There is a tale of a vengeful vampire...

The vampire seeks revenge on an old foe. His quest is never ending, he always wants more...

More pain, more suffering for the one who did him wrong.

The story is gruesome, not one for the faint of heart. You may have nightmares for days, weeks, months...Years.

Now's your chance to go back if you so desire...Or you can continue onward...

||| Lucifer |||

Well, well, what do we have here? It's a shame you have to come face to face with me. After all I've been through...I'm surprised you're still here.

The name's Lord Lucifer Vamp, and I am the Glitch Army's most powerful soldier...Or I was, until my lord was destroyed by some freak. And yes, I am a vampire.

Oh, these? Yes, they are from the foolish machines who dared turn against me in the past. Care to take a CLOSER LOOK? Heh, heh!

I can sense my claws' desires...To tear others apart, to rid of them forever. And I enjoy bringing those fools down. Someday, I shall bring down the fiend who destroyed my lord and reclaim what I rightfully deserve!

You're curious about the eyes in my stomach, aren't you? I won't tell you which, but one is known as the Eye of Truth, and it does just like it says: It can see through people's lies and can sense when they're planning to do something foolish. Just one glance, and all your thoughts are made known to me.


Name: Lord Lucifer Vamp (Virus: D347H.EXE)
Alias: Vamp, Luci, Prince of Cyberspace
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire Avatar (formerly), Cyber Vampire (present)
Powers: Absorbing energy, deleting data, reading thoughts
Likes: Violence, serving his lord, screams of terror, the sounds of his claws scraping against things, power, hiding in the shadows of Cyberspace, draining energy
Dislikes: Traitors, the Real World, people questioning his past, a being known as Freaky Maleeky.
Avatar Birthday: June 6

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Current form:

Avatar (past) form:


Before the downfall of my lord.
-Part 1-Part 2-Part 3-Part 4-Part 5-Revenge (manga)-

The Real World

Hmph...Humans. Such pathetic creatures.
I watch them from my lair, laughing and playing, and snort with disgust.

Such useless beings. They're not worth my time.
I turn away for a moment, then hear the familiar sounds of my lord's army walking outside.

That's all the sightseeing I have for now. Time to get to work. I slide my claws together and leave my castle, nodding at the soldiers as they caught sight of me.

What have you been doing, my lord? Spying on the humans again? a soldier asks as I pass by.

That's none of your concern. I simply reply, glancing down at my claws and tapping them together, Do you have any messages from Lord Ba.Ron? Any...Important business to take care of? I flash a sly smirk as I finished my sentence, and chuckle as the soldier shudders nervously.

No, nothing. he answers, But he does have something he wants to show you later, so why don't you check in on him sometime?

Something to show me? I ponder on what this could mean, then nod at him and said, I shall go visit him now. This has me curious...And you know how I am when I get curious.

The soldier shudders again, then salutes me as I head off, eager to find out what he wants to show me.


My lord is standing in front of a screen as I enter his throne room. I can tell he's deep in thought and began to ponder on what he could be thinking about.

Ah, Lucifer, you're here.

I walk up to him and give a low bow.
Yes, my lord. I've heard that you wanted to see me.

He raises his hand, signaling for me to rise, and I look at him, awaiting his response.

Yes. Take a look at this.
He turns me toward the screen and I can see an empty room ahead of us. I tilt my head curiously and take notice of a chair sitting in front of a window, and begin to wonder where this place is.

Is this...A place in the Real World? I asked him.

Ba.Ron nodded, a seemingly sorrowful look in his eye.

Yes. This...Is where my creator used to see me.

His voice is filled with sadness and I wonder what this could mean.

I used to play with someone in the Real World, and I had fun with her. She wasn't like the humans you see elsewhere; She was far superior to them, a being unlike any other. In fact, she wasn't even human.

Not human? I look back at the room and tilted my head to the other side, What else lives in this world?

Trust me. She's no ordinary being. my master said, clearly reading my thoughts, But, she would sit in this room and play a game...And I was one of her go-to warriors in this game. I was a member of that world before I ever came to Cyberspace.

My lord...Is not from here? I look at him in shock and watched as he laid a hand on the screen. I could tell he had a deep bond with this being, but I had no idea how deep.

I fought bravely against many enemies for her, I was going to make her proud...And I did. I was her strongest warrior, but eventually, she turned to others for help. I started to be cast aside as new warriors came to join her cause.

He rolls his fingers into a fist and I feel anger taking over his emotions as he continued.

The more new soldiers she obtained, the less battles I fought. I was supposed to be her favorite, her leader...But no. She chose to use these other fools, weak worms who didn't stand a chance! I watched her play with them, and could tell from her loving gaze toward them...That I was no longer her favorite. I was left alone, locked in a cage...Never to be freed again.

I began to wonder why someone would do this to him. I knew my lord, he was powerful and fierce...A force to behold. He's a true leader, and his army's as tough as they've been rumored to be. How could someone do something so cruel?

But my suffering soon became theirs as well. he spoke up, interrupting my thoughts, She began to abandon the game entirely. The ones she once favorited over me, the newcomers...Even the ones that came before me...All of them...They were all left alone in the same cage. We haven't been played with since.

I saw a hint of glee in his eye as he said this, but knew that he was still longing to see his creator again.

I keep telling myself: "Maybe she'll play with me again", "Maybe she'll come back"...But no. She wants nothing to do with us anymore. I hear that there are a certain few who stay in her room with her, but that could be rumor.

Suddenly, someone shows up. I watch cautiously as a being walks into the room and toward the chair, it's tail twitching slightly.

Is this- I began to ask, but my lord shakes his head.

No. That's just her pet. he replied with a sigh. You'll know it's her when she sits on the floor.

The strange creature leaps onto the chair and lays on it's headrest, and closes it's eyes after a few minutes. I watch it for a moment longer, then turn back to my lord.

I wanted to show you this...So you could get an idea on how I lived. he finally concluded, I felt like I could entrust you with this information...Am I correct?

I jumped at this, then gave a firm nod.

Yes, my lord. If there's anything you want to tell me, I will be here.

His sorrowful gaze seems to vanish slowly as he turns away from the screen, and I walk with him to his throne, before he sits in it and gives me a smile.

Good. That's all for now.

I give another low bow, then leave the room, wondering if his wish to see his creator again will come true.

But the thought that really lingered in my mind was this:
Who was his creator?



I finish my job and devour the lifeless machine that remained in my grip. I smile at the taste of fresh metal and gaze down at my claws.

You enjoyed this one a lot, didn't you? I chuckled.

Soft scraping sounded from my claws and I could tell they were pleased. I smiled at the remaining oil stains and gave a flick of my hand.

Ah, perfect.

I lowered my hand and caught sight of someone passing by. I knew who it was from the slight sounds of static and a faint glow on the walls.


This bug irked me. I felt like he was always hiding something, and that he was up to no good. No matter how loyal he appeared to my lord, he always seemed to doubt him and his motives.

I glance down at my claws and hear them screeching as my gaze met, then nodded and followed after Bizzot.

Where do you think you're going, Bug? I called after him.

Bizzot stopped in his tracks and heaved a heavy sigh.

I've told you not to call me that, Vampire. he replied gruffly.

I gazed into his eyes and could feel the same hatred toward me as I had toward him, but didn't care and repeated my question.

If you must know, I'm going to see my sister. he replied, She hasn't seen me all day and I'm sure she's worried.

His sister. I remembered her. She was always following the former ruler of Cyberspace, claiming she was his number one fan. She was pathetic, a disgrace to the army. But her power is incredible.

What, she hasn't gotten over her precious lord yet? I retorted with a smirk.

Bizzot rolled his fingers into tight fists at this and I could tell he was insulted by the remark.

Now look, Vampire! I don't have to deal with you and your nonsense! I would appreciate it if you stayed out of our business! he shouted.

Well, IS SHE? I knew he was trying to avoid talking about her feelings toward the past leader; He, too, was a servant of this Cyber Lord...A ghost clad in nothing but metal. I knew about him, and I hated him.

And I hate anyone who served him.

Bizzot didn't reply this time and waved a hand at me as if to brush off my question, then walked off.

I knew he was hiding something. This time, I knew. I could tell from the hostility in his voice and the way he glared at me when I asked him about his fallen lord.

I waited for him to be completely out of sight, then followed quietly behind, his fresh scent leading me toward his destination.

It lead me to a closed door, and I could hear him talking to someone, of whom I knew was his sister by the loving tones. I leaned forword slightly and laid my hand on the door, to which my claws made another soft scraping sound as I listened intently.

Lord Zaru never made you work this hard...Why can't you take a break between sessions? a female voice said.

You know how this guy works...Work first, chill later. I think he's doing this out of spite. Bizzot replied.

I jumped back at this for a minute, then pressed my face against the door again.

I-I'm sorry, Big Brother...I never knew...How hard it would be for you to deal with this. the female voice was shaky at this time and I sense that Bizzot said something that saddened her when I couldn't hear.

Don't worry, Zarah. I won't let anything happen to you. I promise. Bizzot said before a moment of silence.

I listened for a reply, but nothing happened. I heard the sounds of footsteps from behind the door and wondered what was going on.

After this, I will ensure this creep pays for everything he's done. From betraying Lord Zaru to harming his army...He'll regret ever making those decisions! Bizzot's voice suddenly speaks up.

I scowl at this and slide my hand down the door, scraping my claws against the hard metal.

Who's there? I hear Zarah shout as a loud screech filled the air.

More footsteps, and I hear them coming closer to the door. I leap back as they are mere inches away and glare at Bizzot as he flung the door open.

You! he shouts, his gaze filled with both shock and rage, What do you want?

So it's true. I growl, walking up to him, You're no follower of Lord Ba.Ron! You're with HIM! You're with that foolish Cyber Ghost!

Zarah stares at me from behind Bizzot, her eyes growing large, and opens her mouth to speak, but Bizzot cuts her off.

So you heard. Did you hear everything? he demands.

I draw closer to him until he's backed into the room and answered, I've heard enough. You plan on betraying Lord Ba.Ron, and you're going to destroy everything he's worked so hard to achieve!

Bizzot continues to glare at me as he's backed into a table, but doesn't reply. I glare at him and pin him against the table with my chest while surrounding him with my arms.

WELL? I snarl, getting my face into his, Explain yourself!

Bizzot doesn't reply and glances at Zarah. She stares back at him fearfully, then turns toward me and cries, P-Please...Don't tell Lord Ba.Ron! I-I couldn't...Let anything happen to him! I-I just...Miss Lord Zaru...So much!

I give her a sharp glare, to which she squeaks with tearful eyes. I felt my claws digging into the table as she continued to beg, and began to remember my life with the Cyber Ghost.

P-Please...I-I beg of you! Zarah's gaze is full of terror as my claws dig in deeper into the table and a horrifying screech fills the room, I promise...I never wanted to hurt you or your liege! I-I just...Want the world the way it was before...The way Lord Zaru had it! I want us to be together, to know what happiness is again! I miss our old lifestyle, how we'd laugh and hang out together! Please...Save us from this pain!

At this, I felt a powerful rage take over my emotions. My claws were dug into the table so deep, they were tearing it from the inside.

You don't know pain. I reply softly, baring my fangs, That fool...He hated me! I wasn't worthy of his intentions! I was nothing but a lowly puppet...No, a lowly piece of dirt! I meant nothing to him!

I swung my hands through the table, slicing it into pieces, and turned away as images began to form in my head.

All the pain I felt...The hate I was given...The way he treated me...How I despise him!

Before they could reply, I stormed out of the room, my thoughts now being consumed by the past and the desire to avenge my losses taking over my mind.



I stomp around my castle's throne room, the thought of my past never leaving my mind. I could see images of myself and Zaru as if they were happening at the very moment, and I could hear my cries of pain as he shouted insults at me.

FOOL! Coward! IDIOT! Zaru looms over me with claws bared and I cower in fear, knowing what he was going to do.

M-My lord...I beg of you- I plea for him to have mercy, only to be grabbed by the neck.

SILENCE! Zaru digs his claws into my neck and raises me into the air, You think I'd let you get away with this?

His claws pierce my skin and I began to choke as he got his face into mine.

You'll NEVER grow strong. You'll always be the little worm you are now! he growls, And if this keeps up...You won't even be that!

He throws me onto the floor and I watch him with tearful eyes as he floats away.


I can't...Rid of these thoughts!

I close my eye as more loud voices fill my head, and I hold my head in my hands.

VAMPIRE! Come here!

I run up to Zaru and bow before him quickly, once again cowering at his piercing glare.

W-What do you desire, my lord? I manage to speak.

Zaru storms up to me, a bundle of wires clutched tightly in his fist, and swings at me with his loose hand.

What do you call THIS? he demands, holding the wires up to my face.

I look up at him slowly and glance at the wires before whispering, R-Remains of...A...Machine?

Zaru isn't amused by this and grabs me by the collar of my cape as he demands in an even sharper tone, WHICH ONE?

I look around the room as much as I can, before noticing a machine with a giant hole in it's side and it's wires torn out, then switched back to Zaru and squeaked, Th-That one.

Zaru's gaze switched to the machine, then back to me, and he sneered as he replied, Oh, is THAT the one?

I nod silently, hoping he'll release me, but his grip only grows tighter.

Wrong. he growls, It's THIS one!

A servant enters the room, carrying what looked like the remains of a robot in his arms, and laid it before us.

B-But, m-my lord! I-I- I try to say, but Zaru turned me toward the remains, his eyes glowing brightly.

You know what you did. he turns me back toward himself and shoves the wires up my face, You destroyed this soldier, and you USED him as your energy source! Now, he'll never work again!

N-No! I didn't- I began to explain, but Zaru's fierce glare already said it all.

I know what you did! I know how you work! he shouted, And I'll ensure it doesn't happen again!

I didn't do this! I finally managed to speak, I promise! I-I used the machine over there! I-I only wanted to grow stronger...Like you wanted!

Zaru continued to glare at me and got his face into mine with the wires still held close by. I felt the warmth of his eyes' glow and shuddered.

I don't believe you. he snarled, running the wires against my skin, And do you know why? Because you're a vampire. You'll use anything you can to gain power...No matter how hard it used to work for others.

My eye began to fill with tears and Zaru finally released me, causing me to land on the floor hard. He then turned toward the servant who remained standing nearby and said the most terrifying words:

Lock him up and make sure he's alone. No food or sources of energy. Make him suffer as much as you can...I want to hear him beg for mercy!

At this, the servant bound me with plasma bands and dragged me into a cell, then shoved me in.

Good riddance. I heard him mutter, I hate vampires.

After the last word, the door slammed shut, leaving me in the cold room, and darkness began to shroud me.


The images began to fade as I remembered my time in the room. I only heard the hateful remarks; People hating me and picking on me...Just because of who I was.

Don't open that door, he's a monster.

Keep away from there, there's a cruel thing locked inside!

Why a cyber vampire...Of everything?

Couldn't we have gotten something more useful? Like a robot dog?

I've seen better machines in the Real World!

These voices echo in my head, soon followed by Zaru's servants as they taunted me from outside in the hall.

Why don't you make like a bat and leave?

You'll never be worth our lord's praise!

Such a pathetic creature.

I bet you're hungry! Too bad you'll NEVER get anything from us!

I run my hands down the sides of my head, my claws tearing into the armor on half my face, and feel my eye filling with tears.

What have I done to deserve this?

This question echoes in my head, and I hear the familiar voices of Zaru and Bizzot as if they were answering.

You're weak.

You're nothing.

You're dirt.

You're a vampire.

Tears streak down my face as I remember their remarks, and I bury my face in my hands, their hateful tones never leaving my mind.

I never did anything to them. I only tried to succeed.

I only wanted to be accepted.

I only wanted to be appreciated.

The thoughts began to leave my mind and I look down at my claws, my vision still clouded by the tears that remained in my eye.

As if they understood my feelings, my claws made a soft scraping sound and I wrapped my arms around myself, letting the remaining tears fall onto the floor.


The Digital World

I stand before my lord again and I notice him watching someone from far away.

This is her. My creator. he says softly.

My gaze switches to the screen quickly, and I see a powerful being sitting on the floor with a controller in hand.

Is she going to- I whisper, to which he shakes his head.

No. She's found a new source of entertainment. he replies. From what I've heard, this game has a different world, far different from the world in which I used to roam.

I watch as she pushes buttons on the control frantically, apparently caught in a struggle of sorts, and wonder what could be going on.

Do you think we could...Access this new world? I ask, glancing back at Ba.Ron.

He perks up at this, then regains his composure and replies, Yes, but not when she's here. We have to do our travels in secret, but there are some exceptions.

There are? I question.

Yes. The Glitch Bug twins can access anything in their power whenever they want. That's how their powers are activated. Plus, they get to have a...Little fun. he chuckles as he finishes, then watches as the being lowers the control with a look of anguish.

She'll never see me again. I hear him mutter as she leaves the room and turns off the light, causing the screen to go pitch black. Not with this new world and new things to explore.

I lay a hand on his shoulder for a minute, then slowly speak up.

I'm going to venture into this new world. Maybe we can find something of some use there.

He jumps at this and stares at me in shock.

Are you sure? he questions.

I nod firmly and give a reassuring smile.

Don't worry, I'll return. I give a sly smirk, After all, I am a vampire.

Ba.Ron chuckles at this and nods back, then dismisses me so I could start my journey.


Many soldiers bid me farewell as I head into the dimensional gap between Cyberspace and other worlds. I give a light wave and flare my cape, turning it into a pair of large wings, then fly into a portal that lead into the video game world...
The world she was just playing in.

I glance back and notice Bizzot and Zarah watching from afar, then shake my head quickly and face the portal, swearing to make it through the new world alive.
After all, I am a vampire...
...A cyber vampire.

I vanish through the portal and end up in a strange new world, in which was set like a maze or a dungeon.

The area was dark and eerily silent, and I fly around cautiously before deciding to land.

Where am I? I ask aloud.

Nothing. Not a sound, or even a scent.
Nothing I could track.

I remain cautious as I continued through the maze, and finally ended at a staircase, of which lead to another dark area. Deciding that nothing interesting was in this maze, I went down the staircase, emerging in another maze-like dungeon.

Not a soul in sight. I say aloud.

I lay one hand on the wall, and I hear soft sounds coming from my claws. I could tell from the sounds that they sensed something.

What is it? I ask them.

More soft scraping, and I understand them perfectly.

There's a powerful force hidden here? I look around the barren area, wondering what could be contained in such a dull place.

My claws made more sounds in reply, and I felt them piercing the wall as if to hold on for dear life.

No. We keep going. I said sternly.

They dig in deeper and I gave my hand a hard swipe, leaving long scratches on the wall.

We'll be fine. I continued down the path and held my hand close to my chest, trying to calm the fear lingering in my claws. I could feel them digging into my armor and sigh heavily before wandering into another staircase.

At this, my claws screeched loudly and I shushed them before heading down.

Again, nothing. Nothing but barren grounds and stunned silence.

How boring! I grumble, I hope this "powerful force" is something worthwhile!

As I ventured farther in, I finally began to sense something. This had to be it.

The hidden source.

I felt my hand shaking and held it with my loose hand, then followed the energy toward a large gap in the ground with platforms sliding back and forth between it's edges.

Heh, too easy. I flare my cape again and flew over the gap, then feel an incredible source of power as I caught sight of a portal in front of me.

My claws dug deep into my armor, screeching even louder than before, and I knew I was close.

Taking a deep breath, I stepped onto the portal and ended in an area even darker than the maze, where a loud voice sounded.

Who are you? What are you doing in the Digital World?



I've encountered this being on various occasions and from different areas in Cyberspace; From computers to television, I've ran into him more times than I could count.

He was a blue-grey-skinned humanoid with a large ball with chain-like arms as his lower body and a dark mask covering the top of his face.

I am Apocalymon, a Mutant Digimon. he introduced himself as he hovered above me.

And I am Lord Lucifer Vamp, servant of Lord Ba.Ron, Ruler of Cyberspace. I replied with my gaze facing up toward him.

Apocalymon stared at me silently, then questioned, How did you get here?

I wasn't sure how to answer this without giving out too much info, then finally answered, I can travel through all sorts of dimensions in the cyber universe. I'm a cyber vampire.

He seems interested at first, then turns away.

That's nothing special.

I'm shocked that he would say this; Who has ever heard of a cyber vampire and who is he to say that what I am is nothing special?

And you ARE? I demand.

Apocalymon didn't reply and began to float away. I watched him angrily, then flew past him and got into his face, stopping him short.

Do you think you're better than me? I growl, remembering the past with Zaru and his henchmen again, Do you think you could do more than me?

Apocalymon remains quiet, but his gaze is speaking for him; He thought he was superior, he was something special. He thought I was nothing.

You don't know me. he finally snorted after a moment of silence. You don't know what I've been through.

At this, my anger began to vanish and I began to wonder what this meant.

You don't want to know. Apocalymon turned again and headed in another direction, All you need to know now is that I want to be alone. I don't need anyone.

I stared after him as he went up to a wall with spray cans laid against it, then jumped back as a platform separated from the ball part of his body with his upper half still attached to it.

What's up with this guy?

He then reaches down and grabs one of the spray cans, then began to spray something on the wall with a dark red paint. I continued to watch as what he was spraying began to form into words, soon spelling out "I hate life".

A little angsty, aren't we? I chuckle as he added a light grey skull to the bottom of the words.

As if he heard my thoughts, Apocalymon turned toward me sharply and shouted, My life has been nothing but torment and anguish! I hate the world I live in! I hate the ones who gave me such pain! I hate them all!

Before I could react, he reattached to the ball and flew off, leaving me alone to gaze upon his artwork.

He's just like me.


I venture into the Digital World multiple times and once again encounter Apocalymon. The more times we meet, the calmer he seems to become around me.

We stand in front of a blank wall, and he begins to spray a light purple paint on it, creating a strange shape. I watch him, then raise one hand and touched a claw to the wall before scraping it against it, creating a drawing of my own.

Apocalymon is surprised at what I'm doing, and I smile as he stops painting to watch me draw. I created a shape that was the same as Ba.Ron's head and drew his horns and face.

This is my lord...Lord Ba.Ron. I remove my claw from the wall and gaze upon my drawing, He's my everything, the most powerful ruler of all.

Apocalymon stares at the drawing for a minute and I swear I saw a tiny smile form on his face.

I know a powerful ruler as well. he replies, Or should I say, a family of them?

I wonder who he could be talking about, then take notice of four beings heading toward us.

Apo, what are you doing? one of them, a female, speaks.

Apocalymon turns toward them quickly, then chuckles before gesturing toward them, saying, Speaking of which...Here they are!

I watch silently as a dark-skinned female with armor covering most of her body walks up to Apocalymon with what appeared to be a baby in her arms, then as a leather-clothed being appeared next to her, followed by a blue-skinned humanoid with armor on his chest and two cannons on his back.

Before anyone could speak, the baby looked up at Apocalymon and reached at him with tiny hands.

Boc. he bubbled with his gaze fixed on him.

No. Apocalymon mumbled, backing away.

The baby wasn't phased by his tone and continued to reach at him, repeating in a squeaky voice, Boc.

I don't think Big Brother wants to see you right now. the female finally lowered the baby's arms with a light giggle, Maybe later.

Apocalymon rolled his eyes at this, then finally said, This is my family. He gestured toward the female and baby, LordWomon and Babeelzemon, my mother and baby brother, he then gestured toward the other two, and Beelzemon, my father. And Tromon, my mother's older brother. He is also the Lord of Time.

LordWomon smiled at me and added, We are the LordBeelzemon family; A family of Digimon.

Beelzemon stared me down and walked up to me.
And you are? he slowly demanded.

I wonder what got him so hostile, but introduced myself.
I'm Lord Lucifer Vamp, servant of Lord Ba.Ron, ruler of Cyberspace. I'm a cyber vampire and the Cyber Army's loyal executioner.

Beelzemon's gaze remained fixed on me, until LordWomon laid a hand on his shoulder to back him away.

You'll have to forgive him. He's a little...Paranoid...Of newcomers here. Quite like Apo. she informs before giving Beelzemon another reassuring gaze. But once you get to know him, he's a cool guy.

At this, Beelzemon blushes, and I try to hold back chuckles as he looks away sheepishly before slowly regaining his cool demeanor.

What brings you here, Lucifer? Tromon asks from behind the two.

I shrugged and replied, I'm just exploring new worlds. It's part of my Cyber Army duties, to explore and learn about the various connections we have.

They all stare at me in interest, then Babeelzemon looks at Beelzemon and says, Da.

Beelzemon turns toward him, to which the baby points at me with a smile on his face.

I wonder what he could be saying, but dare not question it. Beelzemon's gaze switches from the baby to me, then back to him as he asked, You like him?

The baby nods quickly and waves his arms around, then flaps his hands up and down as he screams, VAPA!

LordWomon giggles at this and cooes, Yes, you know another vampire, don't you?

The baby nods again, and I take notice of a pair of wings flaring from under a long blanket, of which was being unwrapped as he flapped his hands.

Another vampire? I echo, my gaze never leaving his wings.

LordWomon nods again.
Yes. His name's Balthazar, and he visits the Underworld every so often to play songs with Babeebee's favorite musician, Beelzeboy.

The Underworld. I've heard of this place. It was a place full of ruin and despair, until a sudden downfall of it's King occurred and a new Demon Prince took the throne. This prince rules over the world in a peaceful manner, and enjoys to play catchy songs for the citizens. He's more famous for his music than his way of rule, but that doesn't seem to matter to him. He enjoys doing what he does best...Just like Lord Ba.Ron.

Babeelzemon's voice interrupts my thoughts and I watch as he flails his arms, screaming, BA!

Apocalymon turns away and crosses his arms with a grunt.
Royal pest. he mutters. I can't stand him.

I began to question who he was talking about, but then shrugged the thought aside.

Balthy's a little too cheerful for Apo's tastes. LordWomon sighs, But we love him. Apo's just being a grumpledumpuss.

Apocalymon gives her a sharp glare at this, but doesn't reply. I chuckle at this, then notice that the baby is squirming in his mother's arms.

Oh, Beebee...I think the baby's getting hungry. she turned toward Beelzemon, of whom nodded in reply.

I'm afraid we must leave. But feel free to visit us again. he says before turning and walking away.

Tromon nodded in agreement and followed them without saying a word, leaving me and Apocalymon alone.

You know... I speak up, ...He sounds like too much to handle, even for a fellow vampire.

Apocalymon turns toward me and gives a tiny smile.

Feel free to stop by again. I would love to see more of your artwork.

As he trailed behind his family, I knew I had found something special, something I never had before.


With this thought in mind, I grinned and flew back toward Cyberspace.

And I did just what they said I could do...

I returned to the Digital World.
Every chance I had.

Revenge - A Manga

Years after the downfall of Lord Ba.Ron, I've been seeking out ways to avenge him. I've never forgiven the freak who defeated him, and plan on stopping him one way or another!

I've since gained a new power, the power to hurt him from where I stand...And I cause him great pain every chance I get.

Note: This is a HUGE project so is an ongoing WIP. I only draw these when motivated, so not much has been done yet. Plus ignore the fact I drew them on MSPaint, unless you find that impressive. - Namu

-Prologue-Part 1-Part 2-Part 3-Part 4-Part 5-


Part 1 - Plan Unfolds

Part 2 - The Hunter

Part 3 - The Puppeteer

None yet.

Part 4 - The Master's Orders

None yet.

Part 5 - ???

None yet.


Ah, yes...I have been honored by so many beings in the army. My past doings have not been forgotten, but now, I'm merely a shell of what I used to be.

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Cyber Vampire Army:

Others I have encountered

I have met many during my travels in Cyberspace. Some beings have been spotted in other worlds as well.

Lord Ba.Ron, my one true lord. When I came into Cyberspace for the first time, it was under another ruler's control. But Lord Ba.Ron saved me from the agony the previous ruler caused, and now he has fallen before a certain freak. I will make this fool suffer and avenge my lord!

Salazar is my long lost brother. We were created in the same MMORPG by a couple of good friends, and grew close...But eventually my creator no longer logged in and I decided to leave that world to avoid being deleted.

Zaru was the previous ruler of Cyberspace and caused so much pain. I hated him, as he hated me. I wanted to make him proud, I wanted him to accept me...But he only saw me as a vampire, a freak. He treated me horribly because of who I was, and I'll never forgive him!

Bizzot is nothing but a follower of that foolish Zaru. He doesn't know what happened to his precious master, but I love to watch him question everything that's happened in his little world. Lord Ba.Ron had sent him away before Zaru's death, so he has no clue what happened since then. His sister is a little more aware of the past events, but even she can't figure out what happened to Zaru.

Soto is Salazar's servant and very close partner. He is a dragon king virus from another world, and is very protective over my brother. The two are near inseperable, and I admire their connection. In fact, I was Salazar's best man on their special day...Heh.

A psychic virus I've encountered every so often, Seyar is very mysterious and has an army of his own vampires. He seems to be close to one of his henchmen as well, very much like Soto and Salazar. I've also heard that he has a grudge against Zaru as well, something about being experimented on...And going into stasis?

This guy...Ugh, he's literally the most INSANE lunatic I've ever seen! He does nothing but laugh at us from afar and mocks our strength...Claiming that he's the "rightful" ruler of Cyberspace. And now he's defeated Lord Ba.Ron recently and has claimed his throne! He won't get away with this madness, and I will make sure he pays!

This kid is one of Malik's sons. He's a freak of nature, just like his father, and even his so called "psychic abilities" are nothing special. He still tries to grow stronger, though...Shame it'll all be a waste.

Another one of Malik's sons, this one is seen alone most of the time, riding a motorbeast for entertainment. I've heard him being referred to as a rebel, and I can sense that he wants to do more than stay in his father's realm.

I have met a family of Digimon during my travels to another world. The family is of five, and I've become friends with their older son.

Another family I've encountered, these three live in the Underworld. The realm used to be a ruin, but now it's a place of great joy and catchy music. Beelzeboy is their King and enjoys to entertain his audience, and holds some collaborations with Balthazar. I've only met their son a few times, but he seems to be pretty full of himself...

Lord Maximillion, the ruler of the world Salazar and I came from. He is a powerful ruler and the real King of Vampires. I've served him loyally in the past and even had the chance to challenge him to a battle. Sadly I lost, but he was a worthy opponent.

ZYN...Ah, my lovely ZYN. Ever since I entered this new world, she's been by my side. She means so much to me, and I love sharing my time with her. Our tradition is to share a dance by ourselves during special times, and they're always...Unforgettable.

Leave Cyberspace

Ready to leave, I see. So be it. Take this with you, it'll bring you back upon command.

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