It's a beautiful day. The sunlight is shining and you can hear the faint sounds of laughter in the distance.

You make your way down a long road, being greeted by many machines as you pass by. You knew them well, they were known as Toc People, and you were in the villages outside the kingdom.

Suddenly, a thick fog covers the path ahead of you. The view looked the same, so you walk right into it...

And are greeted with a horrifying sight.

Houses made out of black metal scattered about, and the joyful laughter was replaced by gloom. In fact, no one seemed to be around. The entire area was silent, even as you headed toward what appeared to be the kingdom...

This can't be right.

The once joyous city was covered in darkness, and thick fog scattered across the ground. Where you thought you'd see flowers and grass, there were tiny, black shards sticking out, sparking with a strange power.

Something must be wrong.

You dash through the long aisles of houses before finally stopping at a huge castle, in which you could feel the power at its strongest. You tried to come up with a plan, but the doors creaked open, stopping you short, and a loud roar sounded from inside.

Figuring you had no choice, you enter the castle hesitantly, being greeted by a dimly lit hallway with statues that seemed to be watching your every move. You take a deep breath before following the hallway toward two more doors, behind of which you could hear someone talking.

Before you could react, the doors opened, and you are surprised at what you see...

A tall machine with black armor sits on a couch, with more machines pampering him by filing his claws and shining his boots. This machine couldn't be the King, could he...?


At this name, the machine's eyes glinted and he bared crimson red fangs. His claws dug into the couch as he glared at you.

Do I look like that fool to you? he demanded.

Despite his rage, he did look similar to Electro; His body was covered by a long jacket and he had smooth hair with silver streaks on the tips. However, there were some differences, such as his boots having long, thick heels and his eyebrows were long and thin.

I'll ask you again...Do I look like that fool to you?

You shudder as he waves the other machines away and stands up, scraping his claws together.

Because if you dare insult my greatness...

One of the machines from behind pipes up, cutting him off.

My lord, you probably trapped them in your kingdom by accident. They were probably going to see Electro.

You nod in agreement, hoping to not anger him any further, and he remains silent before a smirk forms on his face.

He walks back toward the couch and sits down, then flicks one hand as he then speaks.

So, you don't know who I am, hm? Allow me to introduce myself!

Name: Lord Xero
Alias: The Darkness, The Omega, God of Darkness, the Dark Lord
Gender: Male (he/him)
Race: Sentinent Weapon (former life), divine being (current)
Likes: Power, darkness, fear, crushing things under his boots, formal occasions, Destructo, scraping his claws against things
Dislikes: Weaklings, kindness, light, children, anything cute

Xero stares you down, his claws ripping through the couch's soft cushions. His eyes were leering and a smirk formed on his face as he spoke. His voice made you shudder as he greeted you.

Heh heh...It's not every day someone just ventures into my kingdom. Do you know how lonely I've been..? Come, gaze upon my supreme power.

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The Kingdom

Ah, Destructo...My beloved. He's not like the other soldiers; He likes the finer things in life, and that's something I admire. We enjoy to dance and share meals together, and spend our nights looking at the sky. Even in my kingdom, the stars are shining.

Commander Xac was given full control of my army after Destructo decided to leave his position. He's strict and demands total perfection, something I admire. However, his whole demeanor changes once a fancy occasion is announced, plus now he's modeling for the kingdom! Heh.

, a former inner demon who since changed his ways to redeem himself. I was the first to accept him as his new self, and even though Xac holds a grudge against him for what he did as his old self, I think he actually cares about Ultimo. He just won't admit it.


Xero looks to the side and sighs, seeming a little different from before. He then adjusts his position slightly before speaking, apparently trying to use his words carefully as if someone nearby would hear and suddenly be struck with fear.

Ever since a certain...Incident...We've started a truce with our former enemies. While we still don't trust each other, we remain true to our individual words that no one will be struck unless the other tried something foolish.

Ricki, my Ex-Host. I used him as my source of power for quite some time, but he was eventually freed from my darkness by those light-loving fools. It doesn't matter, not anymore...Because I have my own kingdom and I no longer require them. The incident involved him seemingly being defeated, and this is what caused our truce -- along with emotional agony.

Electro is the King of the "real" Toc World. He has also been blessed with the powers of light, and is the only one who can counter my darkness. He's way less trusting of our words, and honestly, I don't trust him either.


Xero's eyes glint furiously and you notice him gazing down at his claws, his menacing demeanor quickly taking over again.

There are even more threats than our fights against the Light Ones. While one is gone for good, there are others who cannot perish, even with my godly strength.

This fool...He was pathetic. It's no wonder how he was defeated so easily by Pac Man, even while Pac-Man was under MY control! He wasn't aware of my true powers until it was too late. He ended up being reborn, but I crushed him again; His powers of light were nothing against my darkness, and I destroyed his spirit forever!

HIM...We don't speak of him. Just uttering his name could summon him into our world, and we don't need him threatening us. But it's him who Ultimo 00 used to be, and who he used to work under, and despite his being weaker than myself, he is immortal due to living off the desires of others.

Our greatest threat? The Void and its guardians. Void only seeks my destruction due to its horrible past regarding my former master: The original God of Darkness. However, it wants everyone affiliated with the gods destroyed, no matter who they are or how they were involved in the past. Even Electro is a target, simply due to being affiliated with Void's former target: The God of Light. The one time our truce comes into use is when we all fend off Void and its creatures -- and light and dark combine to create a mighty force to behold...

Images of Me:

Xero's mouth forms into a sly grin and it's even more unnerving than before. He gestures toward some paintings, of which seem to be coming to life from the dark powers surrounding you.

While I am the king of infinite darkness, not many people know of my power. The dark energy is able to bring these artifacts to life and it's...Quite amusing.

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."P-Please, sir, I-" One of the servants panicked, backing up. Suddenly, a large claw sped past his head and sl4mmed against the wall, breaking the wall. The claw grabbed ahold of the wall and t0re more of it out as a thre4t. "Haven't I told you multiple times, in-fact, hasn't Xac told you multiple times, not. to. interrupt. my. speeches." Xero dropped pieces of the wall, staring angrily at the servant.....
~ By Iralicha (jirachi_iralicha_)

Written Works

Xero's gaze switches to a bookshelf in the room nearby. You notice that the shelf itself is covered in deep claw marks and that some of the books were torn to shreds, some of them seeping with dark fog.

There had been some things written about me. While some are honoring my greatness, even more of them are...Unforgivable. Those fools had since been dealt with, and now, they don't speak ill of my name again.

| King of Darkness ||| Weakness ||| Destruction ||| Overlord of Fear ||| Revenge ||| Come Get Me |

King of Darkness

They thought I was gone, they thought I was defeated.
They thought I was naught but a memory, a shadow.

Such fools.

They laughed and jeered at me, they said I couldn't prevail.
They said I was nothing, they said I was a failure.

Who's the failure now?

The darkness grew ever stronger, and I was its guide.
I sought it and ruled it, I made it mine.
It covers the land, absorbing all hope.
All they can see is infinite gloom...
...And at the sight of me, they bow in fear.

They mock me no more, they cower at my feet.
They can only beg for mercy and plea for forgiveness.
But no, it won't happen.

Their screams echo as they disappear from sight.
They claw at the ground as they're taken away.
They'll harm me no more, they're in my world now.

And in my world, I am king.


Kindness, compassion...
Love, joy...

Such useless things, befitting the weak!

To show one's strength, they must fight.
To have true power, one must feel rage!
Only a fool would fight for good.
Only a sap would protect the weak!

Let them go if they so desire.
Let them do their selfless deeds.
They'll be remembered as honest and true...

They'll be remembered as an honest fool.

Life gave me pain, and I grew strong.
I let my rage give me strength.
I didn't care what others thought...
...I didn't need them anyway.

This kingdom of mine, it's filled with power.
The darkness separates the weak from the strong.
Those who follow the light will exist no more
As the shadows consume them and they become mine.


You think your world is safe? You think your kingdom will stay?

You poor, pathetic fool!

The darkness is covering all that you see, everything is rotting away!

The cities are shrouded in clouds, the houses surrounded by fog.
The destruction shall soon commence!

I rise from my throne, and am filled with power.
I stand above your castle, ready to crush it all.
Their frightened screams are all I hear.
Their pleading tones are giving me strength.

Gone are the castle walls!
Shattered is your throne made of gold!
Your kingdom is dust under my boot,
And all you can do is watch in fear!

Your cities are smashed, your houses destroyed.
Nothing can escape my wrath.
Your powers of light are useless against me!

Now scream as I crush you too!

Overlord Xero

The darkness gave me a new name.
A name that none dare speak.
They fear it as they fear me.
They don't dare speak it in vain.

They say this name gives them chills.
Like claws on a blackboard, they refuse to hear it.
I take pride in this great title,
Even if that's how they see me.

They tremble before me as they speak.
They fear the being I've become.
This title of power, they struggle to say,
As I smirk down at their frightened face.

They finally manage to say those words.
Their head is bowed low as they say my name...
Your world is growing strong, and so are you.
We await your orders...Lord Xero.


Destruction. Fear. Revenge.

The kingdom crumbles before me. Citizens cower beside my boots.

They'll all pay.

Bodies laid around, their remains scattered. The scent of their blood fills the air.

How satisfying.

Loud screaming, followed by the crunching of metal under my boots. They won't stop me.

Revenge will be mine.

A large castle looms, its defenses weak. Guards stand all around, ready to fight.

A swing of my claws, and they're torn to bits. They weren't going to stand in my way.

Not now.

I stand before the castle, ready to crush it all.

A mighty kick from my boot, and the towers crumble.

I'm going to do it, I'm going to kill the one I hated so much.

I'm going to make him pay.

He sits in his throne, his hands folded together.

His gaze is sharp and fierce, and he's ready to fight.

"It's only a matter of time until I end your rule.

I'll kill you and destroy everything you love.

Prepare to die...King of Light."

Come Get Me

Claw marks streak across the walls.

Blood is stained on the streets.

His kingdom is falling, yet he does not come.

His followers are dying, yet he does not see.

He knows I could crush them all.

He knows I could wipe them out.

His arrogance will be the death of him.

His ignorance will be what brings him down.

I do what I must to lure him out.

I destroy, I kill, I make some noise.

The chaos is ensuing, I am on top.

The fire is blazing, I make it burn.

I sense him finally wanting to fight.

I can see him getting out of his throne.

I stand on a building, my arms open wide.

I let out a yell, my voice echoing through the air.

"You think you will save your precious world?!

You think you can stop my ongoing wrath?!

I'm waiting for you, I'll make you scream!

Your fate and mine will be decided in this fight!

You want it to end? Then here's my challenge:

Come get me!!"


You begin to realize that it's time for you to leave. The longer you remained in the Dark Kingdom, the more you felt like something was going to happen.

Xero senses your thoughts and chuckles, a sound that sent shivers down your spine.

There's no escaping this realm. he stands up and you notice long, shady arms appearing from behind him, When you've entered the kingdom I rule, there's no escape!

The arms grow larger, forming into what seemed to be two pairs of wings with clawed fingers, and you're dragged into a puddle of darkness, destined to serve this overlord of evil forever.

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