt myself freezing in place as he gazed at me, the orbs around his crown glowing brighter than before, and I felt like he was reading something...Something important.

During my studies about the Arcane element, I learned about what they can do should they master their techniques, including - but not limited to - reading the future and even the thoughts of those they encountered.

They could also communicate with telepathy, and use psychic powers to manipulate everything around them - either to build or destroy. I was afraid of all of these abilities being used against myself, but ultimately knew that as long as I behaved, I would be okay from the King's wrath.

"It's unstable."

ROBIN removed his hand from my chest and I felt myself slump down as quickly as I froze. He turned toward Zee and continued.

"It could lose control if you don't improve its armor right away. The energy it contains...It's easy to lose control over, and it could affect not only its own behavior, but the fate of yourselves and the kingdom. However, you have it raised well for the little time it's been around, and so far, it's appearing to do fine. I'd like to give it a test."

I jumped back and stared back in shock as Zee exclaimed, "O-Of course! It would be an honor to be given a task by you! Right, V?"

I didn't reply. What was just said about myself had me questioning what he meant about my behavior.

What was "unstable"?

How could i lose control?

What could I possibly do to affect the ones I care about and the world I came from?

I wanted to speak, but after being snapped back into reality by Zee's voice, slowly nodded, still uncertain about what was just said.

ROBIN stepped back a bit, another shadowy arm flowing out from his back, and said, "I've heard you can carry heavy loads. Care to put that strength to the test?"

I gave another nod, trying to push back the questions that raced through my head, and ROBIN grinned, raising his hands into the air and forming a statue made of molten materials - clearly from the remains of a Fire DEviC - and handed it to me with psychic powers.

I took the statue in my hands, and Claw and Gripp helped me carry it to a corner of the room by the King's command. As we lowered the statue, I heard Claw letting out a squeak that I've never heard before.

"What's wrong?"

Claw spoke to me, informing that something inside of him was hurting. Whether it was due to the material or just being worn out from all the hard work, he didn't know, but he was clearly in pain and worn out.

"I'll see what I can do. Hang in there."

We lowered the statue, setting it onto the floor neatly, before turning toward everyone, noticing how they were watching our work intently.

I then went up to them and couldn't help but inform of Claw's pain just now, but ROBIN seemed to have other things in mind.

"I can tell you studied a lot about our world as well. Tell me, do you know how to defend against the Elements?"

I glanced at Claw nervously, fearing that we'd have to fight against his Arcane-Shadow mastery, to which he shuddered and hid behind my head.

"I...I've not started that yet." I struggled to speak, "But...But Claw...He's hurt. We've been working so hard...He...He just..."

ROBIN raised a hand, stopping me, and I saw his crown glowing with more Arcane energy.

"Just give this a try." he spoke, floating into the air as a large aura formed in the center of his crown, "I just want to test something...Something important."

Before I could react, a bright beam shot from his crown, and I quickly stuck out my life-absorbing hand, unaware of its being able to absorb the attack into its palm and giving me a massive amount of energy. I felt the energy seething throughout my entire body and raised my hands, holding my head and letting out a loud yell.

"V!" Zee shouted, before ROBIN stopped him and informed, "This is what I want to see: How well can it take this power."

I fell onto the floor, the energy burning throughout my every being, and I dug my claws into the floor, sending out an earsplitting screech as they scraped against the metal.

Glass shattered and i could hear the sounds of machinery breaking as the sound rang throughout the room, and I could even hear Claw and Gripper shrieking with the same amount of pain I felt.

"It...It burns!" I could barely speak as the pain continued to course throughout my body before finally beginning to leave, "It...It...It hurts..."

I fell onto the floor in a weakened heap, trembling and holding my arms close to myself. I could hear weakened squeals from Claw and Gripper as they curled up beside my head, wrapping around me as gently as they could while still giving me an embrace as we could only listen to ROBIN as he began to speak with the others. What I heard from him was terrifying.

"I fear it going out of control. If it can hold this much power - despite the pain - it can easily become a great threat. It must be restrained to the best of your ability...But also, it needs to learn to take and absorb this power...If it wants to become our guardian. The choice is yours, but if you value your safety - as well as the safety of our planet - I suggest you restrain it quickly...Now that it's weak."


We've had enough, and they don't realize what they've done.

After the visit by ROBIN, I've been through vigorous training, being tested against the Elements and soon becoming able to absorb most without feeling pain.

I also saw Zee watching Fy more often, and remembered the promise he made to me: That he would ask her on a date after his accomplishment with the King. However, he didn't do what he said after the visit, as Fy left by ROBIN's side - something I should've seen coming due to her being his escort at the time.

I watched as the two met again, and was just finishing my latest lesson as I finally heard him ask her if she'd be interested in going out with him. What she said in reply, however, startled me.

"I'm sorry, but I'm already proposed to someone else. I've been seeing him for a while, and when he asked me to marry him, I couldn't say no."

I didn't know what this meant at the time, but after seeing Zee's head lower in disappointment and bidding her farewell with a saddened look on his face, knew that she'd basically rejected him.

This angered me and I glared at Fy, grumbling, "We'll see about that."

Before anyone could react, I charged at her, pinning her against the ground, and shouted, "Why did you hurt him?! What did he do to you??"

Zee noticed my reaction and ran up to me, pleading for me to release her, but to no avail.

Fy struggled in my grip, attempting to free herself, but my claws were wrapped around her so tight, she could barely budge.

"I-I didn't mean to hurt him! I-I didn't even know...How he felt! I-I wish I could go out with him, but what would my--"

"Enough!" I shouted, "He cared about you, yet you rejected him! He didn't deserve this! What does this other fool do for you??"

Fy struggled to speak again, but after a loud screech of anger from Claw, grew silent, and Zee finally managed to respond.

"It's not her fault, V. It's mine."

I glanced at him and noticed his pitiful expression, then slowly loosened my grip.

"I...I never expressed my emotions toward her, and to be honest, I felt like it was too late for me anyway." Zee lowers his head and helps Fy escape my grip as it grew loose enough for her to get out, "I knew she was fond of another DEviC, and I am actually good friends with him as well. We actually had a friendly rivalry and liked to joke about who would marry Fy, and apparently he won. He's a good guy, and will give her a life much better than I ever could."

I watched as he took Fy's hands and held them in his, before saying, "Tell him I said congratulations, and that if he needs any help with the wedding, I would gladly volunteer."

Fy nodded, then turned back toward me and - despite my outburst - came up to me before embracing me.

"It's difficult to understand these things, but don't worry. I won't hold this against you. I will still come and visit all of you. Do take care of yourselves, won't you?"

I looked down at the floor, tapping my claws together, then nodded slowly.

Zee took Fy over to the exit and watched as she left, giving her a final wave before turning toward me and sighing.

"V...I know it must've hurt to see that. But please, don't feel like you have to get angry. We can't help what others feel, and we'll still be friends." he came up to me and laid a hand on my shoulder, "We can't afford for you to act out like this. If King ROBIN finds out about this...He'll doubt your ability to grow. We want to prove him wrong, that you are able to remain stable in every way possible, and this would only prove him right."

I let him take me over to an area in the lab, and I knew what he was about to do: He was going to restore my energy, and also check on my condition to see if anything was broken.

After ROBIN's test, my limbs were connected to my armor in order to restrain movement more. Despite this, I could still move effectively, but not near as wrecklessly as before. These attachments also enabled me to live off more energy instead of what I could gain from Ene and Rgy, and are probably one reason why I'm able to absorb the Elements, alongside my training.

I lowered my arms as he started his process, studying my armor to check for cracks or scratches, before moving toward my back. Claw and Gripper knew that he was just going to check the storage unit and didn't react, and even Energy remained calm as he gave the unit light taps and rubs of his fingers as he checked for leaks.

He then moved toward the other side and analyzed my armor, giving my mechanical hand a light touch, allowing me to give it a slow spin to showcase movement and ability to function without snapping off.

"Everything seems perfect so far." he said, stopping in front of me and checking out my chest, "Just a few light scratches, but that's to be expected. Nothing to consider a threat, however."

Claw squeaked in reply, and I remembered when he was in pain during ROBIN's test.

"What about Claw?" I asked, "He's still..."

Before I could finish, Zee was already noting down my condition, and I saw what he was putting down -- as well as what he wasn't.

Nothing was noted about Claw's condition. As usual.

Claw's squeak almost became a whimper, and I could tell he was begging for some treatment. I tried to get Zee's attention and inform him, but again, he didn't listen.

"We're almost done for the night." he sighed and turned toward me, "I have a final task for you, then we'll be done."

Claw turned away from him, and I could tell he was giving the same treatment we were just given. I mimicked the behavior and turned away as well.

"No." I replied, "Not until you do something for us."

I could hear Zee letting out a light gasp at this, and he tried to insist we did our last job, but I repeated myself.

"You owe us a task. If you won't do it, then we won't do what you want."

The lab began to grow hot as I remained in place, and I felt some of the Fire energy I've absorbed during past tests flowing throughout my body. I raised my shadowy hand and fired a bright flame toward the wall, then swung it upward, slashing through it, before absorbing the energy back into myself and turning my head toward him slightly, glaring at him.

"V...Wh-What's wrong with you..?" he could barely speak as he noticed the damage done, "Wh-Why are you acting like this..? It's not because of Fy, is it..? I promise, I'll be --"

"No, it's not." I turned toward him completely and gestured toward Claw as I continued, "Claw is still hurt, and yet...You don't care about him. He is a part of me, is he not? Why do you not care about how he feels, what he needs? Why won't you listen to his problems? Why won't you let me tell you about his pain?? Why won't you do anything to fix it??"

He jumped back as I flashed my other hand's claws, of which began to spark with electricity from other tests, before struggling to answer, but at the sight of machines beginning to malfunction from the nearby energy, finally spoke again, his voice filled with fear.

"Okay...Okay! I'm sorry! I'll...I'll help him! Just please...Stop this madness before it gets us all in trouble..! Just tell me...What you need me to do!"

I used the electricity to forge a chair out of the nearest machine, then sat in it and got my face into his, giving him the task we wanted him to do...

"Fix him. Rid of his pain...And do it quick."

Zee shuddered at the tone of my voice and looked back, knowing that he was all alone with us, before turning back toward me.

"I...I may have to..." he began to say, but I slammed my hand against the chair and scraped my claws against it, cutting him off.

"No. You don't." I growled, "I've seen you work on others similar to him. Now do it. Or we'll have to take...A different approach."

My metal hand began to spark again, and forged another object out of nearby machinery, before I took a hold of it and caused it to explode in my grip.

Zee stared at me in terror, before I grabbed his chin and pulled him toward us, allowing Claw to slither toward his face and stroke one side, digging into his skin after a few moments.

"Now, what will it be..? Will you do what we ask of you, or will we have to...Kill you?"

Zee continued to stare, and I saw his gaze filling up with sadness, noticing my change in behavior, but also sensing that he felt something else going on within me.

He slowly touched my hand and gave it a light pat, to which I didn't release right away, but eventually did after he finally managed to promise Claw's repair.

I gave him a shove, then laid my hand back on the chair's arm, and smirked as he finally got to work.

"V...I...I must ask you...What happened to you?" he asked, checking Claw's arm before carefully studying for what's hurting him, "Ever since your test with the King, you've been...Rather hostile toward us -- Even Fy, who you loved like a mother. Wh-What's happening to you..?"

I snorted and laid my chin on one hand, then gave the chair a light flick of my claw as I replied.

"I'm beginning to feel like you couldn't care less about me. Ever since that test, Claw has been begging for help, and I've tried to assist him...But you...You don't care. You don't listen when I say he needs help, and it took this to get you to do it! I'm wondering what's happened to you, why you no longer see us as something other than some silly test subject. Are we just pawns to you and your precious king?"

Zee stopped for a moment, and I saw his gaze filled with sorrow, seemingly regretting something. He gave Claw a light stroke of his finger, to which Claw seemed to enjoy - as he let out a light squeal of content - before lowering his hand.

"I...I never realized you felt that way." he sighed, "I admit, I do take my job seriously. You continue to make us proud to this day, and I never thought that even someone like you would need some time to relax and enjoy yourself. I...I just...Want to please my King as well, and I can't...Let him down. It's because of how he would react why I must ensure you remain well behaved. But it's hard, and I'm sure you know why."

I snorted again, but did indeed know why, and it was no laughing manner. King ROBIN's Arcane mastery meant that he could predict the future - something I already knew he could do - but he could also sense trouble from miles away, even if it's hidden from sight...Meaning that if he sensed me acting out like this, he would do everything in his power to make sure I didn't get away with it.

Zee took my hand and I glanced at him, my smirk turning into a look of concern. He could clearly tell how hurt we were, but how we also didn't mean to lash out like we have been.

"I promise. I'll see if I can find you some time to rest." he then said softly, "I found where Claw is hurt, and perhaps this is just exactly what you need. His wires are becoming worn and loose, but perhaps we can work on that while you get the time to relax. We'd have to disable him temporarily, but he'd otherwise be fine."

I glanced at Claw, and he turned toward me, nodding before stopping shortly and squeaking in pain again. I gave him a light scratch of my claw, then turned back toward Zee and spoke.

"We would appreciate that. If Claw still trusts you, then I don't see why the rest of us shouldn't." I stopped before turning away and saying softly, "I...I do care about you. I care about all of you...As well as Fy. I...I don't want to see anyone get hurt."

Zee gave my hand a pat, before rubbing my head, something I never felt before, and said, "We'll see about that break tomorrow. Until then, I'll let you rest for the night. It's been...A rough day."

I nodded and let him take me from the chair to the capsule in which I was always placed, and was once again set for Nighttime Refreshment - as in, I would be in constant Sleep Mode until they came back to awaken me. He watched as I slowly drifted off to sleep and I heard him say, "I love you, V" before leaving the lab.


The Final Letdown:

We had a day of rest before I once again saw Zee communicating with ROBIN. This time, they were on their devices, and I could hear intense stress in Zee's voice as he was given multiple questions from the King.

"V's doing fine! It's just taking a break for the day. It's been working so hard that --"

"Why does it need a break? It's meant for service, is it not?" ROBIN cut in, "I thought you said it had limitless energy to continue working. Has that energy run out? Is it depleting?"

Zee shook his head and tried to explain, but to no avail. I turned in my chair and tried to simply ignore them as they continued to converse and was given something to eat from Jin.

"The King's been getting rather antsy lately." he said, placing a piece of meat near the top of my head, "I...I think he knows something we don't."

The slot in my head opened and I heard the familiar buzzing and scraping of the many saw blades that activated inside as they shredded the meat, and sighed, stretching out my arm and flexing my claws.

"I don't want to think about it." I muttered, "He's been bothering me ever since we first met..."

Jin began to speak, but after seeing my expression, didn't reply and placed another piece near the blades, to which they ripped it apart as well.

I sighed, giving my claws another light movement, before saying, "I'm done. I don't want any more."

Jin knew I was talking about the meat and placed the rest close to himself to take later, then asked, "Is there anything else? I want to help if I can."

I shook my head and turned so my face was buried in the chair. I just wanted to rest, and not have the King nagging us every moment of every day. He always wanted to know what I was doing and what I've done.

It's not enough that I'm succeeding to the best of my ability. He wants to know if I'm still the "perfect little service android" they all bragged about.

I hated how he spoke about me, even to the point where he would speak like I was one of his own underlings, or worse...Nothing but a mere pet. Calling me things like "Little Robot" and saying how I "gave him an excellent show", like I was meant to entertain him, or that I was intended to please him and him alone. He treated me like I wasn't even from his kingdom, and talked all cute to me, using a tone like I was too stupid to understand him and giving me praises like I was just learning a new trick.

"Where is it now?"

ROBIN's voice sounded again, and I knew Zee was going to show where I was - if not simply inform him of my whereabouts - and buried my head underneath my hands, simply not wanting to be disturbed.

Just as predicted, Zee did show where I was, and I heard ROBIN speak again, using his stupid "cutesy" voice to try "coaxing me out".

"Ah, there you are! Why are you hiding like that?"

I didn't reply and tried to gesture toward Zee to turn away, but ROBIN only continued.

"Come on, let's see how you've grown!"

At this, I slowly lowered my hands toward the chair, growling softly.

"I'm taking a day off. Please...Just leave us alone."

Despite my request, ROBIN still urged me to show what I've been doing, and I could barely contain myself as I quickly got out of my chair and stormed off.

"Wait...What is that?"

I stopped short and saw that Zee's device was still aimed at the chair, and sensed that despite his Arcane mastery, ROBIN never saw this event. This made me grow tense and I tried to sneak away, but was called over.

Knowing I had to obey, I sighed and went back over to the chair slowly, hanging my arms low and just wanting to leave for a while.

"Lift that for me."

ROBIN's tone changed in seconds - from the cute baby talk, to the sheer surprise, to now ordering me to do work despite my day off - and I stood still for a moment, hoping he'd reconsider.

Zee, too, tried to convince him that I really needed this rest, but like the careless fool he was, ROBIN insisted.

I gave him a weak salute and began to lift the chair, but once again, Claw let out a shriek - this time much louder and more agonizing than before.

"What's that noise coming from??" ROBIN demanded, to which Zee had to back away quickly due to the high pitch.

"I-It's..." he began to say, then stopped and I heard a soft, "Oh no..."

Just as he said this, I heard Claw snapping, along with all but one of his fingers falling off one by one, and his arm was quickly tearing, exposing the worn out wires. His shriek became almost an earsplitting screech of terrible pain, and I could hear the surrounding machines and windows cracking before we finally just let the chair fall onto the floor.

I felt Claw quickly with one hand, noticing how damaged he was, then glared at Zee, to which he quickly bid ROBIN farewell and turned off the device before he could reply.

"You...You didn't fix him!" I shouted, to which Zee stared back at me and struggled to speak, "You had this whole time to do it, and yet...This happens!?"

I lowered my hands and stomped toward him, allowing my claws to scrape the floor, and more loud screeches filled the room, causing even more surrounding machines to crumble, and some to explode.

"I-I wanted you to...Have some time to yourself..!" Zee tried to explain, but Claw let out another scream, clearly still hurt, but now very angry.

"Then why the hell did he have to interrupt?" I demanded, "Why is he always checking in on me? Why is he always giving us stupid tasks to perform?! Why is he always calling me those stupid names?! Speaking to me like I'm nothing?! I'm sick of him treating me like dirt, like we don't even matter! Screw him!!"

At this, the lab grew silent. I knew I had just insulted the king, but at this rate, I couldn't care less.

He insulted me this whole time...He insulted me when he called me his stupid nicknames, spoke to me like a worthless piece of filth...Gave me tasks that he could do himself with his precious powers...

He was a lazy scumbag, and he knew it.

"H-He just wants to --" Zee spoke, but I stopped in front of him and grabbed his neck, causing him to drop the device he was communicating with.

"He just wants to use me." I cut in, "He doesn't care about how we feel, or if we're hurt...He just wants his 'perfect little servant'...His 'precious entertainment'! He couldn't care less about anything else!"

Claw let out another shriek, this time softer than before, and I noticed that Zee was somewhat eying the device that remained on the floor beside us. I glared down at the device, then stomped on it, crushing it underneath my metal foot, and dug my claws deep into it as I scraped it against the floor.

"He won't abuse us anymore." I growled, glancing down at the shattered device, "Not when we're through with him."

At this, I could feel everyone turning toward us, and knew that they were surprised at what was just said. I still didn't care, however, and glared back at Zee.

"I thought you cared about us." I walked toward the screen where all the data was stored, my grip still on his neck, "But no...You just proved us wrong. It was always about him. It was always following the King's orders. Well, I've had it with your pathetic lies and your little promises to help us! You claimed you'd help Claw, but this is what's left of him! Look at him and tell him that this was your fault!! That it's because of you he's in pain and will never recover! TELL HIM!"

I thrusted Zee toward Claw, to which he jumped at the sight of the damage. He tried to speak, but Claw turned away and squeaked, to which I understood him completely.

"He's disappointed in you. Not only did you hurt him physically, but now...You've betrayed him, and he refuses to forgive you." I snarled, "Because of this...I won't forgive you either. Not you...Not your stupid king...Not anyone. We refuse to live in a place surrounded by those who hurt us, so this...This...Is good bye!!"

Before anyone could react, I grabbed Zee's face with my other hand and sank my claws into his skin, then began to absorb his energy. I raised my other hand, releasing his neck, and aimed it at the databank ahead of us.

The machine began to twist and distort as I gave my wrist a slight turn, sending out a metallic screech as the metal began to scrape against itself, and I heard Zee suddenly whisper, "I-Impossible..!"

I glanced at him, noticing how weak he was, yet how his expression was filled with intense horror, then took him with my other hand and released my grip with the one used to take energy.

"What?" I demanded.

Zee didn't reply at first, but a harsher grip caused him to reply softly, "Y-You...You're...You're using Tech energy..!"

I glanced down at the machine, and while I was surprised at this report, snorted in response, then went up to the distorted console and laid my loose hand on it.

"Oh, is that so..? Tell me...How do you know?"

"I...I heard rumors about how to use it...And the results of it. It can...Create...And destroy...Pieces of technology." Zee then jumped and looked toward the chair I created, before I heard him whisper, "Like that...I should've known...But how..?"

He turned back toward the damaged machine slowly, to which I slowly released my grip on him so he could study the result. He shook his head and I heard him beginning to stammer between heavy breaths.

"Y-You...This...This wasn't meant to happen..!" his body began to shake and I raised my energy absorbing hand again, extending my claws, "Y-You...You weren't meant to learn...Our...Our techniques..! You...What have you done??"

I smirked at his terrified voice and got my face into his, then replied softly.

"I...Have become far superior to you. And now I...Shall crush everything you so love!"

I gripped Zee's face again and took the rest of his energy, then threw the body against the sharp pieces of metal, splattering it all over its surface. My claws were stained in the remains of his energy, and I ran them across my face before turning toward the other workers, of whom were staring back in surprise.

"So...Who's next?!"

I heard them trying to plea for me to stop, but to no avail. I raised my metal hand again, and pieces of the stained machine began to detach from itself and covered my arm, before I gave it a swing, casing more to form into giant blades that then attached to my shoulders and down my back, fusing with the armor I was still connected to.

I flexed my other hand's fingers, allowing my claws to scrape against the floor slightly, before raising it toward my chest and touching my claws to the armor.

"No one? Hmph, isn't that a shame...I thought it would be easier to simply offer yourselves up as a sacrifice." I chuckled, "But no matter. Now I can show you what I think of you!"

After I said this, I scraped my claws against the armor, creating a large "V" in the center of my chest, then finished with a quick swipe and grinned maliciously.

"V! Why are you acting like this?" I heard Jin speak from near the chair, "You never behaved like this before! What's happening to you?"

I left the console's remains and walked around the lab as I spoke, my hatred toward ROBIN growing stronger the longer I continued.

"Didn't you hear? Your pathetic king...He just sees me as a tool." I glanced down at my claws and flicked them lightly, "He didn't care about how I felt...About how Claw was in pain. He treated us like scrap, and insulted us every chance he had! He never cared about how he treated us...Just like how none of you ever cared about us..."

I rolled my fingers into a fist and turned away from the onlooking scientists before speaking again.

"You claimed you loved us, but how did you truly see us? What were we to you besides an experiment...Some test subject..? Not once did you give us something in return for 'serving you', nor did we get any time to rest because 'oh, our King says you have to work until he says you're done'! You never stood up for us against him, it was always what he wanted, and nothing we said or did could change that! I thought love meant that you'd help us, but no...It's just another stupid, pathetic excuse to make sure the precious, almighty King got his way! He knew what would happen if you didn't listen to him, and he didn't only screw with your minds, but he attempted to do so with mine! But we're not going to let him get away with his nonsense...No. We're going to crush him...Destroy him...Slaughter him...And make him pay for everything he did! You can try stopping us if you want, but we won't give up until that piece of filth is dead and his pathetic kingdom along with him!!"

More machines crumbled as I swung my arms to the side, sending out a giant shockwave that ripped through anything in its path -- including the scientists foolish enough to try pleading for me to stop.

I watched as the head of one was sliced right off their body and their corpse fell onto the floor, leaking with Water energy, then went up to it and drank what was left.

"V! P-Please...! I know what the King did hurt you, but --" someone began to speak, but I turned and struck her with my claws as well, before once again devouring the body.

"Hmph...'Hurt' barely even covers it." I growled, glaring at the energy by my feet, "Try 'tortured'...Perhaps 'insulted' would do as well. He doesn't know what we had to go through just to please him. He doesn't understand how it felt to be called a silly nickname, or to be bothered when you're trying to enjoy a break! We just wanted some time to ourselves, but guess what? It didn't matter to him, and if we didn't do a pitiful task for him, then we were done! He'd have us terminated! We know he wouldn't let you refuse to obey orders, so we'll do it for you! We'll leave him begging for forgiveness before we crush him with our massive power!"

Before anyone could reply, much less budge, I swumg my arms to the side, creating another shockwave that this time caused the entirity of the lab to explode, before leaving anyone remaining alive to burn in the flames left over.

Just you wait, My King, you think you can toy with us and get away with it? Hmph, think again! We're going to take you down...And then...WE WILL BE KING!

I flew up toward the highest tower of ROBIN's castle, knowing right where he'd be after all my studies. I landed on the roof and thrusted into it with my claws, then scraped them across, allowing them to rip away large chunks of the bricks holding it together.

"Oh, Your Majesty...We're HOME!"

I leaped down, but ROBIN's expression hinted at already seeing this coming. His eyes were glowing brightly, and he had multiple arms sprouting from his back, all hands aiming at me.

"I knew you would arrive sooner or later." the King was unfazed by my menacing approach and continued to stare me down as he waved his arms in the air around himself, "You also have the power of Tech on your side. Impressive."

Claw screeched at him, informing of how he was badly injured because of his demands, but ROBIN seemed to be focused on something else.

I extended my claws and scraped them against the floor threateningly, before lunging at ROBIN and readying for a strike, only to be frozen in place by his Arcane powers.

"No. You will not succeed." ROBIN spoke, his voice calm at first, "You will be sent to another dimension, where you shall never harm us again!"

His entire demeanor changed after he said his last sentence and he thrust his arms forward, shoving me into a portal that I didn't see him creating during my attempted assault. I barely had the chance to move before I was already transporting through dimensions, and could only shout out a final threat before he vanished from sight...

"Screw you, scumbag! I will return, and I will destroy you and your entire kingdom! You haven't seen the last of us!!"


During our journey back, we find many new realms...And enjoy starting a little chaos.

It didn't take long to realize what I had to do after banishment. Though, admittedly, this gave us more time to grow stronger...To find new subjects to study...

...And new prey to kill and eat as we pleased.

I wandered through a city, kicking aside anything that stood in my way and scraping my claws against the ground. The screeches from them caused surrounding buildings and windows to shatter, and I chuckled as multiple beings cowered in fear with their hands over their ears to try blocking out the sounds.

I went up to one of the close by beings and took him by the neck, allowing my claws to sink into his flesh and enjoying his whimpers of pain. He tried to speak, but Claw slithered up to him and dug his finger into his eye, running it down his face, and letting out amused screeches as he cried for him to stop.

"Aw, he just wants to have fun!" I jeered, "Just let him examine you...Inside and out!"

Claw removed his finger and clicked at me in response, to which I chuckled again.

"You are rather curious, aren't you?" I said softly, "I admit, it's not every day we see a creature such as this. Why don't we...Have a little experiment?"

Claw nodded and backed away as I then dug my claws into the creature's chest, then ripped through his flesh, grinning at the massive amounts of blood that flowed from within. I reached in with my other hand, of which still remained on his neck, and continued to peel flesh from his body, enjoying the smell of his blood.

"Have a taste." I glanced at Claw, of whom seemed to be eying the body eagerly, and raised a hand toward him.

Claw gave the blood on my claws a light slide of his finger, then squeaked, telling me that he couldn't eat, something I knew he wished he could do. I then gave him a light brush of my hand, wiping some more blood on him, and said, "If only you could...Though perhaps you can enjoy something different...Like the fear they clearly show toward us...The screams of agony...Their hateful remarks, when they call us names such as 'vile' and 'monster'..."

I stopped at this and tapped a claw against my chin, reflecting on what I had just said.

"You know...I think that name suits us. If that's how they see us...Then why don't we let them know...Just how right they are?!"

I picked up the body and hovered in the air so I could drag it against the ground, spelling out my new name...


Claw squealed as I then devoured the body and left the blood to leave a message for those who passed by:

"We are VILE. We are your destruction. We are your downfall! Cower before us, and know that no one can save you!!"


We travelled through various planets and destroy all that stands in our way. After leaving a planet, they are also crushed, before being absorbed by my power.

We arrive in a giant kingdom, and stand before a castle that loomed above everything. Guards laid around in dead heaps, and my claws dripped with thick blood.

I gave my arm a powerful swing, knocking down the entrance doors, and let my claws scrape against the marble floors as we entered, leaving long blood stains on its otherwise shiny and clean surface, before stopping in the center of a huge room.

The room had two staircases, though they seemed to lead to the same location, and two more doorways could be seen on either side of the wall underneath the stairway. A golden throne sat in the center of those doorways, and at the moment, it was empty, though I had the feeling that whomever owned it was nearby.

Claw clicked and pointed at the area above, to which I nodded.

"Yes. I believe we will find our precious ruler hiding out...Such a pathetic coward."

Claw looked around, taking notice of everything in the castle as I began to head toward the stairs, then stopped me and pointed at what appeared to be a giant sword hanging on the wall. Underneath it, there was a sign that - despite its very small inscription - I could read easily from afar.

"Defender of the Kingdom."

I went up to it and removed it from the wall, chuckling softly and running a bloody claw against its blade, enjoying its sharpness.

"We'll see about that."

I gave the wall a swipe of my hand, once again leaving blood where the weapon had laid, then headed back toward the stairs, giving the sword multiple swings and striking the floor with it as we drew nearer to the room.

The door was closed, but even the locking mechanisms were nothing compared to my immense strength. I thrusted my hand forward, breaking the doors open, then used my Fire powers to set the area nearby ablaze - though the flames weren't going to cause damage until I gave them the power to do so.

I entered the room, and noticed that it was an office of sorts. Bookshelves aligned the walls, flames slowly creeping toward their edges, and a giant desk sat further back, placed directly in front of a window that showed the world outside. Behind that desk was also a plump, leather chair, in which someone sat before my arrival.

I could hear soft whimpering from underneath the desk and went up to it before picking it up and tossing it aside like it was nothing. Underneath the desk was a creature curled into a ball, clearly frightened of the ongoing chaos.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" I chuckled, gesturing toward the creature and giving Claw a slight glance, "Surely this isn't the mighty ruler of this glorious kingdom!"

Claw screeched with laughter, and I stopped in front of the creature, of whom was donned in a fur-ligned cape and rather fancy looking uniform, before picking him up and smirking at the terror in his eyes.

"I...I am. I-I am...This kingdom's ruler..!" he stammered, trying to make eye contact, but only to look away at the last second, "Wh-What do you want? Wh-Why are you here?"

I chuckled and held him by the collar of his shirt as I replied.

"Not so hospitable are you? No gifts for an outsider for venturing so far into your precious kingdom? No stating of 'we're honored to have you in our presense'? What kind of ruler doesn't even offer up a little sacrifice for simple visitors?"

Claw squealed with amusement and laid his finger on the creature's forehead, then ran it in circles, twirling his hair. I could tell he was enjoying the softness of it, but also the fear still shown by the ruler as he continued.

"We don't have gifts for vile creatures such as yourself!" the king then spoke, giving Claw a swing of his hand to swat him away, "Begone, and don't ever come back!"

This sudden change in emotion was surprising, but I chuckled and released him for a second, only to catch him and hold him by the ear. He shrieked in pain as my claws pierced his flesh and I raised my other hand, flashing the sword.

"Vile creatures, you say?" I smirked, waving the sword in his face, to which he stared in horror again, "How did you know? That's exactly what we are! Though we prefer to simply be known...As VILE!"

I gave the sword a swing, slitting his throat, before grinning at the blood that flowed from within. I began to lower my face toward his neck, but he spoke again, stopping me short.

"That weapon...What are you doing with it?" his voice was shaky and filled with agony, but he was doing everything he could to remain strong, "That is the Defender of our Kingdom, and only to be used in dire situations by our most powerful warrior! It's against our code to stain it with our own blood!"

At the last remark, I felt a malicious grin forming on my face. I saw him shudder as I raised the sword and aimed it at him, then jeered, "Oh, you mean like this?"

Before he could react, I sliced through his arm, cutting it off of his body, and allowed the blood to drip onto the blade. I then gave the blade a lick and ran it against his chest, wiping it against his shirt.

"It's not defending your precious kingdom so well, is it?" I mocked, twirling the sword with one hand while keeping my grip on him with the other, "Perhaps it found itself a new ruler...Someone who has the strength to wield it far better than one of your stupid warriors! How wonderful would that be, to be given the chance to hold such a...Mighty weapon...And use it against the ones it once served? Wouldn't that be...Amusing?"

I sliced through his shirt with the blade, then threw it onto the floor and ripped his shirt open even more with my fingers before grabbing a hold of his flesh and digging my claws in deep.

"Do you think I truly care about you or your pathetic kingdom? Do you think I care about your precious little weapon?" I growled, walking him up to the window and gazing down at the scene, "Well, I don't, and I couldn't care less about your stupid code or how you run this dump...You're just like everyone else: You're weak! You're helpless! You're nothing! Just like those other so-called 'mighty kingdoms' we've been through and crushed, yours is just another pitiful little playset for us to use however we want before we give it the same treatment we gave them! The destruction of such worlds gives us pleasure, and the fear you show gives us power! What are you but another piece of dirt underneath our feet? What are your stupid rules besides something for us to break? You all say we're cruel...Vile...Demented beings...And guess what? We've heard those exact same words before. But you know what else? You're right. And we enjoy it."

He struggled in my grip and grabbed my hand to try loosening it, but to no avail. I turned him toward the window, allowing him to gaze upon the destruction I've already left within his kingdom, and sneered as his eyes filled with tears.

"Does it hurt? Does it give you grief? Perhaps...A little bit of agony?" I whispered into his ear, "Tell me...How could we...Make this better for you? How can we...Give you even more pain than you're feeling now? We want to do...Anything in our power...To give you the despair you rightfully deserve!"

He stared at the scene a while longer, before I noticed his eyes lowering to the floor, clearly not wanting to look anymore. I touched my hand to the window and scraped my claws across it, creating a giant circle around the scene, then gave it a quick swipe to finish the job.

"Y-You...Why are you doing this..?" he then whimpered, tears falling onto the floor, "Why...Why are you in my kingdom...Causing all this...This...Destruction? Our kingdom...Never did anything to hurt you. We're a peaceful paradise for those who want to live a life without pain...A life without grief..! Why...Are you causing so much harm?"

I snorted and went up to the chair, then sat in it and held him close to my face as I turned back toward the window, admiring the scene. I gave my loose hand a light flick, and something exploded outside, causing a few corpses to suddenly emerge in view, clearly dismembered from the impact.

I glanced at Claw, and he slithered around the king before giving the scene a look as well. He squealed with joy and pointed at all the limbs that were now in view, counting each one.

The king watched him, seemingly understanding what he was doing, then suddenly spoke again, his voice soft and filled with sadness.

"You...You enjoy it...Don't you? The pain...The agony...The destruction...It gives you pleasure...Doesn't it?"

I leaned back in the chair, pressing my feet against the window, and ran my metal foot down, allowing its claw to scrape the glass, before replying.

"You said it yourself: We're just evil, vile destroyers...Why else would we enjoy so much death, so much chaos..? What are we but an entity who has a name to live up to?"

Claw and the king both looked at me, and I continued.

"It's not like it matters...Our own creators abandoned us. What were we to them but some pawn, a servant? They claimed to had loved us but what did we get in return? What did they do for us?! They wasted us, just to please their own precious king! It was never about us, it was about pleasing him! We were just a little show for them and anyone else who wanted to watch us perform!I HATE THEM!"

I stood up sharply and swiped my hand across the window, breathing heavily. I then lowered my head toward the glass and felt myself trembling.

"Our world...They said it was a peaceful paradise for us as well...What the hell is peace to us if we can't partake in what they enjoy? What the hell can we do to keep ourselves happy if they won't do anything to support us? Why are we treated so differently, just because we're not one of them? There never was any paradise...Not for us. No...All we ever had was nothing...Nothing but forced labor. Nothing but endless servitude. There was nothing that we could do to give ourselves a taste of their freedom...Nothing..."

I felt Claw coming up to me and running his hand against my face, knowing that I was hurting from what we dealt with. He squeaked softly, telling me that we would return and have our revenge someday...Telling me that we would not only crush the king, but the entire kingdom as well...That we would have our way in the end.

I felt myself regaining my former maliciousness and glanced down at the king, who remained in my grip, before straightening up and raising him to my face.

"Every perfect paradise, every peaceful kingdom...They shall crumble before our great might. If they want to take us on, so be it. We'll crush them with every ounce of power we have, and if we must be this vile, destructive creature..."

I flicked one hand, and the sword flew back into my grip, then held it in front of the king's neck.

"...Then so shall it be."

I sliced through his neck, decapitating the body, then gave the window a quick jab of the blade, shattering it and holding the body out for any survivors to see.

"This is what remains of your king! He has fallen, courtesy of his own Defender! Your kingdom is gone, and we shall take it as our very own!! Now...BEGONE!"

I threw the body out the window, before leaping out and allowing my Fire powers to finally let the flames burn down the castle. I stood in front of the melting rubble and glanced at the sword in my hand, then broke it in half and threw the remains aside.

"Hmph...Some weapon."

I passed through more of the kingdom, shooting flames at anything nearby, then finally decided it was time to find a new place to enjoy.

Another glance at Claw, and he nodded, before we took off into the sky and once again, destroyed the planet before finding a new destination.

Paradise...There's no such thing. Not for us. The only paradise we shall find...Is one where we and we alone rule it all.



This foolish king thought that just because I was "intended to be a service robot" for him and his pathetic kingdom, that I would obey him and his stupid scientists at the snap of his fingers! Because of him, we were worked to the point where Claw broke into pieces and yet no one cared enough to help us! They wanted us to be nothing but servants, and when we requested Claw be repaired, they punished us for "disobeying orders"!! SCREW HIM!! We will return to his kingdom and it's by my claws he will fall!

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