Ah, wonderful job as always, Vizzi! As you may have already noticed, you are now standing in the Demon King's Castle. I'm sure you'll make yourself right at home in our world.

You don't know who I am? Well, that's no surprise since you're new here. My name is Lord Iablo and I am King of Demonius.

I do hope you do everything in your power to please me. If you don't, then you'll regret ever coming to my realm. After all, servants who disobey their king deserve nothing but great pain and torment...As I enjoy giving it to them!

Maybe there's something in this realm that could be of some use...Wouldn't that be wonderful?



Name: Lord Iablo
Alias: King of Demons, The Ultimate Entity, The Omega, Big Brother, "Apocaly" (when fused with his brothers)
Gender: Male
Birthday: Oct. 31
Likes: Loyal servants, demons who take his requests, his family, riches, gold jewelry, rich drinks and thick steak, being worshipped
Dislikes: Being disrespected, failure, not getting what he wants, his brothers goofing off, servants who make him look bad


Ah, so you want to do something for me? How sweet~

Hall of Honor

I'm well loved in my kingdom, as you can plainly see. So many beings have been praising me and my works. It's wise that you do the same.

X-By Namu-By others-X

By Beelzebu:


Neo design:

By others:

Tiny Army

Beel's art (temporary storage):



Being the King of Demonius, I am well known amongst my own kind, but I'm known elsewhere as well.

Lord Maximillion, the King of Vampires. Our worlds are seperated by a mere barrier of flame and darkness, and yet, we are at peace. However, we do see a rivalry amongst our kingdoms, and try to recruit as many new soldiers as possible.

It's rumored that there was a being very similar to me that lurks in Cyberspace, but I've yet to figure out if the rumors are true. Quite frankly, I doubt them; Who could have this much power?

Levi is one of my brothers, and he's jealous of anyone who has more than himself. He craves attention and is known for lashing at anyone who brags to him about what they own. He doesn't let his title of "Entity of Envy" go to waste. However, he also takes great pride in what he happens to own, so one can only fathom what he truly desires.

Beel is my second brother, and he's known for two things: Eating and sleeping. He's only motivated to work when there's food involved, and even then, he has to have a ton of it to stick to his job. When he's sleeping, it's best that you leave him be, or he may devour you with one of his hidden mouths...Or worse, he'll get angry and crush you.

Lysandre, our butler. He's been in the family since before I was born, and has remained loyal to us for as long as I can remember. He's slow to anger and enjoys making us delicious meals. Without him, my castle would be a mess.

Scarsandre, or Scar as we also call him, is Lysandre's twin brother. However, the two are complete opposites. While Lysandre is serious and always working, Scar is obnoxious and pranking everyone. However, Scar does know how to please me just as much as his brother...Provided he doesn't try to add something to my morning tea.

Vizzi, as you may already know, is our tour guide. He helps both newcomers and returning veterans alike with tasks around our world. It's because of him we've met so many worthy soldiers.

Imp is our family toy. When we were little, we would always fight over who would play with him, even to the point where he lost parts of himself during our scuffles. Somehow, he came to life, and now causes mischief whenever he can. If you catch him clawing the walls or anything, STOP HIM! There will be a reward if you do.

These bandits are nothing but pests! They steal our treasure when we're asleep and will even raid the tombs of our fallen warriors, just to take their treasure. We're always looking for someone to catch these guys, so let me know if you're up for the task.

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