I will put you
in a Trance!

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What are you doing here?
How did you find my realm? Are you a galactic spy?
No? Well, I suppose you can stick around for a little while...But if you do anything foolish, I'll exterminate you on the spot!

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Name: TB: Entrance
Alias: Trance, the Ex-Terror Beast (normal form) / Yami Trance (alter ego)
Age: Unknown
Race: Failed Terror Beast, outer-dimensional being to outlanders
Likes: Hypnotising others, his planet, exploring the galaxy, his henchmen (normal form) / Darkness, shadows, playing Shadow Games and winning (alter ego)
Dislikes: Intruders, those who oppose him, being referred to as a Terror Beast (he doesn't believe himself to be one), being targeted due to his egglike appearance (normal form) / Losing his Shadow Games, people touching his hair (alter ego)
Traits: Generally lacks legs, can only see the top of his head poking out of his suit, known for his egg-like appearence, eyes change colors/form when using hypnosis or when corrupted (normal form) / Has spiky, grey hair and purple cloak with a gold chain in the front, carries a mysterious rod and has a third eye on his forehead; Usually has a deranged look on his face (alter ego)
Personality: Loves to be in control, very prone to using hypnosis, enjoys the enviroment of his planet and will protect it at all costs (normal form) / Enjoys people's suffering, will do whatever it takes to gain power, very close to "demented" and immature (alter ego)
Powers: Master hypnotist, changing forms depending on how much power he possesses, corruption at will (normal form) / + Causing pain during his Shadow Games, creating distortions between realms, creating darkness at will (alter ego)

How can I deny the opportunity to be worshiped?

Yami Trance:


My right hand men, don't question their powers or you will soon regret it.


General information

Twin is actually a couple of egg-like beings who serve Trance. They can become one being or they can seperate and become twins, hense the name. They look just like each other, but one is known for being better on land and the other in the sky.

Land Twin is known for his super speedy running and is recognized by the wheels on his feet. He can also gain more power and turn into a tank, gaining stronger armor and a better firearm. Air Twin is recognized by the wings that can spring from his arms and is known for his ability to fly at fast speeds. Upon gaining more power, he can turn into a jet and his firepower grows slightly stronger and his shots are fired a lot faster.

Both Twins have a bandage over one eye and an otherwise adorable appearence. They also act very young, although their ages are unknown, and get along with each other wonderfully. They can also be told apart from their master due to having a slightly different body structure, from having legs and feet to a giant claw arm that can stretch miles away to punch and grab things.


Basic behavior

Twin is known for his playfulness and loves to hang around his master. He is also determined to become stronger so he can be like Trance.
He enjoys training with his master and tends to turn it into a game, but he can still grow stronger this way. He tends to play fight with Trance and is still cautious enough to avoid serious beatings.
If things get more serious, Twin will do whatever it takes to protect his master and occasionally insist on joining in the fray, but are still afraid of certain defeat. He know that this is necessary to protect his master and planet, however, and are generally willing to make the offer.

When not in training, Twin can usually be seen playing with Trance's other henchmen or taking care of himself. Due to being able to seperate into two beings, he can entertain himself just by doing so and figure out things to do on his own.


Both twins' weapons, along with their functions in battle

Both Twins have similar weapons, but one can generally use some better than the other.
Land Twin's claw arm is quick to aim, but normally remains gripped onto the object once it latches on. His punches are very powerful, however. Air twin's claw arm is quick and precise, and he can let go with ease, but his punches are weaker.
Land Twin has wheels on his feet that help him race around with lightning speed, and Air Twin has two wing blades that shoot out of his arms to help him fly. Both are given an excellent boost with their jet packs.

Both Twins can also fuse into one another to form a single weapon with both in control. Land Twin is the bottom half and depends on the ground to keep him steady while Air Twin is the upper half and can function better in the air. In this form, however, both have an equal opportunity to do their duties well.
A mysterious source of power can be gained by Twin and both versions can be merged again, but this time with a double-sided head. Sneak attacks are impossible when this form is in action due to Twin having a face on both sides. Due to this, he can also change his jetpack into cannons that attatch to his arms and can fire powerful shots. He can also "walk backwards" and rotate his head all the way around without feeling any pain. This form can also see better in the dark and sense invisible foes nearby, making any kind of sneak attack hard to accomplish.


What is a Terror Beast?

Being redone...Maybe.


Lord Zata, thank you for giving me life. I will keep delivering what you need to create your signature tea.

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I will prevail and it will be GLORIOUS!

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