You're walking around a dark castle. Deep scratches cover the walls and thick fog lingers around the ground. You know where you're at, and you've been here for a long time.

The Castle of Darkness.

This castle belonged to none other than the God of Darkness himself: Lord Xero. You knew of his name from previous encounters, and he's not one to be trifled with.

You just want to find a way out of here. All the doors lead to other rooms, some of which were too dark to see into. The hallways were just as confusing, as if you were in a labyrinth, and led to more and more paths.

Suddenly, the soft sound of music can be heard, and you follow it quickly, not thinking about where (or what) it could be coming from. The music was soothing somehow, and you just had to find a place to rest a bit.

The music grows louder until you stop in front of a door, of which was slightly opened. You peek inside and are surprised at what you saw.

A tall machine dances around the room, his long coat flowing gracefully behind himself as he moves smoothly to the rhythm. His boots are barely touching the floor as he steps around carefully, and you know that he's been doing this for a long time.

The machine continues for a moment, then suddenly stops and turns off the music before facing you quickly. His eyes were emotionless, but you could tell he was just as surprised to see you as you were to see him.

Who-Wha-Get in here!

Before you could react, he stretched out his arm and grabbed you, then pulled you into the room. He then closed the door and you could see him breathing heavily.

What are you doing here? Why were you watching me?

His tone was a mixture of shock and anger, but you could sense a little hint of fear, as if he was afraid you'd laugh at him for some reason.

I-I'm sorry. I just heard the music and had to see where it was coming from. you managed to speak, Your moves were incredible.

His head shot back at this and he stares at you silently, before letting out a shy chuckle. He releases you and backs away slightly, unsure how to react.

Y-You think so..? he asks softly, brushing one hand against his face. His eyes are turning pink as he says this and he looks away.

You nod in reply and he chuckles again before running his clawed fingers through his hair.

Admittedly, hardly anyone has seen me dance. You see, I'm actually a soldier, but I just...Don't like fighting. It's so much work and so...Dirty. I can't stand living my life that way, I'd much rather live a life of luxary, where I can rest and relax...Maybe have my hair done...

He trails off and glances back at you, his shyness returning before he finally seems to recover.

Forgive me. Allow me to introduce myself. You're allowed to stay here if you'd like. I have some fresh food here that I plan to enjoy; Feel free to have some as well.

He gestures toward a seat and you sit down, uncertain about how someone can live in this kingdom and be so friendly.

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A powerful Battle Mech in Xero's army, Destructo is loyal to the very end. While he was originally created as a weapon to destroy worlds in a single shot, his role became much more important when the two forged a powerful bond.

The bond between them is unbreakable, and while Destructo fears being destroyed, he will protect Xero and his world with his life. However, it's hard to think that Destructo had any power whatsoever, due to his army being lead by Commander Xac, a Battle Mech with a ruthless and demanding attitude. Compared to Xac, Destructo has been called a "timid puppy dog" by soldiers behind his back, but even Destructo himself can't deny that his demeanor is significantly different from the lower-ranked Commander.
However, Xac tends to challenge Destructo to duels to test his strength, and Destructo is able to fight back with brute force and courage, usually either besting Xac or ending the duel with a tie.

Destructo enjoys remaining by Xero's side at all times. He likes to watch him live his life, but also wants to be there if Xero ever needed him for any reason. The two can always be seen sharing a meal or the occasional dance together. They are also known for leaving the castle and gazing at the night sky when everyone else (perhaps excluding Xac) is asleep. Most of the time, they end up falling asleep under the stars, but they sometimes make it back to their room before someone notices them missing - And if someone does notice, they tend to know that they're just spending time alone together.

Despite being a soldier, Destructo enjoys the fancier things in life. He enjoys fancy occasions, to the point where he almost always wears his jacket for such occasions (but while in battle, he takes it off to avoid it getting damaged or dirty). He likes how he looks in it and how it feels, and of course, the occasional compliment. He takes his looks seriously - not only due to being Xero's beloved, but due to wanting to be presentable for any occasion.

He loves to dance and show off his moves to Xero, but doesn't dare let his army know that he prefers dancing over fighting. The only time he mentioned his liking of dancing to another soldier was when Xac was given the title of Army Commander and a fancy ball was held in his honor, to which the latter replied that "dancing does not make one strong; Only battling will improve one's abilities". Xac has eaten these words a few times, due to Destructo using some of his dance moves in battle to confuse and otherwise throw him into an outrage before defeating him. After every battle, however, Destructo learns new moves due to both of their abilties to study and otherwise memorize each other's tactics; While some of them succeed in their next battles, others needed work and were thwarted by Xac's newly gained power.

Despite being polar opposites, Destructo and Xac see each other as worthy allies, and Xac treats Destructo with respect, accepting him as his superior. They will normally refer to each other by their titles, "My Lord" and "Commander", respectively, but the occasional "Xac", "Xacy", or "Xac Attac" may escape Destructo's mouth, especially if he wants to pick at Xac just for fun. While Xac can't stand playfulness between soldiers, he knows that Destructo is no longer just a weapon, and may poke fun back - Usually in a more crude manner. Destructo knows that Xac is just using "his" version of playing around, however, and lets most jokes slide. However, if one is taken too far, he will scold Xac, to which Xac will have the rare look of shame on his face. The two will still get along afterwards, and never fight unless it's a challenge to show how they've improved.

Name: Destructo
Alias: The Puppy Dog (by soldiers), Mister Pretty Boy (by Xac)
Gender: Male (he/him)
Race: Sentinent Weapon, Battle Mech (Omega Class) (in his world)
Likes: Xero, looking his best, having his hair fluffed and his claws polished, his jacket looking neat, dancing, staring at the night sky, relaxing, sharing time with Xero, teasing Xac
Dislikes: The thought of being defeated, the Light Guardians, Xac's attitude, Xero being angry, getting dirty, fighting

Destructo sits in a nearby couch and leans back. His claws carefully pick off a piece of what appeared to be fruit from a nearby bowl and he places it in his mouth.

I can tell you're still intimidated by me. Please don't worry, I won't hurt you unless you do something that causes me to.

The Kingdom

Destructo points at some paintings nearby. The paintings seem to be of various beings he's seen before.

I've not been around as long as Xero, but I've met some beings from other worlds. He's told me about others as well.

Xero, my one and only. He and I had always been there for each other, and I wouldn't want it any other way. We have so much fun together, and I always look forword to the next formal occasion. It's not often the Dark Lord appears in a suit!

Xac is the new head leader and Commander of Lord Xero's army. I gave him complete control over the soldiers after deciding I no longer wanted to live that life. Leading an army is not my style, and Xac...Well...Let's just say he knows how to "motivate" them.

Ricki, the one who gave Xero his power. From what I've heard, he had a hard past and it gave him so much negative energy that it was easy to be controlled by darkness. However, the two are now seperated, and Ricki lives in his world while Xero is here.

Electro is the King of Toc-World, and our greatest enemy. He is the God of Light, and if Xero can absorb all his powers, he can become the ultimate being. I do what I can to help him bring Electro down, but even I can't counter a divine being.

I only heard stories about him and how he was the original ruler of Toc World. According to Xero, Toc-Man was defeated by his arch enemy, of whom was actually being controlled by dark energy, and was eventually reborn as a spirit of light. However, Xero vanquished him for good, and now the light energy has been transferred to Electro. Being a divine being is confusing...

Images of Me:

Destructo's gaze switches to another wall, on which hung even more paintings. However, these were of him. Some included Xero as well, but they were all focused on Destructo alone.

I don't show myself to many others, but they've been kind enough to honor me at times. Some draw myself and Xero together, and I always love seeing that.

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Written Works

Destructo reaches behind himself and pulls out a book that's so thick, it would be impossible for the average person to hold. His hand held it so effortlessly, you begin to wonder how he was so mocked by his army.

I enjoy writing and reading sometimes. While most of what I read are tactics, I do enjoy seeing stories and poems about the kingdom -- Some involve me as well.

| Passionate Dance ||| Love Conquers ||| ??? ||| ??? |

Passionate Dance

His moves are delicate, filled with grace.
His steps are light, smooth as silk.
His eyes are filled with passion, yet so sincere.
His arms are outstretched, and no one is near.

He smiles as he spins around.
His boots lightly touch the floor.
His claws glisten in the dim light.
His jacket flows with every move.

Someone draws near and he stops his dance.
His eyes sparkle at the sound of their voice.
A light tune fills the air.
Their hands touch and they begin to dance.

Their bodies press close as they enjoy the song.
Their mouths touch as they share a kiss.
They close their eyes as they feel their embrace.
The room grows dark and the music ends.

Love Conquers

I watch him from behind as he continues to work.
His claws scraped against a screen as he planned his next move.

"This world shall be my next target." he speaks, touching a claw to what appeared to be a grey planet, "They should be amusing to crush -- Their race is pathetic, yet they think so highly of themselves. I believe my arrival should fix that...Don't you agree, Destructo?"

I jumped as he said my name and nodded silently, my gaze fixed on his bulky muscles. I didn't expect him to acknowledge my being there with him, especially since I was trying to be quiet as to not disturb him.

He turned toward me and I see a smile on his face. I try to keep from showing my nervousness as I catch sight of his chest and instead switch to his eyes, of which were glistening and filled with power.

"Is there...Something wrong?" he asks slowly, walking up to me.

I continued to stare as he stopped in front of me and laid a hand on my shoulder, then stroked my jacket with his claws lightly. I felt him slowly lowering his hand toward my arm and shook nervously.

"Why are you so scared?" he asked softly, his gaze filled with concern, "Do I make you nervous?"

I shook my head, my gaze switching to the floor, and he brought me closer to himself. I could feel him breathing onto my face and glanced back up, my gaze instantly meeting his.

"I don't want to frighten you." he held me close and ran his hands toward my face, "I just...Want to make you happy. Tell me...What you want from me, and I will oblige."

Without thinking, I finally spoke up, my voice shaking, yet confident somehow.

"All I want is your love. All I want...Is to be by your side. I want you to fulfill all your dreams...Just like I did mine."

He backs away slightly, a wide grin on his face, before speaking.

"I will give you everything you want. I also already had my dreams fulfilled. You are all I wanted -- Although the downfall of my foes is a close second. When I saw you, I knew we would be so much more. I knew I fell in love the first time we met, and I wish I could've told you how I felt: That I loved you more than anything and anyone in this kingdom. You are my everything, and I won't let anything happen to you."

By the time he was finished, I felt a strong source of passion filling up inside. I couldn't contain my emotions and fired a huge beam from my body into the room, illuminating it in a bright pink before it burst through the window and into the kingdom.

He stared at me, then turned toward the screen, noticing that the beam was so strong, it had left our world and toward the planet. There was silence, before he suddenly turned back toward me and chuckled.

"You just destroyed our target, and its surrounding planets."

I went up to him slowly and looked at the screen, noticing that he was right, then chuckled as well, my shyness returning.

"I...Did I...Lose control--" I began to ask, but he laid a claw over my mouth, stopping me.

"No. You are showing your true power." his face grew close to mine again and I can feel his mouth touching mine lightly, "Destroying an entire cluster of enemy planets is never 'losing control'. I will never see your power in a negative way, just like I will never see you as someone beneath me. We are one, and I will always be there for you."

I didn't reply and gave him a kiss, enjoying the feel of his armor on mine, then held him tight, relaxing in the now-silent room.






A sudden noise can be found from outside and Destructo sits up, his hands pressed against the couch. He glances out a window from where he sat and you could swear you saw his eyes turning pink again.

Before you could ask what was going on, he stood up and took your arm, nearly causing you to drop the piece of food you had, and led you to another door.

Lord Xero is coming. he says, opening the door, If he finds you here, he'll no doubt do something terrible. I enjoyed my time with you, so I'll help you this once. You have to get out -- Fast!

The caring-yet-urgant tone of his voice said it all: He wanted you to get out safely, and he wasn't going to report your visit. You gave him a quick nod, thanked him, and dashed out, finally making your way out the castle.

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