You will be Served
By the Princeton 5!

Hm? Who are you? Have you come to see Lord Malik? I'm afraid he's quite busy right now.

You were given permission to tour our kingdom? Hm, interesting...So be it. I will give you that honor, since My Lord requires my attention.


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Name: Zonn Princeton X-5
Alias: Zonn, The Butler, The Princeton 5
Gender: Male
Likes: Serving his family, his Lord Malik, sharing drinks with Malik, being complimented on his work, gambling
Dislikes: Disapproving looks, his Mini-Drones malfunctioning, being yelled at, failing to please his lord
Traits: Is usually seen in a fancy suit and has a neat "hairstyle" (he's a robot), tends to float with his rocket boosters and his hands can retract to turn into boosters as well
Personality: Loyal, helpful, captivating, patient
Powers: Fireproof, hovering, summons Mini-Drones

You want to honor me? Be my guest.


You vampire slime...Don't cross paths with My Lord or his family again!

Hmph...You're just another pathetic vampire, destined to fall before my liege!

You had best keep him in his place. My Lord will make you pay for opposing him!

You...What are you planning out? What are you doing with Lord Espiablo?

The Family

You want to know about our family? How interesting.

Lord Malik, our mighty lord and creator. He's the Dark Lord of Cyberspace and all who remain in the world must obey him. Failure to do so will end in tragedy.

Espiablo, the mysterious entity who entered our family from an equally mysterious world of his own. He says that he was summoned by one of Lord Malik's sons, and that despite his current appearance, his life wasn't as easy as it seems.

Espoba, the Dark Prince and Malik's first son. He is the original counterpart of Espiablo, and has psychic powers. He's a great kid, despite the overbearing inner demon he supports.

Morok, Lord Malik's rebellious second son. He's always seen riding his custom made Motorbeast and can age upon mounting this creature. He can create his own Dream World out of images in his mind, but no one besides us know how to venture inside.

Chazzton, the newest member in our family. Lord Espiablo invited him to join us, and Lord Malik approved, knowing of his troubled past. Chazz is quite the energetic young man, always eager to have an adventure...And to add said adventures to his blog.

Boko, Lord Malik's loyal servant. He's a puppet created from various memories and somewhat resembles someone from another world. I believe his name was Bakura or something..?

Zonn, yours truly; The one and only butler programmed to serve this family. My mini-drones and I are also known as the Princeton 5, a title we hold most dear. Our family is also known by the same title, so you can say that this title is a title of true power.


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BC entries

Lord Malik would be very pleased.

NT entries

Featuring myself and my family.

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By others:

As the Princeton butler, it's my honor to recieve such praise.


Basic Wockies

Leaving so soon?

Well, we're back to the beginning. I heard My Lord say that he would appreciate if you came back to entertain him sometime.

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